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7 Intercourse Positions to Strive on Your Favourite Chair – SheKnows

Many people take into consideration intercourse locations in fairly binary phrases: We’re both doing it someplace actually risque, or we’re getting it on in a bed room. There’s a variety of area between these two extremes, however we don’t are likely to enterprise into it. And that’s a disgrace, as a result of that middle-ground is virtually begging to be explored. One significantly simple place to start out? With a really sturdy chair someplace in your own home. That’s proper, chair intercourse positions abound—they usually don’t ask that a lot of you. You don’t need to do something sophisticated or threat getting caught within the act. You’re merely invited to render your intercourse routine a little bit extra thrilling by relocating to a barely completely different nook of your house.

The chair intercourse place style is about as huge and different as every other. As a result of—unsurprisingly—there are a variety of methods to do it on a chair. You may have cozy, intimate chair intercourse. You may have daring, acrobatic chair intercourse. You may have low-key, lazy chair intercourse. You might be energetic, loving, aggressive, laidback—and each shade of grey in between. Chair intercourse runs the identical gamut of feelings and experiences as every other type of intercourse. As a result of, effectively, it’s simply intercourse—that occurs to be happening on a chair.

What’s good? Although chair intercourse isn’t uncommon or unique, it nonetheless feels enjoyable, and thrilling, and particular. It’s nonetheless a break from the norm. Chair intercourse is an effective reminder that we don’t have to journey lengthy distances or spend exorbitant quantities of money to get a style of journey. We are able to merely discover an area in our dwelling in a model new manner. It will not be a full-on trip, however it’s no less than a little bit little bit of an escape—and one which’s certain to be every kind of enjoyable.

Armchair Lotus

Those that love a snuggly intercourse positions will certainly respect the Armchair Lotus, which brings you face-to-face together with your companion. Ask your companion to sit down down on a chair (ideally, a snug one). They need to place their physique so that they’re sitting diagonally—with their butt planted in a single nook of the chair and their knees bent over the other nook of the chair.

As soon as they’re there, you need to climb on prime of them, dealing with them. Attempt to sit of their lap, together with your legs on both aspect of their physique. (As a result of they’re sitting diagonally, you need to be capable to drape your legs over one of many chair’s arms.) From there, your companion can wrap their arms round you—pulling you shut. And you may grind back and front till you discover a rhythm that works for you.


Although the Bowstring could really feel greatest on an armchair, it could actually simply as simply work on a desk chair, a eating room chair, or perhaps a sofa. Begin by sitting within the chair the way in which you usually would. Your knees needs to be bent, and your toes needs to be touching the ground. When you’re there, invite your companion to kneel straight in entrance of the chair. They need to be dealing with you, and their thighs needs to be grazing your shins.

From there, your companion can raise up one among your legs and drape it over their shoulder. Once they do, you’ll be able to modify your place—scooting ahead and leaning again till you’re snug. You too can wrap your different leg across the again of one among their thighs. At this level, your companion ought to be capable to scoot even nearer to the chair. They will carry one thigh (the one your leg is wrapped round) nearer to the chair’s legs, whereas lunging with the opposite one, in order that their knee is hugging each the aspect of the chair and the aspect of your physique. From this tight embrace, you two ought to be capable to experiment with kisses, hugs, and penetration.


The Zeal is a superb intercourse place for these searching for pleasure that’s not too effortful. Begin by asking your companion to sit down down on a chair. It may be any chair, actually, as long as they’re snug. Then, you’ll wish to sit of their lap, dealing with the identical path they’re (in order that your again is grazing their chest). Your legs needs to be straddling their legs, and your toes—or no less than, your toes—needs to be touching the ground.

When you’re there, you’ll be able to press your palms into your companion’s lap and press your toes into the bottom to grind ahead and backward—or to slip up and down—as you see match. Your companion can lean again and benefit from the sensation, or they will lean ahead and bathe you with kisses. And you may press your again into their chest any time you wish to really feel extra-close.

French Kiss

The French Kiss boasts a barely deceptive identify—there’s a lot extra to this place than easy French kissing. Begin by sitting in a comfy armchair the way in which you usually would. Then, scoot ahead, in order that your butt is on the sting of the seat. You’ll need your knees to be unfold fairly broadly, and you may plant your fingers behind you to regular your self. When you’re there, invite your companion to kneel in entrance of the armchair, dealing with you. They need to be positioned in between your legs, however to get shut sufficient to you, they might need to do some straddling of their very own. (Their knees might have to the touch every of the armchair’s legs, and your knees could must be greater up, straddling your companion’s hips.)

When you’re each inside attain, you’ll be able to wrap your arms round one another, pull one another tight, and bathe one another with kisses. You too can mess around with penetration.

Cowgirl on the Chair

Cowgirl on the Chair is about as simple as chair intercourse positions come: You’re actually doing Traditional Cowgirl on a chair. Begin by asking your companion to sit down on a chair the way in which they usually would. Nearly any chair can work for this, although chances are you’ll wish to search out one thing snug and comparatively wide-based. As soon as your companion is seated, climb on prime of them, straddling them. If the chair is broad sufficient, your shins can relaxation alongside the surface of your companion’s legs. If it’s a tighter squeeze, chances are you’ll have to relaxation your toes and shins alongside your companion’s thighs.

When you’re there, your companion can lean again or pull you in shut—and you are able to do the identical. You may grind ahead and backward or slide up and down the way in which you usually would. Simply make sure the chair is sturdy sufficient to fall over as soon as issues begin occurring.


The XXX virtually calls for to be accomplished on an armchair—wherever else could be a disservice to the place. Begin by sitting on an armchair the way in which you usually would. Then, rotate your physique 90 levels, in order that your head is leaning on one of many chair’s armrests and your legs are draped over the opposite. (Attempt to get snug, and seize a pillow if you might want to.)

When you’re there, invite your companion to method the aspect of the chair the place your legs are. They need to be standing, and their physique needs to be positioned in between your legs. From there, they will lean ahead, inserting their fingers on both aspect of your shoulders and utilizing their arms to regular themselves. (They might additionally wish to bend one among their legs in order that it’s hugging the entrance of the chair for additional mobility.)

When you’re each there, your companion needs to be hovering over you, dealing with you. They will keep there and mess around with penetration, or they will swoop in for a kiss. And keep in mind, you’ll be able to all the time shift your hips up and right down to up the rhythm and the depth, if you wish to.

Seated Wheelbarrow

Those that wish to get artistic will certainly respect the Seated Wheelbarrow, a chair intercourse place that asks you to be no less than a little acrobatic. Begin by asking your companion to sit down in a chair the way in which they usually would. This could possibly be any chair, although it might be extra snug should you go for a cushioned armchair. As soon as they’re there, sit on their lap. You ought to be dealing with the identical path they’re, and your again needs to be grazing their chest.

Then, issues get attention-grabbing. Lean ahead till you’ll be able to attain the bottom. When you get there, don’t be stunned in case your chest is hovering between your companion’s legs and your arms are doing a ton of labor. To make issues a bit extra snug, chances are you’ll wish to raise your legs off the bottom, and plant your toes and knees on the chair. Your interior thighs needs to be hugging your companion’s outer thighs, and your fingers ought to nonetheless be planted firmly on the bottom. From there, you or your companion can grind ahead and backward or slide up and down.

If you happen to can solely handle this place for a couple of minutes, don’t sweat it. You’re a trooper for making an attempt it in any respect.

A model of this story was printed March 2020.

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