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Barbell Flooring Press Train: How To, Advantages, Variations

Some lifters go into full panic mode when each flat bench is occupied on Bench Press Monday. Nevertheless, the savvy lifter by no means worries as a result of there may be loads of house on the ground. As a result of there’s no motive to worry or lose your mood while you’ve acquired the most effective press you’re not doing, the barbell ground press. Plus, somewhat filth and in your again by no means harm anybody.

The barbell ground press is a superb urgent variation for fitness center rats of all ranges of expertise. The transfer helps enhance muscle hypertrophy, energy, bench-press method and is a superb variation for people who find themselves affected by sore shoulders.

Right here we’ll go into what it’s, tips on how to do it, the advantages of the ground press, some frequent errors, and another floor-press variations to construct your chest, triceps, and shoulders.

The Barbell Flooring Press Defined

The barbell ground press is much like the bench press — besides you’re mendacity on the ground. The ground shortens the vary of movement so there may be much less shoulder exterior rotation. This makes it the right urgent train for these will sore shoulders. With the bench press, you get decrease physique drive, however not with the ground press as you’re fully counting on the urgent energy of your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Attributable to this shortened ROM, the barbell ground press locations extra emphasis on the triceps and fewer on the chest. In case your triceps are holding you again, this may assist. The transfer is carried out together with your leg straight or with ft on the ground. Each are appropriate, it comes right down to a matter of private choice,

The best way to Do the Barbell Flooring Press

Word: It’s greatest to both have a spotter for this or carried out in a squat rack (or each).

  1. Get your eyes beneath the bar together with your legs both straight or bent together with your higher physique fully on the ground. This ensures you’re not too shut or far-off from the rack.
  2. Take your most well-liked grip of the bar, unload the bar, have interaction your higher again, and let the bar settle in your palms.
  3. Decrease the barbell slowly towards your decrease chest till the again of your arms touches the ground and pause for a second or two.
  4. Push the burden up till your elbows are absolutely prolonged. Then reset and repeat for reps.

Barbell Flooring Press Muscle tissue Labored

The barbell ground press is a urgent motion that targets upper-body energy with minimal lower-body involvement. The next are the primary muscle mass used within the ground press.

  • Pectorals: for urgent energy.
  • Anterior deltoid: for urgent energy.
  • Triceps (all three heads): Urgent and lockout energy.
  • Rhomboids and scapular stabilizers: Helps preserve the bar on a greater urgent path.

Barbell Flooring Press Advantages

Some fitness center goers may offer you unusual seems while you’re urgent and not using a bench. However who cares? They’re those lacking out on these 4 essential advantages.

  • Lockout energy: Roughly the ultimate third of most urgent workout routines is generally completed with the triceps. That is what is usually often known as lockout energy. Lockout energy is usually a weak spot on the subject of bench and overhead urgent and even strongman occasions. The ground press is a superb train to strengthen this weak spot and has nice switch to all lifts that want triceps lockout energy.
  • Larger chest and triceps: When carried out for extra units and reps, the ground press is a superb urgent variation so as to add muscle and energy to the chest, shoulders, and triceps with out extreme pressure to the shoulders.
  • Improved upper-body energy: Much like different partial ROM lifts as rack pulls and field squats, the barbell ground press is a superb train to focus on a sure portion of your elevate. With the ground press, you may probably deal with heavier hundreds within the high half of the press to additional strengthen your triceps, chest, and shoulders.
  • Harm workaround: The barbell bench press is nice nevertheless it’s exhausting on the shoulders. As a result of the ground reduces shoulder exterior rotation, this can be a nice elevate for these with sore or painful shoulders. The shoulders are susceptible when in abduction and exterior rotation which the shoulders discover themselves within the bench press.

The best way to Barbell Flooring Press And not using a Squat Rack

In all probability essentially the most tough a part of the barbell ground press is the setup. Getting the barbell sufficiently off the bottom to get beneath it and elevate it up requires both a squat rack or a spotter. You probably have neither the dumbbell, kettlebell, and landmine ground press variations beneath will work. However for those who’re nonetheless eager on the barbell ground press, there may be one other approach demonstrated within the video beneath.

Urgent from plates or blocks lets you get beneath the bar to press safely and to simply get out and in of place. Sure, the vary of movement is barely lowered within the identify of security, nevertheless it beats the damage various.

Frequent Flooring Press Errors

The barbell ground press is much less technical than the bench model and issues like eyes beneath the bar, wrists according to elbows, and engaged higher again is required for the barbell ground press too. Listed here are some issues to look out for on the barbell ground press to get the most effective out of this nice train.

  • Higher arms not touching the bottom: Aside from the block ground press demonstrated above going via the complete ROM will greatest practice your chest and triceps. Stopping quick on a regular basis can put undue pressure in your elbows.
  • An excessive amount of load: Lifters neglect their decrease physique isn’t concerned within the ground press and use their common bench press weight. As this elevate is fully targeted on the higher physique scale back the load, to start with, to construct energy and method.

Barbell Flooring Press Exercise Programming

There are three nice causes to do the barbell ground press. One is to realize muscle. Two is to construct energy and three is to enhance your lock-out energy on your common bench press. Listed here are some programming ideas, relying on which objective you select


Two keys to gaining muscle are load and rising time beneath rigidity. So, work within the larger set and rep vary performing three to 4 units of between eight and 15 reps. If you happen to elevate with tempo with a pause on the underside, your chest and triceps will thanks. Since you’re on the ground performing this with one other train that trains the chest and triceps works effectively. For instance,

1A. Barbell Flooring Press: 8-15 reps

1B. Body weight Pushup Variation: 10-20 reps

Relaxation 2-3 min between supersets.


You’re taking a look at elevated load versus lifting for hypertrophy and no lifting with tempo. Load and good method are the main focus right here. Work in decrease rep vary between three to 6 reps and the upper set vary of round 4 to 6 units. Performing straight units with a two to a few minutes relaxation between units works effectively.

Coaching the barbell ground press for energy can even assist enhance lockout energy on your common bench press.

Flooring Press Variations and Options

The barbell ground press is the variation the place you’ll use essentially the most weight nevertheless it’s not for everyone. Listed here are 4 variations you are able to do for those who discover the setup tough or have to strengthen imbalances.



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