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8 Methods to Use Yoga Chair in Iyengar Yoga

B.Okay.S. Iyengar was a pioneer in the usage of yoga props. At the moment yoga props are extensively used to right alignment, deepen the poses and assist people engaged on their energy & flexibility. He urged college students to make the most of modified props as instruments to assist them with their yoga apply.

Amongst the assorted props that he initially used, comparable to ropes, bolster, and picket blocks, a chair was additionally instrumental in getting the yoga practitioners into the specified pose.

In at the moment’s time, a yoga chair could be seen in yoga studios or most yoga practitioners’ households. Working towards sure poses with a chair can stabilize the motion and assist to alleviate aches whereas additionally growing energy and mobility.

Together with a chair in your routine provides further assist, permitting you to carry out easy stretches and enhance your total well being.

On this article, we’ll focus on methods to make use of a yoga chair and the way it can support your yoga apply.

What’s a yoga chair?

A yoga chair is a modified type of a conventional folding metallic chair that’s extraordinarily sturdy and durable. They don’t have some empty area within the again so practitioners can simply put legs by means of the chair’s again, permitting them to perform quite a lot of poses. Yoga chairs are fabricated from clean tubular metal and are stated to assist your whole physique weight simply.  

The ahead slant of the entrance legs makes them very secure and versatile to make use of. It might probably simply be utilized open or folded based mostly on the sort of assist you want in your poses.

And any modified yoga asanas carried out with the assistance of a chair is called chair yoga.

To apply chair yoga, it isn’t necessary to purchase this specialised chair. You need to use any chair accessible at your own home offered it doesn’t have wheels as they don’t give stability.

A yoga chair is most frequently used for: 

  • Help – by utilizing the again of the chair, the sting of the seat, and even the legs
  • Stability – by decreasing the worry of falling in balancing poses
  • Resistance and extension – to provide the additional stretch in twisting or bending poses 
  • Rest – by letting the top, legs and arms relaxation on varied elements of the chair
  • Rehabilitation – by aiding in supporting your physique throughout restoration from sickness, damage, surgical procedure, and many others.

Additionally, a chair is a wonderful prop for anybody who’s disabled, has mobility restrictions, or needs to take a extra therapeutic strategy to their apply. It additionally aids individuals above sure ages, are chubby, workplace staff, and people with neurological, cardiovascular, or skeletal illnesses.

Once you really feel assured and prepared, you’ll be able to take the chair out of most poses and transfer by means of the workouts in a standard style.

Advantages of utilizing yoga chair

Working towards yoga on a chair will not be a lot completely different than performing it with none prop. The advantages that you’d get whereas practising conventional yoga on the ground could be achieved by means of chair yoga as properly. Nevertheless, utilizing a chair could be of immense assist to a newbie in enhancing their flexibility, energy, stability, and constructing confidence. A chair might help in making ready you for extra superior poses by making you perceive the constraints of your physique.

Under, we’ve got described some advantages of utilizing a chair in your yoga apply:

It’s an simply accessible prop

A chair is out there in each family, which makes it simple to acquire and use as per the provision. So long as the chair is sturdy, sturdy, snug, and fulfills your necessities, you need to use the chair for a lot of backbends, twisting, and balancing poses. Even if in case you have armrests in them, they will turn out to be useful when you will have apply twists and require you to carry onto one thing. 

Chair might help you decelerate 

Slowing down doesn’t imply performing yoga poses at a gradual tempo. It means to result in consciousness about your physique with motion and managed respiratory. Because the chair offers you a confined area to work with, you’ll study to coach your mind to pay attention extra in your physique as you are taking deep breaths and decelerate your actions. It builds a strong connection between the thoughts and the physique and a stronger sense of identification.

Aids in correcting your posture

Probably the greatest methods to enhance your posture is to sit down on a chair with a straight backbone and your toes firmly grounded on the ground. To right your slouch, sit on the sting of the chair seat and take heed to the way in which your again feels. Even with the assistance of the chair’s backrest, you’ll be able to concentrate on simply sitting straight along with your head aligned.

Means that you can transcend bodily restrictions

Through the use of a chair, you’ll be able to simply attain your toes in a ahead bend pose. You’ll simply have the ability to twist your higher physique whereas bracing the again of the chair or the armrest. Additionally, since you might be not standing, the stress in your knees will considerably scale back. These are solely a number of the ways in which a chair might help you transcend the physique limitations that you’d have been unable to whereas practising yoga usually.

Enhances your flexibility and energy

Chair yoga is a superb strategy to constructing energy while being compassionate to your physique. All the stabilizing muscle tissues that we make the most of on daily basis, comparable to muscle tissues and tendons surrounding the ankles, shoulders, and hips are strengthened by practising yoga on a chair. Additionally, by enabling to simply twist and bend ahead and backward, it should assist enhance flexibility for newbie and seasoned practitioners alike. All of this mixed improves your stability, steadiness, and mobility.

It takes up much less area

Most of the time, chances are you’ll not discover sufficient area to unfold out a yoga mat or a blanket to start your yoga session, particularly in your house. You may simply pull up a chair and modify the poses in a manner that you may carry out virtually all your poses. Furthermore, workplace staff may also apply some easy yoga poses on their chairs without having to fret about looking for a devoted area.

Encourages restorative apply

One of many fundamental rules of restorative yoga is to carry poses longer than conventional yoga kinds and a chair could be of big assist. Since you might be modifying the poses, it should turn out to be simpler on your to carry poses for an extended length. It should encourage you to let go of your weight within the chair and fully loosen up. A chair might help you apply poses throughout your section of restoration from any sickness or damage as properly.

8 yoga poses to strive with a chair

Now that you realize the immense assist a chair can present to your apply, listed here are 8 poses that you may strive practising with a chair. You may apply these poses everytime you really feel that you just want a time-out from the standard yoga classes.

1. Tree Pose

Picture: Sarit Z Rogers @Yogauonline

Tree pose is touted to be one of the vital useful poses to right your posture and alignment of the backbone. It’s troublesome for most individuals to steadiness on one leg and a chair might help you apply this pose with out worrying about sustaining a steadiness.

  • Stand sideways in entrance of the chair.
  • Start by lifting up the fitting foot, as you’ll whereas performing the pose in a standard state of affairs.
  • Preserve the bent proper knee on the seat of the chair and place the only of the toes on the decrease left leg.
  • Place a folded blanket or towel on the seat to provide padding to the decrease proper leg.
  • You may hold your arms within the Anjali mudra in entrance of your chest or prolong them overhead and be a part of the palms. 
  • Maintain this pose for 3-5 breaths and repeat with the opposite leg.

When you can’t proceed with the extraordinary bend of the leg, you too can place the fitting leg foot on prime of the seat of the chair. The lifted leg can be making a 90-degree and the opposite leg can be saved straight.

2. Downward Dealing with Canine Pose

Utilizing a chair to carry out the asana can help you to maneuver your physique weight out of your arms to your legs, permitting you to remain within the place for longer. It should uniformly, appropriately, and absolutely prolong the physique, growing energy and size with out hurting the shoulders. It additionally helps throughout occasions of dizziness, delicate wrists, balancing issues, and weak spot.

Downward-facing canine pose could be carried out in a number of methods with a chair.

Variation 1

Picture: [email protected]
  • Stand in entrance of the chair going through the chair’s again.
  • Preserve your legs hip-width aside and bend ahead from the hips.
  • Maintain the again of the chair along with your arms and bend until your higher physique is parallel to the bottom.

Variation 2

Picture: HarmonyYogaAnnArbor
  • Place the chair towards wall. Stand in entrance of the chair going through the chair’s seat. 
  • Along with your legs hip-width aside, bend ahead from the hips and maintain the edges of the seat.
  • Discover your steadiness on this pose and stroll your legs again roughly 3-4 toes.
  • You can too place your forearms on the seat and relaxation your brow for a extra restorative approch.
  • Guarantee that your toes are in keeping with your arms.

In every of the above poses, you’ll be able to maintain them for 5-7 breaths or so long as you’ll be able to.

3. Eagle Pose

Picture: Yogauonline

Eagle pose is an intermediate to superior balancing pose which could be made simple with a chair. You can be successfully decreasing the rotation of the pelvis and torso by staying seated. It’s a great modification who’re experiencing tight hips, hamstrings, quads, and knee points.

  • Sit on the chair along with your again straight.
  • Carry your proper leg over the facet of the left leg in order that the knees are virtually on prime of one another. When you’re versatile sufficient, strive crossing the fitting foot beneath the left calf.
  • Lengthen your arms in entrance of your chest. Preserve your proper arm on prime of your left in order that the elbows are stacked on prime of one another.
  • Bend the arms so they’re at a 90-degree angle. Attempt holding the fitting palm along with your left and fingers pointed straight in direction of the ceiling.
  • Maintain this pose for 5-7 breaths and repeat with the opposite leg and arm.

4. Warrior I Pose

Video: Yoga With Rex

In warrior 1 pose, a chair will help in holding the load within the heart of the physique. It lets you keep within the place for longer and work on stretching your again leg and hip. Think about sustaining your backbone erect and centered on this seated model.

Earlier than beginning the pose, you’ll be able to place a folded blanket on the chair seat for extra consolation, if the seat will not be already padded. A small folded towel may also be positioned beneath the foot that has been prolonged again.

  • Ranging from the fitting facet, sit on the chair sideways in order that the fitting facet of your torso is going through the again of the chair.
  • Maintain the again of the chair and take your left leg 3-4 toes in direction of the again holding a slight bend within the knee.
  • Your left foot can be positioned virtually vertical with the balls of the toes positioned within the floor. 
  • Your proper thigh needs to be parallel to the bottom and make a 90-degree angle. Your proper knee shouldn’t go ahead than your toes.
  • Once you’re secure on this pose, prolong your arms upwards holding the shoulders away from the ears.
  • Keep on this pose for 3-5 breaths and slowly come again to the unique place.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg.

5. Warrior II Pose

Picture: Emily Smith @Yogainternational

The warrior II pose is simply one other extension of the warrior I pose, the place you additionally flip your physique sideways. By being seated on the chair, you might be controlling the rotation of the hips in addition to the opening of the groin. It additionally helps in holding a gradual steadiness when extending the arms.

  • Ranging from the fitting facet, sit within the chair sideways in order that the fitting facet of your torso is going through the again of the chair.
  • Maintain the again of the chair and take your left leg 3-4 toes in direction of the again holding a slight bend within the knee.
  • Your left foot can be positioned virtually vertical with the balls of the toes positioned within the floor. 
  • Your proper thigh needs to be parallel to the bottom and make a 90-degree angle. Your proper knee shouldn’t go ahead than your toes.
  • Lengthen your arms to the edges and switch your higher physique, besides your head, to face fully reverse from the backrest of the chair. 
  • Be certain that your shoulders are away out of your ears and the arms kind a straight line, parallel to the bottom.
  • Keep on this pose for 3-5 breaths and slowly come again to the unique place.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg.

6. Pigeon Pose

Even whereas seated on the chair, practising pigeon pose gives you the identical advantages as it could whereas performing it on the ground. Pigeon pose on chair higher stretch your quads and hamstrings, open your hips, enhance your digestive system and moreover stretch your glutes.

  • Sit on the chair along with your backbone straight and legs hip-width aside.
  • Externally rotating your hip joints, carry your left foot up and place it on the fitting thigh, barely above the knees.
  • Preserve your arms on the knees, palms going through down.
  • Maintain the pose for 3-5 breaths.
  • To go deeper into this modified pose, bend ahead until you’ll be able to lay your torso on the lifted leg. You can too hold a cushion or a bolster if you wish to make it restorative.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg.

You can too problem your self by practising this pose whereas half standing and resting the bent leg on the seat of the chair. Your entrance leg can be positioned on the seat of the chair whereas the opposite leg can be stretched behind. 

7. Seated Spinal Twist

Picture: Canva

When in comparison with practising on the ground, utilizing the chair lets you obtain higher alignment, extension, and twist alongside the backbone. It should enhance again, neck, and shoulder flexibility with out decompressing the backbone.

  • Sit on the chair sideways along with your proper facet towards the backrest and your arms on the backrest. 
  • Sit with a straight and tall backbone.
  • Gently twist to the fitting along with your backbone stretched. Transfer your whole torso, as an alternative of simply your again, and place your proper arm on the chair’s again. 
  • Guarantee that whereas twisting, the left hip shouldn’t elevate up.
  • Preserve your gaze over your proper shoulder and maintain for 5-7 breaths.
  • Return to the beginning place and repeat on the left facet.

8. Goddess Pose

The goddess pose is an excellent hip opener that additionally assessments your energy and stability. By stretching your legs huge, you might be additionally focusing on the assorted thigh muscle tissues. Your knees and ankles additionally get strengthened on this pose. Utilizing a chair gives you much-needed assist in surrendering to the pose with out the worry of dropping steadiness.

  • Sit on the chair, barely away from the backrest, with a straight backbone and legs hip-width aside. In case your chair doesn’t have a padded seat, use a folded blanket or a towel.
  • Along with your again straight, unfold your legs to the facet, so far as you’ll be able to go based mostly in your flexibility. The perfect place can be to unfold the legs a lot that it kinds a straight line from one knee to the opposite.
  • Your toes also needs to be pointing in the identical course because the knee.
  • Preserve your forearms on the thighs with palms going through up.
  • Maintain this pose for 5-7 breaths.

One other variation of this seated model is to increase one arm overhead, say the fitting arm whereas holding the left forearm on the left thigh. Tilt barely in direction of the left to show your head and gaze on the right-hand fingers. You may tilt extra to extend the stretch in the fitting facet of the higher physique.


Anybody who struggles with steadiness, energy, or flexibility can profit from practising yoga with a chair. It might probably help you to apply quite a lot of asanas no matter your diploma of bodily health, form, or mobility. Together with a chair in your yoga apply gives extra assist, permitting you to perform fundamental stretches and enhance your common well being.


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