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7 Frequent Causes for a Tight Vagina and How you can Loosen Up Down There – Vuvatech

How you can Loosen Up Down There?

Having a good vagina is a troublesome and generally ignored subject in the case of girls’s well being. 

A number of issues could floor from vaginal tightness that may result in a wide range of points starting from problem in inserting a tampon to avoiding gynecological examinations, and/and even having a painful and discouraging intercourse life. 

It may be difficult to debate, particularly when no two vaginas are alike. Nonetheless, you will need to know that you’re not alone and there are viable options which can assist calm down vaginal tightness. 

There are a mess of causes that contribute to vaginal tightness, however it’s crucial to grasp why your vagina is tight, and moreover discover efficient strategies to deal with it. Medical professionals typically suggest vaginal dilators as one of many predominant types of therapy remedy.

This text supplies informative content material on frequent causes for vaginal tightness and the therapy strategies for growing the flexibleness of the vagina through the use of an efficient vaginal dilator. 


What are the explanations for a good, painful vagina?

Most cancers Therapy

Ladies who endure pelvic radiation for the therapy of cancers could have opposed well being outcomes that trigger problems of their vagina (American Most cancers Society, 2020). Usually, a facet impact of pelvic radiation is vaginal stenosis, which is outlined as irregular tightening and shortening of the vagina as a result of formation of scar tissue (Morris et al., 2017). 


cancer causing painful intercourse


Because the vaginal tissues heal from the pelvic radiation, scar tissue develops all through the vaginal wall and pelvic flooring. Not solely does this trigger the partitions of the vagina to develop rigidity and stiffness, nevertheless it additionally causes shortening or narrowing of the vagina (American Most cancers Society, 2020). 

This all contributes to a lack of elasticity and growing tightness of the vagina, stopping girls from performing regular duties resembling inserting a tampon, present process pelvic examinations, penetration of objects (ex: intercourse toys), and sexual activity. Dr. Reed from the MD Anderson Most cancers Heart indicated that almost all docs suggest utilizing a vaginal dilator after your pelvic radiation therapy to scale back the danger of vaginal tightness occurring (MD Anderson Most cancers Heart, 2017). 

Infections: Doable tightening associated to Vaginal Infections

Vaginitis refers to infections of the vagina, ensuing from irregular progress of micro organism and yeast within the vagina (WebMD, 2002). Gynecologist Dr. Goje said that vaginitis causes tens of millions of visits to the docs workplace yearly in america (Goje, 2021). 

The commonest type of vaginitis in girls is a yeast an infection, that are fungal infections that often consequence from the organism Candida Albicans (MedicineNet, 2021). This downside could trigger intense itching within the genital space, irritation, burning, soreness, vaginal swelling, thick vaginal discharge , and extra (MedicineNet, 2021). 

The irritation that may consequence from an an infection within the vagina can contribute to it changing into more and more tight (Goje, 2021). It is very important get examined and correctly identified by a healthcare skilled so your vaginitis may be handled as quickly as potential. 


Dyspareunia is a chance

Dyspareunia is a time period describing painful intercourse, the place fixed genital ache happens earlier than, throughout, or after sexual activity (Mayo Clinic, 2021). This situation develops in many ladies and will consequence from varied points starting from psychological to physiological issues. 


dyspareunia causing pelvic pain


A girl with dyspareunia could have ache involving penetration, problem in utilizing a tampon, burning or aching ache, throbbing ache that lasts for hours even after intercourse, and plenty of extra points (Mayo Clinic, 2021).  

In response to Mayo Clinic, these signs can happen from any of the next:

  • Vaginismus
  • Accidents and or traumas
  • Irritation and infections 
  • Sure diseases and circumstances together with vulvodynia, vaginismus, vulvar vestibulitis, and so on. 
  • Surgical procedures or particular medical remedies resembling pelvic radiation therapy for cancers 
  • Emotional elements (trauma, psychological points, stress)

In case you are coping with persistent ache from sexual activity, then it’s important to see your doctor to correctly diagnose the problem and deal with it. 


Childbirth sadly can take a big toll on a lady’s physique. 

Each being pregnant varies and there are bodily and psychological elements that affect your physique (UT Southwestern Medical Heart, 2016). Not solely does a lady expertise intense irritation ranges in her vagina and pelvic area after childbirth, however it is not uncommon to additionally develop scar tissue all through the vaginal partitions and pelvic flooring. 


childbirth causing pelvic pain


This scar tissue can lead to response to C-Sections, or episiotomies, the place the vagina is minimize throughout childbirth to make the supply of the child simpler (NHS, 2020). Tears ensuing from supply also can contribute to the event of scar tissue, which makes the vagina really feel tight. 

There are lots of postpartum points that may happen resembling decreased pelvic flooring energy, painful intercourse, vaginal tightness, vaginitis, irritation, soreness, burning, vaginal dryness, and extra (NHS, 2020). It is very important deal with any submit being pregnant points that your physique is experiencing along with your OB GYN and a pelvic flooring bodily therapist.  



When the vaginal muscular tissues spasm or constrict involuntarily from penetration (tampon, penis, intercourse toys, and so on.), it’s known as vaginismus, which can induce concern and avoidance of sexual activity in girls (WebMD, 2012). 

Ladies with vaginismus have described their penetrative sexual experiences as feeling just like the penis is “hitting a wall” (WebMD, 2012). A girl with this situation can have discomfort and bother when utilizing a tampon, or problem present process a pelvic examination. 


vaginismus treatment with dilators


These signs can’t be managed with out correct therapy. Vaginismus’s precise trigger is unknown, however it’s usually related to psychological elements resembling concern of intercourse and or nervousness (WebMD, 2012). 


Pelvic flooring muscular tissues

Your pelvic flooring muscular tissues can turn into painfully stiff and make the world across the vagina tight. 

These are the muscular tissues that we use to manage our bladder and bowel actions. When these muscular tissues are overworked, they begin to maintain an excessive amount of pressure (Peninsula Pelvic Ground Physiotherapy, 2020). 


tight pelvic floor muscles

The mind could understand any exterior stimulus as a “risk,” which may trigger tightening of the pelvic flooring muscular tissues that wrap across the vagina and due to this fact forcefully shut it (Shahzadeh, 2020). Aches within the pelvis can flip into agonizing cramps and spasms. This could create the shortcoming to have penetrative intercourse, pelvic examinations, and even problem inserting a tampon (Shahzadeh, 2020). 

Tight pelvic flooring muscular tissues could cause debilitating and sharp pains that shoot all through the vagina or bowel, lasting for hours or days. Docs suggest therapy which typically contains vaginal dilators.  



Ladies of their 40s and 50s typically expertise menopause, marking the top of their menstrual cycle and reproductive years (MayoClinic, 2020). Throughout this state, girls could expertise scorching flashes, vaginal atrophy, weight achieve, slowed metabolism, thinning of the hair, irregular durations, vaginal dryness, and extra adjustments (MayoClinic, 2020). With decreased ranges of estrogen, this causes vaginal tissues to skinny, decreased vaginal lubrication, and lack of vagina stretch, which known as vaginal atrophy (Cleveland Clinic, 2020). There may be a  shortening and narrowing of the vaginal canal (Cleveland Clinic, 2020).


menopause causing dyspareunia


 Vaginal atrophy is a prevalent motive for painful intercourse in a lady’s midlife (North American Menopause Society, 2021). Menopause causes tight vaginal muscular tissues that trigger irritation, irritation, tearing, and bleeding of the vaginal tissue when having penetrative intercourse, or when any penetration happens (North American Menopause Society, 2021). Decreased sexual well being could consequence. Talk the adjustments in your physique to your physician, so these signs may be monitored. Your OB GYN could advise remedies together with a vaginal dilator, lubricants, pelvic flooring workouts, and hormonal remedy (Cleveland Clinic, 2020).

Utilizing Vaginal Dilators to “Loosen” Issues Up

Medical professionals virtually all the time suggest vaginal dilators as a technique of efficient therapy for all the circumstances listed above that contribute to vaginal tightness. It is very important talk along with your physician to determine and diagnose the adjustments occurring in your vagina.

VuVa dilators


What are vaginal dilators?

Vaginal dilators are tube formed units which might be used to extend vagina stretch and elasticity (MSK Most cancers Heart, 2021). They arrive in numerous sizes various in size, circumference, and diameter. The VuVa Magnetic Neodymium Magnetic Vaginal dilators have been designed to alleviate pelvic and vulva ache in a affected person who suffered from sexual dysfunction attributable to painful penetrative intercourse. The sizes vary from 2.25-6.5 inches in size to 0.5-1.5 inches in width. The tubes are much like the form of a tampon and make insertion simpler with their tapered ends. It’s simpler to make use of dilators which might be agency plastic for max stretch in case your muscular tissues are very tight, slightly than silicone dilators which have a softer composition (MSK Most cancers Heart, 2020). 


How do vaginal dilators assist?


Vaginal dilators assist prepare the pelvic flooring and vaginal muscular tissues to calm down. The pelvic flooring muscular tissues lengthen across the dilators and strengthen the muscular tissues, making them extra versatile and controllable (MSK Most cancers Heart, 2020). The general hypersensitivity that happens within the vulva and vagina is decreased by way of using vaginal dilators. By regularly growing the scale of the dilators, it permits you to apply enjoyable and controlling your vagina and pelvic flooring muscular tissues. Because the human physique generates its personal magnetic subject, magnets can be utilized to revive and calm down your pelvic flooring. When utilizing Vuva dilators, the addition of Neodymium magnets within the dilators will increase the blood stream to the vagina for the aim of counteracting illness and acidity.

magnetic dilators foe painful sex


 How you can use vaginal dilators?

Utilizing vaginal dilators isn’t as difficult as it could appear. After you have consulted a medical skilled and established the dilator measurement you need to start with, it must be famous that the utilization per day and week varies. In response to the Oxford College Hospitals, it’s best to start utilizing the dilators for 1 minute at a time (constructing as much as 5-10 minutes) and practising this 5-6 days per week. The aim is to progress regularly and with endurance, as a result of speeding your physique can set off muscle spasms, vaginal tightness, and inflict ache (Oxford College Hospitals, 2017) .

  1.  Be sure that you allocate time in your day by day routine to calm down and interact with this course of. It’s regular to really feel discomfort when starting to make use of the vaginal dilators, nevertheless, it shouldn’t be painful.  
  2. Select a personal location the place you’ll not be interrupted.
  3. Choose the dilator with the smallest measurement, or the scale that has been advisable to you by a medical skilled. 
  4. Make sure the dilator is washed with cleaning soap and water. Air dry fully. 
  5. For pure lubrication, use a water-based lubricant to coat the dilator earlier than utilizing it. 
  6.  Lean again (on a mattress, chair, couch), bend your knees and unfold your legs vast open. Generally utilizing a mirror could assist in viewing your vaginal entrance. 
  7. Start by placing the tip of the dilator on the entrance of the vagina and utilizing your respiratory to actively hold the pelvic flooring muscular tissues relaxed. 
  8. Slowly and gently insert the dilator. Go away the dilator in for the advisable time, and as soon as you might be snug, gently transfer the dilator out and in. 
  9. Clear the dilator earlier than and after every utilization with scorching water and cleaning soap. Dry totally. 

As you develop extra snug by way of apply, you may enhance the dilator measurement and the period of use. Be sure that you seek the advice of with a medical skilled to control and monitor your state. 


What to anticipate after dilation remedy?

Dilation remedy is an efficient technique to enhance the elasticity of your vagina and finally change your life. It helps in strengthening and stabilizing the pelvic flooring and vaginal muscular tissues. Not solely does this assist in assuaging painful sexual activity, nevertheless it makes penetration simpler. You not should keep away from utilizing tampons or dismiss pelvic examinations. Research have proven that girls improved in sexual operate after utilizing vaginal dilators and that the dilators have been efficient in stopping vaginal tightness (Araya-Castro et al., 2020) (Aslan et al., 2020). Dilation remedy can assist individuals reclaim their confidence and permit girls to take part in regular actions with decreased ache signs. 

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