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Charaka Indriya Sthana eighth Chapter Avaakshirasiya Indriyam

eighth chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers concerning the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by the distortion of the shadow of the person. The chapter title is Avaakshirasiya Indriyam.

We will now expound the chapter on imminent demise as indicated by indicators like distortion of the shadow of the person viz. the inversion of the shadow of the top. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya[1-2]
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Indicators of Imminent demise

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  • Within the shadow of a person if the top is discovered to be inverted (head pointing downwards and legs pointing upwards), is irregular or with out the top, that particular person shouldn’t be handled.
  • An individual also needs to not be handled if in an individual there may be matting of eyelashes or absence of imaginative and prescient (due to the matting of eye-lashes of each lids collectively).
  • If in an emaciated individual, there may be swelling of the eyelids, if each the eyelids don’t meet one another (attributable to swelling), if there may be accumulation of dust within the eyes and likewise if there may be burning sensation within the eyes he’s thought-about as equal to being lifeless. 
  • If in an individual, there are numerous properly manifested simantas ( strains fashioned by the parting of hair to every aspect) with out them being made and Avartakas ( whirls of hairs) within the eyebrows or within the hairs of the top which had been neither discovered earlier nor made artificially, he’s certain to die quickly.
  • If the above talked about indicators seem in people affected by illnesses, they survive for 3 days solely. If they seem in individuals who will not be affected by any illnesses, such people might stay for a most length of six days. [3-7]
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  • If an individual with or and not using a illness doesn’t survive for greater than six nights if he doesn’t have any sensation when his hairs are pulled out and uprooted.
  • If the hairs of the person seems to be greasy even when no unctuous substances (like oil) has been utilized, he’s thought-about to be on the finish level of his life and therefore shouldn’t be handled. [8-9]
  • If there may be despair and thickening / separation of the ridge of the nostril, if the nostril seems swollen despite it not being swollen up, the affected person having these indicators shouldn’t be handled by the clever doctor.
  • Extreme enlargement or constriction of the nasal orifices, distortion in form and excessive dryness of the nostril point out that the person won’t survive.
  • If the face, ears and lips turn into abnormally white, brown, excessively crimson or blue with none apparent trigger, then such a affected person seldom recovers from the illness. [10-12]
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A affected person having morbid circumstances like

  • Enamel getting white like the color of the bone, look of white spots (Puspa-lit, that means flower) over enamel and adhesion of slush / dust / muddy substance (materials) over them can not get well from the illness.
  • If the tongue turns into inflexible, mindless, heavy, excessively coated with a thorn like fur, brown in color, dry or swollen and consistently cell, then the affected person having such indicators is taken into account nearly as good as lifeless.
  • If an individual faints after a brief expiration adopted by a protracted inspiration, then contemplating that his finish is close to he shouldn’t be handled.
  • Extreme coldness, roughness and softness in fingers, legs and nape of the neck point out the top of life span of that individual.
  • An individual, who strikes one knee with the opposite, throws down legs after lifting them up and continuously turns the face to at least one or the opposite aspect, doesn’t survive.
  • The affected person who gnashes enamel whereas awake, cries and laughs loudly and doesn’t have ache sensation, doesn’t get well from the illness.
  • The affected person, who continuously laughs, cries and shouts, retains hitting the mattress along with his ft and places finger into the nostrils, ears and eyes doesn’t survive for lengthy. [13-20]
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Want for instant remark

  • If a debilitated affected person develops disliking for a similar components (and issues) by getting which he used to get extraordinarily completely happy up to now, his demise must be thought-about imminent.
  • If the neck of the affected person is unable to assist the load of his head, the top will get tilted to at least one aspect, the again doesn’t tolerate the load of the physique and the affected person feels troublesome / not possible to sit down, and when his jaws can not maintain / assist the morsel of meals within the mouth – this means his imminent demise.
  • If in a affected person indicators like fever, thirst, fainting, diminution of power perspiration happen within the face, there may be little probability of his survival.
  • If the ingested meals doesn’t attain the throat, or the tongue falls again over the throat (thereby inflicting obstruction) and there may be diminution of power, then the demise of the individual is imminent.
  • If the individual strikes his head with problem by the assistance of the fore-arms and if there may be sweating within the brow and looseness of joints, he’s moribund. [21-26]
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To sum up:
The clever doctor ought to carefully seek for these indicators repeatedly as a result of a few of them disappear in a brief second after their manifestation.
None of those indicators stay with out resulting in the implications already described i.e. all of them point out imminent demise. [27]
Thus ends the ‘eight chapter’ on imminent demise as indicated by indicators just like the distortion of shadow of the person, viz, the inversion of the shadow of the top, of the Indriya part of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka.



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