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Caring For An Air Plant At Dwelling (Trace: It is Tremendous Easy)

Most air vegetation are a part of the Tillandsia genus, with the vast majority of varieties making up a part of the Bromeliad household (Bromeliaceae), similar to the pineapple plant.

These tropical vegetation sometimes develop in humid areas, equivalent to rainforests, in lots of areas all over the world. Air vegetation could be present in Central and South America, in addition to the West Indies, Mexico, and even in some areas within the southern United States. Within the wild, you will discover them rising in bushes and crevices, in addition to on rocks and cliffs.

Most air vegetation are epiphytes, that means they depend on laborious surfaces for stability however do not require soil for vitamins. That is as a result of “Their leaves are coated in tiny hair-like buildings referred to as trichomes that assist them take in vitamins and moisture from the air,” Lindsay Pangborn, a gardening skilled at Bloomscape, explains.

Regardless of their title, these vegetation don’t solely subsist solely on air. When holding them as houseplants, you will must water them too.



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