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Apply Chair Solar Salutations: Here is How (Picture Tutorial)

Solar Salutations (Surya Namaskar) appear futile if in case you have a foot or ankle harm. Enter: Chair Solar Salutations!

Conventional Solar Salutations with a Standing Ahead Fold (Uttanasana), step again or bounce again to Chaturanga, and rolling over the toes to Upward Dealing with Canine (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana), can irritate or additional harm a foot or ankle harm.

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So be variety to your physique whereas it’s therapeutic! Skip the standard Solar Salutations and take a look at chair Solar Salutations as a substitute to reap lots of the identical advantages in your follow and day.

For these Chair Solar Salutations, you’ll want an upright chair and presumably two yoga blocks. As with every train when critically injured, make sure to examine together with your physician earlier than beginning.

Utilizing a chair will take a lot of the load and stress off your ft, however that doesn’t imply the follow must be straightforward or much less helpful.


Apply Chair Solar Salutations With This Step-by-Step Information:

Begin by sitting or perching on the sting of your chair. Activate your core to get rid of any sway in your again that you just would possibly usually have from slouching or resting in a chair.

Historically in yoga, you discover stability by urgent your ft firmly into the ground. As you progress via this sequence, pull your muscle groups in and up towards your bones as a substitute. This small change will preserve your muscle groups working, whereas being kinder to your injured space.

Comply with this sequence in your chair Solar Salutations:

1. Seated Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Step one among all Solar Salutations is Mountain Pose and your seated chair Solar Salutations aren’t any exception.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Sit in your chair and place your ft on the ground
  • Your ft and knees might be touching or spaced hip-width aside for extra stability
  • Let your palms relaxation in your legs wherever snug
  • Inhale to softly pull your stomach in and lengthen via your facet, waist, and again
  • Exhale to launch any pressure in your shoulders, neck, and jaw
  • Hold your head impartial and discover a spot to stare upon straight forward


2. Seated Prolonged Mountain Pose (Urdhva Hasta Tadasana)

extended mountain
Subsequent up, discover size in your backbone as you attain your arms overhead.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Inhale and attain your arms up overhead
  • Prolong your arms out of your shoulders right through your fingers
  • Flip your palms to face one another and unfold your fingers huge
  • Hold your elbows and palms spaced shoulder-width aside or wider if vital
  • Launch pressure in your neck and shoulders to get rid of “shrugging”
  • Hold your entrance physique core engaged to get rid of any swaying in your again
  • Raise via your ribs to seek out size in your backbone
  • Raise your chin barely and gaze overhead


3. Seated Ahead Fold (Uttanasana)

forward fold
In chair Solar Salutations, you don’t need to miss out on any of your favourite stretches. You may nonetheless fold ahead even out of your seat!

Let’s attempt it:

  • Exhale and fold ahead over your legs
  • Hold size in your backbone so long as you possibly can, after which enable your again to spherical over your knees as you drop your head and shoulders towards the ground
  • Carry your palms to the bottom consistent with your toes or use blocks underneath your palms if wanted
  • Separate your knees to make room in your chest as wanted
  • Gaze down towards the bottom beneath your chair


4. Half Raise (Ardha Uttanasana)

half lift
Subsequent up, discover size in your backbone once more.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Inhale and carry your head and shoulders, discovering a flat again
  • Raise up as excessive as that you must discover a straight backbone
  • Lengthen out of your tailbone via the crown of your head
  • Interact your back and front physique core to assist your again and cut back any backbending
  • Your palms might keep planted on the ground or blocks, or come as much as your fingertips for just a little additional room
  • Gaze on the floor beneath your ft



5. Seated Ahead Fold (Uttanasana)

forward fold
As you begin to develop into accustomed to your chair Solar Salutations, you possibly can circulate via the steps effortlessly with breath.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Exhale and repeat the fold from step three above


6. Seated Prolonged Mountain Pose (Urdhva Hasta Tadasana)

extended mountain
Proceed flowing via your rhythm.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Inhale as you sit up and attain the arms overhead as in step two above


7. Seated Mountain Pose (Hasta Tadasana)


Come again to the place you began.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Exhale and return your palms to your thighs as in the first step above


8. Seated Hand-to-Massive Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangustasana)

Hand to Knee Left
Add on to your chair Solar Salutations sequence with a little bit of stability work.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Attain in your proper leg, grabbing it with each palms slightly below your knee
  • In your inhale, carry your proper knee up bringing it as shut as you possibly can to your chest
  • Press each sitting bones down into your chair for stability
  • In case you lifted your shoulders as your raised your knee, return them to a impartial place
  • Interact your core to maintain your backbone erect and stop backbending
  • Exhale and return your proper foot to the bottom
  • Hold your head impartial and discover a spot to stare upon straight forward
  • Repeat on the opposite facet
  • Hand to Knee Right


9. Seated Cat/Cow (Marjaryasana/Bitilasana)

Stream together with your breath via a seated Cat/Cow sequence.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Transfer your palms to seize the edges of your chair for assist
  • Inhale and slide your palms again as you carry and open your chest
  • Permit your shoulders to roll again
  • Raise your chin so your head falls again, however resist crunching on the nape of your neck
  • Gaze overhead on the ceiling above
  • Launch your palms from the chair and produce them to relaxation in your thighs
  • Exhale and slide your palms ahead as you spherical your again
  • Pull your stomach button towards your backbone
  • Spherical via your shoulders and tuck your chin towards your chest
  • Gaze towards your stomach button or on the tip of your nostril
  • Stream repeatedly between the 2 shapes for just a few deep breaths


10. Repeat

Repeat this sequence three to 5 occasions and also you’ll discover a good circulate paring breath and motion – all whereas retaining your harm protected.

Apply Chair Solar Salutations to Shield Your Damage and Profit Your Physique

Solar Salutations present a wealth of advantages, and these chair Solar Salutations do as properly. Begin your day with this circulate and also you’ll doubtless discover extra focus, enhance muscle tone and suppleness, lower stress and anxiousness, enhance your vitality, and assist to stabilize your temper.

This sequence can also be nice to follow on break whereas at work, even in the event you don’t have an harm. You may discreetly do that out of your workplace chair or lunch desk anytime you want just a few moments of Zen to destress and keep centered.

There’s nothing fairly like the sensation you get whereas training Solar Salutations, so don’t let your foot or ankle harm get in the way in which of your each day dose of saluting the solar. Apply this chair Solar Salutations circulate and acquire all the advantages of conventional Solar Salutations whereas retaining your harm protected and stress free.

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