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Printed on: 23 Might 2023

Cymbalta Withdrawal

Cymbalta (duloxetine) is an efficient antidepressant for despair, main depressive dysfunction, nervousness dysfunction, and persistent ache. Nonetheless, when it comes time to cease taking Cymbalta therapy — or any drug – antidepressant withdrawal signs might happen. Some analysis means that an estimated 44% of people that discontinue antidepressants like Cymbalta may expertise some type of withdrawal or antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. 

Understanding the potential indicators of Cymbalta withdrawal and Cymbalta discontinuation syndrome and learn how to deal with them is crucial in safely stopping this treatment. Maintain studying to be taught extra.

Can You Go Off Cymbalta Chilly Turkey?

Stopping any treatment chilly turkey — together with Cymbalta therapy — may be harmful. It is because your physique is used to having a certain quantity of the drug in its system. All of the sudden eradicating it may trigger extreme withdrawal signs, antidepressant discontinuation syndrome, or different well being points. 

Earlier than abruptly discontinuing Cymbalta, seek the advice of your physician to make sure the method may be accomplished safely.

Withdrawal Signs of Cymbalta

A typical withdrawal symptom of Cymbalta is the so-called “mind zap”, nausea or vomiting. The sudden lack of duloxetine in your system can result in a digestive system response. Different signs which will happen embrace: 

  • Vertigo
  • Mind zaps
  • Dry mouth
  • Migraine
  • Lethargy
  • Sleeplessness 
  • Lowered urge for food
  • Restlessness
  • Low blood strain
  • Emotional volatility or annoyance
  • Looseness of the bowels 
  • Constipation
  • Chilly- or flu-like signs, like shivering or perspiring 

“Cymbalta is a twin receptor treatment that works on serotonin and norepinephrine programs. Abruptly stopping the treatment could cause loads of undesirable signs.”

– Talkspace psychiatrist Dr. Muhammad Munir

In some instances, you possibly can expertise extra severe Cymbalta uncomfortable side effects, together with hallucinations and suicidal ideas — though that is uncommon.

How Lengthy Does Cymbalta Withdrawal Final?

Cymbalta withdrawal signs can vary from a number of days to a number of weeks. The length of withdrawal signs can fluctuate relying on issues just like the size of time you have been on Cymbalta and particular person physiology. 

Psychiatry and Prescriptions On-line

Obtain an analysis and prescription for psychological well being treatment (if wanted) from a psychiatry-trained medical supplier.

When you’ve been on Cymbalta for longer than 6 months, the withdrawal results and every abrupt discontinuation symptom may very well be extra intense and take longer to decrease.

Cymbalta withdrawal timeline

There’s no set Cymbalta withdrawal timeline, however when discontinuing any antidepressant treatment, there may be 2 phases: acute withdrawal and post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). Most frequently, withdrawal signs will resolve in about 1 – 3 weeks.

  • Acute withdrawal has bodily signs like mind zap, nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue, and insomnia. Whereas length and severity may be totally different for everybody, signs sometimes start 1 – 3 days after you cease taking Cymbalta. 
  • Submit-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) is a extra extended section that may last as long as 6 months or extra, relying on components like physique chemistry, unique dosage, and size of time you have been on Cymbalta. 

PAWS signs can embrace emotions of unease and unhappiness, agitation, psychological confusion, problem with cognitive duties, and sleep disruption.

When does Cymbalta withdrawal peak? 

Cymbalta withdrawal can peak at varied occasions, however most individuals expertise the worst signs inside 1 – 2 weeks after cessation. After that, signs will most frequently ultimately scale back or resolve, however they’ll final for a number of weeks and even months in some instances. Notably, everybody’s withdrawal expertise shall be distinctive, and there’s no outlined timetable for therapeutic.

The right way to Deal with a Cymbalta Withdrawal

Sadly, discontinuing Cymbalta may be difficult, particularly in case you cease taking it abruptly. If you wish to stop taking Cymbalta, you possibly can scale back the prospect of serious uncomfortable side effects or withdrawal signs by getting the fitting plan in place. 

Speak to your physician to find out one of the best ways to discontinue Cymbalta. They’ll possible suggest truly fizzling out slowly over a number of weeks or months. Generally they’ll suggest utilizing over-the-counter medicines, like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, to alleviate withdrawal discomfort.

“It might probably fluctuate from feeling nauseous to irritable and having unhealthy complications. Generally you’ll have tingling and pins and needles sensations, which may typically trigger tremors and influence sleep cycles. Some individuals report having nightmares. There are additionally experiences of elevated sweating. Some sufferers describe having mind zaps or electrical sensation of their head.”

– Talkspace psychiatrist Dr. Muhammad Munir

How Do I Safely Come Off Cymbalta?

By no means cease taking your treatment with out consulting your physician first. Collectively, you possibly can give you a secure, efficient plan to reduce the danger of withdrawal signs and are available off Cymbalta with as little disruption to your life as attainable. 

  • Use a taper schedule: Slowly lowering the usage of Cymbalta is recommended. The timeline for this course of is dependent upon how lengthy you have been on Cymbalta and your dose, however present finest apply when weaning off an antidepressant suggests progressively lowering use for a minimum of 4 weeks. This course of, often called “tapering down,” is designed to assist scale back the depth of withdrawal signs because the physique slowly adjusts to its pure stability. 
  • Apply self care: One option to handle Cymbalta withdrawal signs is by caring for your self. Training self care, like consuming nicely, getting sufficient sleep, and doing yoga or meditation, may also help you transition as you come off Cymbalta. 
  • Seek the advice of along with your physician alongside the best way: Consulting a psychological well being skilled skilled in managing the results of medicines like Cymbalta shall be helpful. They’ll present invaluable perception into how finest to handle potential challenges related to discontinuing the drug and give you methods for coping with any tough feelings that may come up throughout this course of.

“Be sure to speak to your psychiatrist earlier than coming off of Cymbalta.”

– Talkspace psychiatrist Dr. Muhammad Munir

Speak with a Licensed Psychiatrist

Going off Cymbalta may be laborious, however the steps mentioned right here may also help. Begin by talking along with your physician about truly fizzling out the treatment progressively. Be sure to prioritize self-care throughout this time by getting sleep, being bodily lively, consuming nutritious meals, and trying calming methods like managed respiration. Connecting with somebody sympathetic who understands what you’re going by may be very helpful. Lastly, search skilled assist if essential.

Speaking to a licensed psychiatrist is likely one of the finest methods to handle Cymbalta withdrawal. A certified psychological well being skilled may also help you perceive and address any signs that come up through the course of and supply assist all through all the expertise. 

When searching for a psychiatrist, it’s important to search for somebody with expertise treating individuals with antidepressant withdrawal. Ask for referrals from individuals you belief, like family and friends, to search out somebody. You may as well seek the advice of your major care doctor for a suggestion. 

At Talkspace, you possibly can join with a web-based psychiatrist to both get Cymbalta on-line with a prescription or speak to them about getting off of Cymbalta safely.


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