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20 issues to do with a stability ball

This stability ball and I’ve been via lots.


We have been collectively throughout my senior yr in faculty, after I lived in an residence with solely Bella (my mother mentioned it’s good to reside alone earlier than getting married as a result of “you need to know methods to date your self.” I’d all the time had roomies earlier than, however ended up loving my little residence with simply Bell and myself), the ball traveled with me to North Carolina to reside with the Pilot, to Valdosta with us, in a POD for a yr and now to Tucson. 

I spent hours bouncing on that ball attempting to get Livi to flip from sunny-side up whereas she was in my stomach (which I believe helped!)

used it as a desk chair with the pc

used it to bounce Livi to sleep when she would solely nap in my arms

and oh yeah, I exploit it for exercises, too 😉

When the Pilot mentioned he was going to deflate and retailer it since Livi doesn’t have to be bounced to sleep anymore, I mentioned, “Noooooooooo!! I would like it!”

“You employ those on the fitness center.”

“However I like having one right here for at-home exercises.”

He put it within the workplace for me, as a substitute of as a lounge fixture prefer it had been.

The soundness ball is one in all my all-time favourite items of exercise tools as a result of there’s a lot you are able to do with them- you may get a complete exercise (power and cardio) utilizing solely your physique weight and a stability ball.

Screen Shot 2012 05 29 at 8 10 45 AM

Listed here are a few of my all-time favourite strikes:

1. Overhead go

2. Crunch:

degree 1: arms throughout your chest

degree 2: arms out to the edges, preserving elbows in step with your ears

degree 3: arms glued to your ears overhead, possibly holding a lightweight weight or medication ball

2. Indirect reach-back: Sitting up on the ball, be taught again and twist to 1 aspect, sweeping the arm (on the identical aspect) again behind you, making lengthy sweeping motions. Exhale to rise again as much as heart, arms overhead. Twist to the alternative aspect.

3. Plie squat with thigh squeeze: carry out a plie squat with the ball on the ground in between your legs. As you stand up and exhale, squeeze the ball, egging your adductor (interior thigh) muscle tissue.

4. Lateral lunge and lift: come right into a lateral lunge tapping the ball to the ground, nearly straight in entrance of the bent leg. As you step collectively, deliver the ball up overhead and swap to the alternative aspect. 

5. Again extension: lay on the ball so it’s in step with your decrease abdomen and hip bones, toes are on the ground. Have interaction your core as you exhale and are available right into a slight again extension- be aware to not hyperextend. The primary time you do these, you can be SORE, so take it simple.

degree 1: arms crossed throughout your chest

degree 2: arms out to the edges, preserving elbows in step with your ears

degree 3: add a twist. Come up, twist to 1 aspect, again to heart, and decrease. Repeat, twisting to the alternative aspect.

5. Push-up: the nearer the ball is to your ankles, the more durable it’s.

6. Cut up squat: be aware of your entrance knee and emphasize sinking straight down as a substitute of ahead.

7. Plie squat and ball circle: come right into a pile squat and maintain the place as you have interaction your obliques and make giant circles holding the ball. Repeat to the alternative aspect till your thighs can’t take it anymore 😉

8. Roll out: the bottom line is to maintain your hips in step with the remainder of your body- no booties up within the air (ayer).

9. Pike: come right into a plank place with the ball near your ankles. Exhale and provide you with straight legs right into a pike. Preserving management, deliver the ball again to a plank place and repeat.

10. Alphabet abs: whereas within the plank place, bend your knees and attempt to “draw” every letter of the alphabet utilizing the ball. Attempt to make it during, though I’m normally toast by the letter “o.”

11. Tuck: Similar because the pike, however bend your knees as a substitute of preserving them straight the complete time. Bend right into a tuck and straighten out to a plank.

12. Squat-together in a circle: that is a simple technique to get your coronary heart fee up. Sit on the ball in a squat place, and preserving low, step collectively all the best way across the ball. Repeat going the alternative method.

13. For supine workouts: chest presses, flys, and tricep extensions are nice choices.

14. Hip raises

15. Plank

16. Hamstring curl: laying in your again, toes on the ball, deliver your hips up and bending your knees, roll the ball in the direction of you. For a problem, attempt it with one leg at a time.

17. Half circle obliques: laying in your again, “seize” the ball in between your ankles and lift the ball off the ground. twist the ball (making a half circle) and twist the alternative method.

18. Leg elevate: seize the ball together with your knees or ankles (laying in your again) and exhale as you elevate the ball off the ground and decrease down. Watch out when you’ve got weak interior thigh muscle tissue and check out with a small ball earlier than transferring as much as the bigger ones.

19. Ball bounce: sit on the ball and bounce and bounce. Then utilizing your core, instantly cease bouncing. Repeat.

20. Stretch! That is one in all my favorites. I really like to put on the ball and roll again right into a deep again arch for a beautiful stretch. 

Screen Shot 2012 05 29 at 8 28 11 AM

 Screen Shot 2012 05 29 at 8 21 21 AM

Did I miss any of your faves? What’s one piece of at-home fitness center tools you’ll be able to’t reside with out?

If I may suggest a vital 3, they might be a stability ball, resistance bands and a bounce rope. All cheap, don’t take up a ton of room, and can be utilized to get killer power and cardio.

Talking of coaching, Summer season Form Up 2012 will begin June eleventh! Mark your calendars in case you’d like to affix within the enjoyable! I’ve tried the primary exercise twice now and kicked my booty. My pal from work noticed me doing it yesterday and mentioned “what are you doing?! It seems to be intense!” I actually hope you like it.

Have an exquisite day <3




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