1 exercise change your life forever 4 better

Exercising No Matter Your Age
Only One Exercise Is Already Good Enough For Everybody, No Matter The Age Or The Activity.

Yeah, 1 kind of exercise changes your life forever and 4 better, make miracles; and people do not realize it. Some like children teenagers, in general, are always doing some kind of activity and even if they do not realize they are doing exercise and most of the time doing something that gives them pleasure.

Of course, it is not about being watching tv, playing video games nor being all day in front of a mobile, no!! I am talking about those that still like outdoor activities such as skating, playing soccer, surfing, etc.

And another important thing to say, parents should to encourage children. For example, doing some kind of activity also….yeah, why not?

Some children are getting fatter and fatter because they do not eat right but also they do not have any kind of outdoor activity. Some children are not even playing anymore, everything is done over the internet….itś sad and worrying.

But of course, they are not by themselves, most parents today have this lifestyle that directly reflects on their children’s lives and behavior. Of course, is not a majority of generalizing; but, the fact is to warn that doing some sports activity is very important for health.

And for those ones that are already adults, be careful about your lifestyle because you can be surprised when you discover you have some kind of disease that could be avoided but you were just living for the moment eating and drinking all kinds of junk and doing NOTHING.

You do not need exactly to be a bodybuilder, being at gyms you can be making a lot of other activities, it depends on the place where you go, But, nowadays you have Gyms where you can have different of activities such as swimming classes, swimming just for practice, hydro gymnastics, Pilates, Yoga, Jump and a lot more.

So, no need to invent excuses because they do not exist of course, until Doctors are tired of giving advice about the importance of some kind of physical activity in our everyday life.

And so, no matter your age, you can always start, but first, make sure to look for a Dr. to make some checkups and also check what kind of activity is good for you; and I can say that because nobody is like nobody and also people have different kinds of problems and in a different level.

If you are for example in your  50`s or older you can not go to the gym and go crazy lifting those heavyweights like the young guys! of course; if you are doing that for years itś possible but if you are somebody that just lifts cups and plates to eat, do not make such a crazy thing ok.

But, summarizing, as the title says, you need just one choice to improve your health, you do not need to be for hours doing exercises and several kinds of activities to be healthy nor healthier, contrary too much exercise can also cause problems and the proof you can search about famous people that nowadays pay the price after a lot of surgery in their back,knees and chronic pains.

You also do not need exactly to go to any gym if you do not want to, you can take walks, do some exercises at home, go up step by step and forget the elevator sometimes when do not feel like doing anything, just do not give up and start to be accustomed talking about pain, Doctors.

Nobody likes to hear that and nobody likes to be around people like that also. It is depressing!

So, go for it and take care of yourself, your body is your house where you want or not are going to live for the rest of your life, you can not change it the same way you change cars, clothes,houses.NO!

So, stop you are alive and if you are alive you need to live with quality ok. Health involves a lot of things. Health is your well-being, Social, Mental, but, you need to be strong physically for your everyday life; other things you solve step by step but take care of your body gives you strength and helps you to keep going no matter what!



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