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5 Absolutely Reclined Yin Yoga Poses

If you’re searching for lazy yoga, that is it. All of those poses are performed totally laying down in your again, with out a lot effort. Nice for simply earlier than you get into mattress.

Maintain every of those poses for about 3 minutes. If feeling any pinching ache or discomfort, ease out of the pose.

1. Reclined Butterfly – Decrease down onto your again. Convey the soles collectively to the touch, and drop the knees to the edges. Play with the space between your heels and internal groin. Relaxation the palms on the stomach or carry them overhead. Tuck the tail. Take the time at the beginning of this and every consecutive pose to get snug, discover your edge, and have the ability to maintain the pose.

2. Reclined Pigeon – After lifting the knees again up, cross the proper ankle over the left knee. Push the proper knee and thigh away. Draw the left knee in in the direction of the stomach. Preserve the tailbone down. Use minimal arm power to attract the legs in. After 3 or so minutes, uncross and repeat on the opposite facet.

3. Banana Pose – Transfer the hips over to the proper. Convey the pinnacle and shoulder over to the left. Stroll the heels to the left as properly. Bringing the arms overhead, maintain reverse forearms. Optionally, wrap the proper ankle over the left one. Preserve urgent the proper hip down. Ease out when time is up and change sides.

4. Reclined Shoelace – With knees bent, wrap the proper thigh over the left. Stacking the knees, earlier than bringing the in. Use the palms to carry knees, shins, or ft – wherever is accessible with out a lot muscular effort. Toes ought to be kicking away from each other. Don’t neglect to do the opposite facet.

5. Supported Bridge – With the ft on the mat, press and elevate the hips. Slide a block (rolled blanket, cushion, or no matter you might have) beneath the hips for assist. Preserve the ft on the mat on this light inversion, with hips increased than the guts. Give up and soften into this supported pose.

Make sure to end up with a savasana, or make your means into mattress and go proper to sleep from there.

These poses make up a 30 minute observe on my channel. For full cues test it out beneath.




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