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Anaha Pathogenesis, Varieties, Signs, Remedy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Anaha means Constipation/Suppression of urine and faeces. When there may be obstruction within the passages of feces and gases and when they don’t seem to be excreted from each instructions i.e. upward (mouth) or downward (anal) routes the situation might be known as as anaha.
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Pathogenesis of Anaha

  • Gradual accumulation and stagnation of ama i.e. undigested meals within the abdomen or feces and gases within the colon and
  • Blockage within the channels of excretion of ama, feces and gases
  • Additional blockage of ama and feces of their respective seats by aggravated vata
  • Non elimination of ama and faeces from their respective passages inflicting anaha
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Varieties of Anaha

Since anaha is shaped attributable to accumulation of ama or feces, anaha can also be of two varieties relying on what has been obstructed.
Amaja anaha – anaha triggered as a result of accumulation and obstruction of ama within the abdomen (the organ whereby ama is shaped), additionally it is known as as amashayaja / amashayagata anaha because the illness has its origin within the abdomen (amashaya = abdomen)

Purishaja Anaha – anaha triggered attributable to accumulation and obstruction of feces within the intestines and colon, additionally it is known as as pakvashayaja / pakvashayagata anaha because the illness has its origin in pakvashaya = massive gut / colon.

Accumulation of  excreta happens in each abdomen and  colon. The wastes shaped and accrued within the abdomen known as as ama and people shaped and accrued within the intestines known as as purisha i.e. feces.
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Signs of Anaha

Generalized signs

  • Mala marga avarodha –  constipation
  • Vayu marga avarodha – obstruction to elimination of gases in each upward path (belching) and downward path (fart)

Signs of amaja anaha

  • Trishna – thirst
  • Pratishyaya – rhinitis
  • Shiro vidaha – headache / irritation within the head
  • Shula – belly colic / ache within the higher a part of the stomach
  • Gutvam – heaviness within the stomach / physique
  • Hrt stambha – stiffness within the chest / cardiac area
  • Udgara vighatanam – obstruction of belching
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Signs of purishaja anaha

  • Kati stambha – stiffness within the pelvis
  • Prshta stambha – stiffness within the again
  • Purisha stambha – constipation
  • Mutra stambha – obstruction of urine / urinary retention
  • Shula –  belly ache
  • Murcha – lack of consciousness
  • Shakrtascha chardi – excretion of faeces from mouth / fecal vomiting
  • Shvasa – breathlessness
  • Alasaka lakshana – signs of alasaka illness
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Remedy of Anaha

Remedy rules of amaja anaha – Within the anaha brought on by accumulation of ama within the abdomen initially therapeutic emesis ought to be completed. This could not solely expel the doshas but additionally would cleanse the abdomen of its impurities. Following this samsarjana krama i.e. graduated weight loss program ought to be adopted. The intention is to kindle the digestive fireplace which has lowered and change into weak attributable to emesis remedy and likewise to revive energy and vitality. This dietetic protocol consists of beginning the meals with simply digestible liquid meals. Progressively the meals is graduated to semisolid meals and later to the traditional meals.

The meals used within the graduated weight loss program shall be processed and ready with ‘digestive fireplace kindling herbs’ like Pippalyadi group of herbs and many others. Ingesting water can also be processed with the identical herbs. This exhibits that correction of digestive fireplace and bringing it to a state of steadiness is the prime technique within the remedy of anaha however ought to be completed on the backdrop of cleaning remedy, primarily emesis as already specified.
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Remedy rules of purishaja anaha – Digesting ama is a key technique in remedy of this variant of anaha additionally. The purishaja anaha by which there is no such thing as a emesis of feces (which is a severe complication of the illness and signifies its unhealthy prognosis) alone ought to be handled. Within the illness whereby there may be emesis of feces ought to be rejected as a result of it’s incurable. Within the ‘curable type’ of this illness administration shall be completed by administering sudation therapies and ama digesting measures and medicines.

Medicines utilized in Vishuchika
Vishuchika is one other intestine associated situation which is usually in comparison with cholera. The medicines and formulations used within the remedy of vishuchika are additionally used to deal with anaha. The purgative herbs talked about in vishuchika ought to be floor within the urines of buffalo, goat, sheep, elephant and cow (as soon as with every urine), cooked and wicks are ready. These suppositories ought to be launched into the anus of the affected person of anaha who has been subjected to sudation remedy in a correct manner. Alternatively the powder of purgative herbs shall be blown into the anal canal utilizing the tubular devices.

Niruha Vasti – Anuvasana Vasti
Decoction and oil (ghee) enemas are very efficient in treating anaha.

1. Niruha – Decoction Enema
For decoction enema the under talked about components are taken for getting ready decoction –

Herbs used for administering emesis and errhines as talked about within the Samshodhana and Samshamaniya chapters like Madanaphala (Randia dumetorum), Koshataki (Luffa acutangula) and many others are taken.

Herbs used for administering purgation like Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Aragwadha (Cassia fistula), roots of Ricinus communis, Trivrt (Operculina turpethum) and many others are taken.

The above mentioned medicines processed within the urines of cow, buffalo and many others and decoction ready as per the process. The filtered decoction is  added with half the amount of cow’s urine, 48 grams of honey, and the same amount of powder of Operculina turpethum and Rock Salt and combined completely. The resultant drugs is run as decoction enema.

Following this the samsarjana krama i.e. graduated dietetic routine as defined within the context of therapeutic emesis and purgation is run.

2. Anuvasana – oil enema
The decoction and paste of the identical emetic and purgative herbs shall be used to arrange the oil wanted for oil enemas within the remedy of anaha.

Weight loss plan in anaha

All of the useful dietetic inclusions and life-style adjustments that are suggested within the remedy of udavarta illness together with measures like ama digesting medicines, fasting and different lightness producing therapies shall be included within the remedy of anaha as and when required.

Avoidable issues in anaha
The identical rule as above applies right here. All issues that are mentioned to be averted and contraindicated in udavarta illness shall even be averted by the particular person affected by anaha.

Different inclusions
Simply digestible meals and drinks which don’t trigger constipation could be included in weight loss program for the remedy of anaha and udavarta. Included meals also needs to be nutritious. 
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Fashionable correlation

Amajanya Anaha is manifested within the abdomen. Due to this fact, the signs of this situation are restricted to the abdomen. This situation could be in comparison with ‘pyloric obstruction’ defined in trendy texts. It’s the obstruction attributable to narrowing or different causes of the decrease finish of the abdomen whereby it opens into the small gut.

Purishajanya Anaha is manifested within the gut / colon. Due to this fact, the signs of this situation are restricted to the colon. This situation could be in comparison with ‘intestinal obstruction’ defined in trendy texts. Because of the intestinal obstruction, constipation will happen, the feces are usually not excreted and might also trigger purisha udavarta i.e. upward motion of feces in the direction of the mouth and thus fecal vomiting could happen as a complication.
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