5 Ways To Reduce Body Fat Percentage

5 Ways to Reduce Body fat percentage

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Ways to Reduce Body Fat Percentage

In this article, we will look at some ways to reduce body fat percentage. 
Let’s practice right now!
Are you trying to lose weight, but the results aren’t good? Maybe you think you’re doing something wrong ? In this article, we will introduce some ways to reduce body fat percentage.
Among the methods we are currently practicing, there may be methods that have an adverse effect than we think. 
Remember, reaching your desired weight has nothing to do with a very strict and unhealthy diet.
Go through the following list and make the appropriate changes. It prevents excess fat from accumulating, so you will soon feel your size shrink.

5 Ways to Reduce Body Fat Percentage

1. Avoid restrictive diets

There are many stories of diets that can help you lose weight in just a few days. That may work right away,  but it won’t help you lose weight.


In fact, after a few weeks, you may be gaining more weight than before you started the diet . This means that our body is not getting adequate nutrition and is trying to protect itself.

In other words  , if you don’t eat, your body stores fat for energy. Remember that both carbohydrates and fats provide the energy you need for your daily activities.

The best way is to eat healthy, small portions several times a day. Then your body will feel like it’s getting the nutrients it needs often, so it won’t accumulate fat.

2. Eat less processed natural foods

5 Ways To Reduce Body Fat Percentage

Another way to reduce body fat percentage is to eat all foods as natural as possible. Processed foods contain  fats, sweeteners, and chemical additives that build up calories in the body. If you don’t burn these accumulated calories quickly, they turn into fat that accumulates in your body .

To avoid this situation, eat natural foods. For example, there is a way to eat fresh fruit or make your own instead of eating commercially available juice.


3. Eat a nutritious breakfast

It has been proven that people who eat breakfast every day are less likely to gain weight and less likely to lose body fat than those who don’t. Thus, breakfast plays a very important role . As we start our day and prepare for  activity, our bodies need  nutrients, fiber, and energy.


But if you don’t eat breakfast or eat unhealthy, your body will start accumulating fat. An ideal breakfast should include three macronutrients :  healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates .

When we eat the three major nutrients in a healthy breakfast, our body prepares to survive the day.

4. Choose your seasonings wisely

5 Ways To Reduce Body Fat Percentage

Avoiding seasonings that add unhealthy saturated fat is also a way to reduce your body fat percentage. Instead of adding commercial dressings to your salads, make your own, lighter, better-fat dressings at home.

 For example,  you can use vinegar or mustard sauce, or you can make mayonnaise yourself at home. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but you will soon notice the difference with the sauces sold on the market .

In addition, preparing this at home can provide you with good fats that will keep you from gaining weight. Good fats keep your heart and arteries healthy. Some of the best oils are avocado oil , coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil

5. Use spray type oil

Do you tend to use butter or margarine for cooking? Of course, butter or margarine adds flavor to the food. The problem is that it is fatal in reducing body fat percentage.

That’s why we recommend using a spray type oil. With the spray type, you can cook a lot of food with a small amount and use much less oil .

Vegetable oils can also be an alternative, but there is also the risk of overuse. If you want to use vegetable oil for flavor, never use more than 1 teaspoon.

Any other tips to reduce body fat percentage? Remember that your body fat percentage doesn’t go away with just hours of exercise.

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