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3 Essential Concerns for Educating Children Yoga Asana – Circulate and Develop Children Yoga

By Kathryn Boland, Circulate and Develop Children Yoga Weblog Supervisor and 95-hour Coaching Graduate 

When adults who observe yoga observe or start to show youngsters yoga, they beautiful rapidly see that it’s not the identical factor as yoga for basic adults. Children/youth have completely different temperaments and pursuits, but in addition completely different bodily talents and desires. Listed below are three issues to remember (and by no means an exhaustive listing) when instructing yoga asana (postures) to youngsters, tweens, and youths. Educating by these tips will help notice yoga’s potential to nurture younger individuals, but in addition — as a primary necessary precept — do no hurt. 

  1. Weight bearing with warning

Children’ bones are nonetheless ossifying, the outer wrapping changing from softer cartilage to the tougher materials of grownup bone. Postures that create weight bearing on the fingers and wrists — corresponding to Plank Pose, Downward Dealing with Canine Pose, and arm balances — should subsequently be taught with full consciousness and warning. Have elementary-aged kids maintain these poses for not more than two to a few breaths. That may maintain the category environment dynamic sufficient to extra successfully have interaction their our bodies and minds, as properly! 

As youngsters get a bit older (center college and older elementary age), they usually achieve extra consciousness of their very own physique components, you’ll be able to cue them to energy up by way of their legs extra in order that their higher our bodies aren’t taking over as a lot of the work within the poses (and from that much less stress on the fingers and wrists). In Downward-Dealing with Canine, for instance, you’ll be able to ask them to drag their hips as much as the sky and really feel their legs holding them robust. In Plank Pose, you’ll be able to ask them to carry their bellies robust and the elevate again of their legs lifting up. These types of cues can even additional encourage the kinesthetic consciousness that’s starting to develop in these years of life. 



          2. Consent is essential 

This idea is especially key when working with infants and younger toddlers (sure, they will do yoga too!), as a result of they most frequently want a great deal of bodily steerage into poses. Even at this tender age, their our bodies know what’s finest for them — and we should pay attention as they sign us accordingly. 

Gently, slowly — and playfully, with pleasure — assist them into poses, and look ahead to any bodily stress or resistance to your contact and changes. Reply to that instantly if it happens. That is essential for not solely bodily security, however in order that they develop belief and luxury — but in addition tips on how to say “no” — relating to their our bodies in relationship to others at this early stage of life. This could have life-long ripple results. 

This idea can also be significant with elementary-school aged kids, tweens, and youths. They spend a lot of their days being advised what to be taught and when, the place to go and when, what to do and when. Yoga generally is a collaborative area the place they will train their creativity, management, and genuine social/emotional expression (inside limits of not doing hurt to their friends). How will you colour and form your class with their concepts, co-creating it with them? How will you put them in positions whereby, along with your steerage, they will lead their friends in turns?       


           3. Thoughts energetics of their “season of life” 

Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science of well being, wellness, and larger concord with the earth and all different beings. Inside that science are the doshas — vata, pitta, and kapha. We are able to draw a parallel right here to the trendy framework of the ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph physique varieties. 

Assume, for a second, about tendencies of younger kids — they love sweets, will be cussed and love routine, and generally maintain their “child fats” for years after infancy. That’s kapha: grounded, loving comforting issues, tending to further bodyfat, generally resistant to vary. Now suppose on tweens and youths — liable to moodiness, generally impulsive, studying to set targets and with ambitions rising, gaining muscle and dropping their child fats. That’s pitta: firey, formidable, and tending in the direction of a excessive stage of muscle tone.  

Ayurveda teaches us that like will increase like. In different phrases, doing issues with pitta qualities will improve pitta inside us, and the identical with the opposite two doshas. In distinction, doing issues with the qualities of vata (mild, ethereal, altering typically) or pitta can pacify kapha. Vata and kapha qualities can pacify pitta. In our instructing, that may imply holding lessons for elementary age and youthful fast, dynamic, and with poses which have upwards power. Make transitions with pleasure and full power, and supply instruments to youngsters to assist them transition extra harmoniously if they’ve any hassle.

For teenagers and tweens, attempt starting with some energetic poses to burn off extra power — after which shift to extra of a gradual circulate and even restorative type. Ending with journaling and dialogue will be grounding, reflective, in addition to supply alternatives to show significant yoga philosophy ideas (corresponding to non-harming, non-attachment, truthfulness, and surrendering to issues which might be out of your management). After we educate to the realities of the place younger individuals are of their lives, we are able to watch the observe assist them and convey them nearer to their full potential!


Eager about studying extra about Anatomy and Physiology in youngsters yoga? We now have a course on that, quickly this summer time and once more this fall. Take it individually or inside our 95-hour Children Yoga Instructor Coaching, or combine and match programs as finest serves you! Questions? E mail the Instructor Coach Lara Hocheiser, or e book a name together with her right here!



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