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A Exceptional Nutrient – Vitamin C – Plant-Primarily based Weight loss program – Recipes & Weight Loss Dietary supplements

It was a bit over 45 years in the past that unbeknownst to me, I met one of many few true giants of drugs, Fredrick R. Klenner, M.D. He was administering (not training) “actual” drugs in his upstairs workplace within the city of Reidsville, NC.

It was late one weekday evening that I accompanied my brother and sister-in-law to that outdated workplace in Reidsville, NC the place she was going to be seen for what we discovered that evening was shingles of the eyes.

After calling his workplace, she was suggested to make that 35-mile journey to his workplace one night as he was normally discovered there as late as 10 p.m. or later at evening treating sufferers. His fame had unfold far and extensive even again then as he used IV remedy of vitamin C and different vitamins to spice up a person’s immune system in such a manner that the physique was in a position to heal itself of a number of illnesses.

It was after solely three of 4 consecutive visits that Dr. Klenner requested her if she had had any ache related to the shingles. And, thankfully she had not had any. After that evening’s infusion of vitamins, she was informed she would haven’t any ache and her shingles have been mainly gone. With the IV C and different vitamins she had acquired, her physique had nearly miraculously cured itself of what might have been a long-lasting battle with a most painful affliction.

Dr. Klenner’s understanding of vitamin C remedy was a long time forward of that of his friends. His suggestions for supporting the physique’s immune system is a lot better understood in the present day. Again then, his suggestions for optimum assist of the immune system was for an individual to get one gram of vitamin C (in powder kind – calcium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate, or ascorbic acid) for annually of age, starting at age one up via ten years of age. Thus, at age ten, one would get 10 grams of vitamin C unfold out all through the day. From age ten on, he urged ten grams day by day simply to offer routine assist for the immune system.

People, monkeys and guinea pigs are unable to synthesize vitamin C (Nature, 1940). We should get it from our eating regimen or supplementation. Below regular situations, a wholesome goat produces 13 grams (13,000 mgs) day by day. With a life-threatening illness or extreme poisonous problem, goats can produce as a lot as 100 grams of vitamin C day by day to assist innate therapeutic! Our present RDA of 60 mg day by day is woefully insufficient to maintain our immune system in high situation!

The primary killer in the present day is coronary heart illness. Vitamin C deficiency is the first reason for coronary arterial blockage. Dr. Gary Gordon has acknowledged: “In case you have been to ask me in the present day – what’s the one nutrient that’s most helpful to an individual with impaired well being, I must say that vitamin C is primary on my record. It has not let me down and it gained’t allow you to down.”

In his ebook, Curing the Incurable Vitamin D, Infectious Illnesses, and Toxins, Thomas Levy, MD, JD states: “The literature is nearly overflowing with irrefutable proof that vitamin C is the only most important nutrient for attaining and sustaining optimum well being . . . “

On June 10, 1949 on the annual session of the American Medical Affiliation, Dr Klenner introduced a summarization of his work on polio. Throughout the 1948 polio epidemic, 60 out of 60 sufferers with polio who acquired his IV-C remedy recovered. You’ll have thought such exceptional outcomes would have gained worldwide consideration however tragically, total it fell on deaf ears.

I do know of no different important vitamins, that when provided in optimum portions, that may assist the physique’s innate self-healing the best way vitamin C can.

Whereas most of us wouldn’t have entry to IV-C remedy, we will maximize the assist for our immune system most economically with the day by day consumption of vitamin C in powdered kind in addition to within the liposomal kind when extra aggressive assist is desired.

Calcium ascorbate or sodium ascorbate in powdered kind gives vitamin C in a non-acidic buffered kind that’s light on the abdomen. It may be utilized in excessive doses unfold all through the day.

Throughout instances of excessive vitamin C depletion (comparable to when you could have a viral or bacterial an infection) take 1 teaspoon (4 serving) each 4 hours to maintain your immune system primed with vitamin C. Many persistent well being challenges trigger a depletion of vitamin C. Vitamin C Powder at 4-12 servings a day can assist optimize vitamin C ranges in these conditions.

When extra aggressive assist is required, Liposomal Vitamin C could also be used because it will get into the blood stream and cells extra quickly (nearly like IV-C) and usually doesn’t trigger any GI points.

Sustaining an optimum consumption of vitamin C gives:

  • Wonderful immune system assist
  • Cardiovascular assist
  • Prevents free-radical harm
  • Wholesome ageing assist
  • Bone well being assist


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