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Advantages of a2 Milk for Athletes – Kelly Jones Diet

Are you confused about the place dairy suits right into a balanced consuming plan on your energetic way of life? Dairy is wealthy in a number of vital vitamins for efficiency together with protein, vitamin D, calcium, and potassium. Nevertheless, for some people, dairy could cause abdomen discomfort. If you’re involved about signs from consuming dairy however don’t wish to miss out on the vitamins it may well present, chances are you’ll profit from making an attempt a2 Milk. On this submit, we’ll go over what a2 Milk is, the advantages of a2 Milk for athletes, and how one can incorporate this product into your weight loss plan to assist help your wants as an athlete or energetic particular person. 

benefits of a2 milk for athletes

Due to a2 Milk for sponsoring this submit! As all the time, all opinions are my very own, and I solely interact in genuine partnerships with those that share related philosophies and values.

What’s a2 Milk?

The title a2 Milk comes from the A2 protein present in cows’ milk. Common cows’ milk incorporates each A1 and A2 beta-casein proteins, whereas a2 Milk solely has the A2 proteins. Extra particularly, a2 Milk comes from cows that naturally produce solely the A2 protein and no A1. 

Advantages of a2 Milk for Digestion

One good thing about a2 Milk is that as a result of it solely has A2 proteins, it could be simpler to digest and due to this fact assist keep away from abdomen discomfort for some individuals. This occurs as a result of there’s a slight distinction within the amino acid sequencing of A2 proteins in comparison with A1 proteins, and due to this fact the proteins are digested in a different way. 

a2 milk with fruit

One examine from Purdue College confirmed that some individuals who endure from abdomen discomfort after consuming common milk might considerably scale back their signs in the event that they drink milk that incorporates solely A2 protein. In the event you’ve been in a position to devour goat or sheep’s milk with no drawback, that’s possible as a result of these merchandise largely comprise solely the A2 protein as nicely. 

Animal Welfare and Sustainability on a2 Milk Farms

As you understand, we at Kelly Jones Diet care deeply about sustainability and secure farming practices, so it’s nice to know that each one a2 Milk farms are Validus licensed for animal welfare. Which means that they observe a complete dairy cattle audit and evaluation program backed by the US Division of Agriculture (USDA) and the Worldwide Group for Standardization (ISO). To keep up this certification, farmers should take part in audits, critiques, and coaching to make sure that their animal care aligns with the requirements, which cowl correct animal dealing with, herd well being procedures, high-quality meals and water, housing that promotes animal consolation, and correct care of particular animal wants.

A2 Milk’s built-in method to sustainability takes under consideration not solely animal welfare but in addition the wellbeing of their employees and the environmental influence of their enterprise mannequin. Their sustainability plan addresses a number of key parts of environmental administration within the dairy trade together with preserving soil and water high quality, decreasing greenhouse fuel emissions, growing biodiversity on farms, and lowering waste.  

Now that you just perceive the digestive and environmental advantages of a2 milk, let’s dive deep into the vitamins in a2 Milk that help athletic efficiency.

Dietary Advantages of a2 Milk For Athletes

For some individuals, reducing out dairy is critical on account of lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy. Nevertheless, there’s additionally been a latest pattern of individuals with out these circumstances choosing non-dairy merchandise too. This can be on account of concern round attainable abdomen discomfort or simply following tendencies that influencers on social media promote. 

The problem with that is that many non-dairy options, like almond or oat milk, don’t have the identical dietary content material and advantages as actual dairy merchandise from cows. For athletes, this implies lacking out on vital vitamins for efficiency like protein, vitamin D, calcium, and potassium. In distinction, a2 Milk incorporates the identical quantities of calcium and different vital minerals and vitamins as cows’ milk as a result of it’s actual cows’ milk.

chcolate milk post workout


Protein is a necessary macronutrient wanted for muscle progress and restoration. Protein helps preserve your organs and tissues, is accountable for fluid steadiness, and even influences your immune well being. It additionally performs a task in hormonal steadiness and vitality metabolism. a2 Milk gives 8 grams of protein per cup and incorporates all three branched-chain amino acids (or BCAAs): leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids are significantly vital for muscle protein synthesis and may help help athletic efficiency and restoration. 

For athletes and energetic people, it’s vital to devour 10-20g of high-quality protein inside half-hour of train to maximise muscle restoration. In the event you wrestle with post-workout urge for food suppression, a fluid supply of protein like milk may be a good way to satisfy your physique’s wants. By pairing 1 cup of a2 Milk with a handful of nuts or dried edamame or by including it to a smoothie with extra protein from elements like protein powder or nut butter, you may meet your post-workout protein wants in a palatable, handy, and simply digestible approach.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has vital roles in muscle and bone in addition to within the immune system. This nutrient helps the physique take up calcium from the intestines which is vital for bone well being. Low vitamin D ranges are related to an elevated fracture threat which is why it’s such an vital nutrient for damage prevention in athletes. Vitamin D may play a task in muscle progress and restore and in regulating inflammatory and immune responses. Few meals comprise Vitamin D, however one of many advantages of a2 Milk is that 1 cup gives 15% of the every day advisable consumption for vitamin D. 

vitamin D and physical performance


Calcium, probably the most plentiful mineral within the physique, is vital for bone and tooth construction in addition to muscle, nerve, and hormone perform. Since calcium is required for muscle contraction, not having sufficient may contribute to muscle cramps for athletes. Moreover, any athlete with RED-S is at threat for bone loss and fractures and due to this fact wants to make sure satisfactory calcium consumption. To assist meet calcium wants, 1 cup of a2 Milk gives 25% of the every day suggestion for calcium consumption. 


Potassium is an electrolyte that helps protect bone well being and regulate muscle contractions, blood stress, and coronary heart charge. It’s additionally vital for correct hydration and is usually misplaced in sweat throughout intense train. In 1 cup of a2 Milk, you may devour 8% of the every day advisable consumption for potassium.


Dehydration in athletes can result in decreased efficiency, early fatigue, cramps, complications and, in excessive conditions, heatstroke and organ failure. Lack of correct hydration additionally hinders restoration. In truth, shedding simply 1-2% of your physique weight in fluids results in impaired endurance and cognitive efficiency. A2 Milk can depend in direction of your every day fluid consumption whereas additionally offering the opposite vitamins above that help efficiency as nicely. 

How Athletes Can Use a2 Milk 

Please be aware that a2 Milk is 100% cows’ milk, and due to this fact is not acceptable for these medically identified with lactose intolerance or these with a whey/ milk allergy. Nevertheless, you probably have abdomen discomfort when consuming milk and haven’t obtained both of those diagnoses, you may strive including in a2 Milk to your weight loss plan. I like to recommend beginning small with 2 tbsp/day working as much as a full cup whereas monitoring your GI signs. 

a2 milk with oatmeal

Listed below are a number of concepts for incorporating a2 Milk into your weight loss plan:

  • Have it as a post-workout snack 
    • a2 Milk incorporates protein and carbs that are each vital to replenish post-workout. Strive pairing 1 cup of a2 Milk with a handful of dried edamame for some additional protein and a chunk of fruit for some additional carbohydrates.
  • Combine into oatmeal or in a single day oats as an alternative of water for an added nutrient enhance 
  • Use it as the bottom in your morning smoothie
  • Have it with cereal or muesli for a pre-workout snack
  • Add a2 creamer into your espresso 
  • Use it to make do-it-yourself yogurt

In the event you need assistance fueling for efficiency and avoiding GI discomfort, attain out to us to study extra about our 1-1 vitamin teaching companies.



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