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5 Finest Mudras to Enhance Digestion and Treatment Abdomen Issues

mudras for digestion
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Our physique works as a system that calls for steady enter of vitality for correct functioning. The digestive system is accountable for the extraction of vitality from the meals we take. Any deficiency within the digestive system may cause a major problem within the physique. So correct digestion is essential to have a wholesome and joyful life.

To beat the malfunction of the digestive system, Mudras, the hand gesture of yoga works as an engineer to set the mechanism of the digestive system again to regular with even higher working circumstances.

Beneath are the mudras you are able to do to enhance digestion.

1. Pushan Mudra

pushan mudra
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In Sanskrit, Pushan means “one who nourishes”.

Pushan Mudra known as mudra of nourishment. It nourishes the Jatharagni or the Digestive fireplace. This Mudra is called after the Hindu deity Solar, synonymous with Pushan. The ‘one’ who’s the final word supply of vitality or nourisher of the entire earth.

This Mudra is the mix of two hand mudras; Apana Vayu Mudra and Prana Mudra. On training this Mudra, it prompts the refined energies of the physique system by which we take, act, and reciprocate. These energies are as follows.

Prana, Samana, & Apana Vayu is the a part of 5 Pranas in our physique.

To do Pushan Mudra

Pushan Mudra entails two totally different gestures in each arms. Due to this fact, It’s essential to do it one after the other.

  • Come into any seated snug posture like Padmasana (Lotus Pose), or Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).
  • From the left hand, Contact the ideas of the center and ring finger to the tip of the thumb and preserve the posture.
  • From the precise hand, Be part of the center and index finger to the tip of the thumb and keep in that pose for the observe.
  • Apply mild stress in each of the hand gesture. Shut your eyes and deal with deep respiration. Observe this mudra for 10 to fifteen minutes every session.

Pushan Mudra directs the movement of refined energies in the direction of the photo voltaic plexus chakra that vitalizes organs involved with the digestive system (liver, abdomen, gall bladder, intestines, and so on).

Additionally, the activation of the photo voltaic plexus chakra alleviates constipation, gasoline, and acidity associated issues. Furthermore, Pushan mudra is useful in case of acidity.

2. Shunya Mudra

shunya mudra steps
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Shunya represents ‘void’ or ’vacancy’. That Void of vacancy is commonly occupied by the area ingredient or Akash Tattva. A rise within the Area ingredient creates an imbalance between the opposite remaining components that not directly impacts the digestive system.

Shunya Mudra gesture helps in decreasing the additional area ingredient and concurrently assists different components.

Improper occupancy of the area components within the physique restricts the vitality movement of the remaining components. Such a scenario creates a chaos of vitality within the physique.

In Shunya mudra, the center finger (area ingredient) which has been pressed beneath the thumb (fireplace ingredient) will get decreased. Due to this fact, this mudra can be referred to as Akash shamak the place Akash means ‘Area’ ingredient and Shamak means ‘discount’.

To do Shunya Mudra

  • Start by entering into any seated snug posture Sukhasana (Simple Pose), Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).
  • Now, place your hand on thighs or on knees. Step by step raise a hand and attempt to fold the center finger beneath the thumb. Maintain the posture.
  • Shut your eyes and deal with deep respiration. Observe this mudra for 30 to 40 minutes twice a day for the higher consequence.

Shunya Mudra enhances the fireplace ingredient whereas diminishing the area ingredient. Lowering area ingredient stimulates the digestive fireplace, which additional aids in digestion. Together with this, it additionally balances or overcomes the Vata doshas because the Area ingredient is worried with Vata Physique.

3. Surya Mudra

surya or agni mudra in yoga, weight loss mudra
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Surya mudra is understood to extend fireplace ingredient within the physique. The hearth ingredient is immediately associated to digestion; additionally referred to as digestive fireplace or Jatharagni situated within the abdomen and small gut.

Digestive fireplace is the power of acid, enzymes, and bile current within the abdomen and its organs. So while you do Surya mudra, you truly stimulate the digestive fireplace which induces the digestion course of. It additionally will increase metabolism.

To do Surya Mudra

  • Start with a seated snug posture Swastikasana (Cross-legged Pose), Padmasana (Lotus Pose).
  • Now, fold your ring finger and contact it on the base of the thumb and press its above floor with the tip of the thumb.
  • Shut your eyes and stay within the posture whereas specializing in deep respiration. Observe this mudra twice or thrice a day for 20 to half-hour.

On doing Surya Mudra recurrently practitioner overcomes numerous digestive problems like indigestion, acid reflux disease, constipation, flatulence, gasoline, and so on. Other than this, enhanced metabolism in Surya Mudra additionally leads to weight reduction, which decreases the possibilities of diabetes and coronary heart circumstances.

4. Varun Mudra

varun-mudra in yoga mudras
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Varun Mudra helps stability water content material within the physique. Water and different fluids break down meals in order that your physique can soak up the vitamins. This mudra additionally helps forestall constipation. It softens the stool.

Each step of the digestion course of (ingestion, digestion, assimilation, and excretion) is assisted by the water. So, the issue (constipation, indigestion, and so on) regarding the digestion course of is pure within the absence of water. Equally, the improper provide of water additional provides beginning to continual digestive points. All these digestive issues because of lack of water content material will be cured by varun mudra.

To do Varuna Mudra

  • Start with the fundamental seating posture Sukhasana (Simple Pose), Sawastikasana (Cross-legged Pose).
  • Now, attempt to contact the tip of the little finger with the tip of the thumb finger. Press gently and preserve the gesture.
  • Shut your eyes and deal with deep respiration. Stay within the posture and observe Varun Mudra day by day twice or thrice a day for higher outcomes.

Varun Mudra is among the efficient hand gestures in overcoming the issues of digestion. Water is the elemental ingredient of Kapha and Vata due to this fact, stability the Kapha (offers with the strengthening of the immune system and muscle development, and so on) and Vata (offers with muscular spasm, worry, nervousness, gasoline, and insomnia) within the physique.

5. Pitta kaarak Mudra

kidney mudra

Pitta kaarak mudra, aka kidney mudra, promotes the pitta or bile formation within the physique. When pitta is in stability it helps with digestion. Balanced pitta improves digestion by breaking down fat into fatty acids, which will be taken into the physique by the digestive tract.

Water and fireplace are the constitutive components of pitta dosha. As a consequence of its governance over the heat or temperature of the physique, this mudra regulates the perform of digestive fireplace. Due to this fact, improves digestion.

To do Pitta karak Mudra

  • Come into any seated snug posture Padmasana (lotus pose), Sukhasana (Simple Pose).
  • Now, raise your hand earlier than the chest and fold little and ring finger to the touch the bottom of the thumb.
  • Press the thumb over little and ring finger’s second phalanx.
  • Keep this hand gesture for five minutes initially.
  • Shut your eyes and deal with respiration.

This mudra restores the pitta humor and discourages the Kapha humor. Due to this fact, Additionally it is referred to as the Kapha nashak mudra. Other than this, it additionally helps in hypothyroidism, lack of urge for food and drowsiness.


Mudras work as a distinguished device in tackling the issue of digestive points. They appear silent in look or to carry out however they’re as dynamic because the electrical energy contained in the refined vitality circuits of the physique.

Each main to minor drawback could possibly be linked to any of the physique organs. Equally, digestive issues are of a variety. They don’t have a single supply. Irregular consuming or consuming behavior, stress, nervousness, doshas imbalance, and so on may trigger it.

Hand mudras work on balancing refined energies of the physique thus bettering digestion. Pushan Mudra, Surya Mudra, and Pitta kaarak Mudra are a few of the finest hand mudras which you are able to do for higher digestion and overcome digestion issues.

Mudras for Digestion FAQs

When to do mudras for digestion?

Usually, mudras ought to be completed after consuming for higher digestion. Within the case of Surya mudra, it’s most well-liked earlier than 2 hours or after 4 hours of the meal because it generates immense warmth within the physique. The period of every mudra ought to be 5-to-Quarter-hour for its efficient working.

Can a diabetic or coronary heart affected person do digestion mudras?

Sure, nevertheless, on this case, an individual ought to do mudras reasonably as for digestion inner warmth is required and holding mudras for an extended period might overheat the physique internally (which isn’t situation for such individuals).

Wherein pose mudra for digestion works higher?

Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) is the best pose that can add up an additional edge to the digestion course of together with hand mudras. Nonetheless, individuals with knee issues can merely sit on a chair or use a bolster to relaxation their knees in a cross-legged place.


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