4 Foods That Make You Fat

List Of 4 Foods That Make You Fat In 1 Month

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4 Foods That Make You Fat

How healthy do you usually eat? Are you eating with foods that help you lose weight? Today, I will introduce the 4 foods that make you gain weight the most. At least two of the four foods introduced in this article seem to be eating them unconsciously without thinking that they are fat.

Many people only care about the amount of food when they are on a diet. But not only quantity but also quality is important!

List Of 4 Foods That Make You Fat In 1 Month

  • Surprisingly fattening fruit juice
  • Meat and Sausage
  • Processed cereal
  • Light drinks or food

1. Surprisingly fattening fruit juice

4 Foods That Make You Fat


Do you think fruit juice is healthier than soda? So, do you usually drink it often

Unfortunately, fruit juice is the culprit for weight gain. Although fresh fruit juice is good for your health, a glass of fruit juice contains more sugar than your daily intake.

In addition, packaged and marketed fruit juices are no different from carbonated drinks.

In one study, 49,106 postmenopausal women who drank 100% natural fruit juice and weighed them all gained weight. These results are the results of controlling for body mass index, age, lifestyle, diet and changes. This is because fruit juices contain more sugar than fibre, which is usually because the pulp of the fruit is removed when the juice is made. 

The results of this study suggest that you shouldn’t drink fruit juice if you want to lose weight. When eating fruit, it is good to eat the pulp of the fruit as well. And it’s best to eat the fruit just as a fruit. If possible, it is best to eat the seeds or skins together.

If you want something sweet, drink 100% natural fruit juice mixed with water. You can mix it with water. However, the amount of juice and water should be 1:2. And don’t add anything sweet like sugar.

This way, you will consume less sugar from the fruit.

2. Meat and Sausage

4 Foods That Make You Fat


Red meat and sausages are also fattening foods. It is rich in iron and protein but also contains saturated fat. Saturated fats are harmful to the body if eaten in large amounts.

Saturated fat increases the level of bad cholesterol, which promotes the development of cardiovascular disease. And this type of fat easily accumulates in certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen or legs.

If you really like meat or sausage and can’t stop eating it, try eating it another way instead of frying it. Bake or boil Also, when baking, do not add other fats to cook.

3. Processed cereal

Processed cereals are also a major culprit for weight gain. Television commercials advertise cereal as healthy food. But never. Especially when it comes to dieting, it doesn’t help at all.

Processed cereals are high in refined sugar and toxic artificial sweeteners and fats. 

Cereal lovers should eat natural foods such as oats, quinoa, and bran instead of cereal . You can also eat it with fresh fruits, nuts, and 100% natural honey . But no matter how healthy you are, you shouldn’t eat too much. Eating in moderation is the most important!

Buckwheat is a fibre-rich food, which is especially good for people with gluten intolerance.

4. Light drinks or food

4 Foods That Make You Fat


Ironically, ‘light’ drinks and foods are also one of the most fattening foods. Many drinks and food, such as cola and cider, come in light versions separately.

Usually, my eyes are more on the food with the word ‘light’ on it. Is it really light? It’s called light, but it’s not. These products contain more sodium, fat, and toxic artificial sweeteners. In order to taste the taste that did not taste by adding less of the original ingredients, more other ingredients were added.

Therefore, it is best to eat natural foods in moderation rather than processed foods. If you’re not sure what foods to eat and how much to eat, ask your dietitian for advice.

And ‘light’ food is usually more expensive. So you can save money by not eating ‘light’ food.

Reduce fattening food as much as possible

Now that you know which foods make you fat the most, try to avoid these foods as much as possible. Let’s strive for health!

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