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Connecting with the 5 Components (Panch Tatva): Earth Aspect

The earth factor is the final factor of the order of the Pancha mahabhutus and known as Prithvi in Sanskrit. All the opposite 4 components mix to kind the dense factor of earth. Ether gives area to exist, air gives motion, fireplace manifests within the type of power, and water acts as a bridge between the gaseous states (ether, air, and fireplace) and solid-state (earth).

Thus, the earth factor represents the stable state of all 4 components.

The stable construction of our physique akin to bones, cartilage, muscle groups, tendons, pores and skin, nails, and hair are offered by this factor.

It’s a female factor that nourishes and protects. This is without doubt one of the explanation why the earth can be known as Mom Earth.

Cool, stabilizing, dense, laborious, tough, uninteresting, heavy, dry, gross, clear are some qualities that may be associated to it. 

A singular high quality of this factor is that it’s the solely factor that helps you odor. Your nostril, which has additionally been constructed and supported by the earth factor provides you the inherent potential to odor.

Allow us to go into element to grasp this factor.

The symbolism of earth Aspect

The earth factor manifests itself within the type of loyalty, religion, a way of accountability, and ethics in human beings. It symbolizes prosperity, fertility, stability, orderliness, groundedness, sustenance, creativity, bodily abundance, nourishment, solidity, dependability, safety, permanence, instinct, introspection, and knowledge. 

Something that you could odor, see, contact is being ruled by this factor.

Essentially the most bodily type of earth that you could see is the earth that you just dwell on. 

Allow us to see different symbolic meanings of the earth factor.


As per Ayurveda, the Kapha dosha is made up of water and earth components. Although the dominant factor is water, the earth factor gives the soundness and construction to the tissues and bones for this factor to make these organs work correctly.

And with the assistance of the water factor, it additionally insulates the physique by forming a layer of fats.

Most traits of the Kapha dosha apply to this factor as effectively.

Conventional Chinese language Medication

In TCM, the shift in seasons from summer season to fall is the season for the earth factor. This season is a moist season the place we have to nourish the earth factor and concentrate on the digestive system.

And the organs that it governs are the spleen and the abdomen. In 1180, the Chinese language doctor Li Dong Yuan formulated the Earth Faculty as a result of he thought that almost all ailments within the physique happen as a result of disruptive state of the digestive system. 

This thought might be associated to the present state of affairs the place it has been seen how the functioning of the intestine helps construct our immunity.


The Root chakra or the Muladhara is expounded to the earth factor. This chakra is answerable for grounding, stability, vitality, a way of safety, and security, which, apparently, are additionally some traits of the earth factor as effectively.

This chakra can be thought-about the dense out of all of the 7 chakras, which, once more, is kind of just like the earth factor.

Features of earth factor within the physique

It can’t be reiterated sufficient that the earth factor provides all the opposite components a stable construction to exist within the physique. Identical to how mom earth provides all of the dwelling beings a stable base to stroll and dwell on, equally, the muscle groups, tissues, bones, cells, hair, pores and skin give the human physique its construction.

The function of the earth factor in forming a wholesome fetus can be essential. Samhanana, which suggests compactness of the physique, is offered to the fetus by the earth factor. The skeletal construction and the formation of different supporting buildings, with the assistance of water, is all achieved by the earth factor.

In brief, the definition and type of every construction are shaped by this factor. So in case you see an anticipating mom craving earth-based meals, it means the fetus wants extra earth components to kind a wholesome child.

Your sense of odor can be ruled by the earth factor. Because of this we’re in a position to odor air and water as they management the sense of odor can be ruled by the earth factor. The odor of earth after the rain is a kind of distinctive smells that’s enjoyable to the thoughts.

So in case you discover an imbalance in your sense of odor, there’s something improper together with your earth factor.

Imbalances within the Earth Aspect

An imbalance within the earth factor might be brought on by both extra or deficiency of the factor. The trigger might be so simple as not being in contact with the bodily earth.

Barefoot strolling on the bottom or just strolling with the aim of connecting with not solely your internal self but in addition to the earth looks like a factor of the previous.

Different causes might be the meals you might be consuming, improper functioning of the digestive system that may trigger constipation or diarrhea, unhealthy life-style, or medical points.

Under are some indicators of extra and poor earth factor to look out for

Extra of earth factor

  • Uninteresting and depressed
  • Unmotivated and uninspired
  • Poor digestion and tough elimination
  • Hopeless and cynical
  • Overeating resulting in extra weight
  • Thicker pores and skin, fingernails 
  • Shedding curiosity in life
  • cussed, despondent
  • incapability to understand the world clearly

Deficiency of earth factor

  • Unstable, ungrounded, insecure, stressed
  • Anxious, emaciated, flighty
  • Chilly, heavy
  • Unable to handle stress, jittery, spacy 
  • Weak spot of physique buildings, discount in muscle mass and physique fats 
  • Weak bones which regularly result in osteoporosis, weak enamel
  • Incapacity to face challenges or lack of depth
  • Struggling to remain in relationships for lengthy durations
  • Extra weight acquire
  • Unreliable, undependable

Practices to attach with the earth factor

The earth factor enters into your physique via the meals you eat and leaves once you defecate. Therefore one of many key components in balancing the factor is the meals you eat.

Apart from that, you too can carry out yoga, meditation, nature walks, and so forth to remain linked to the earth factor.

Take a look at a couple of practices to regain or scale back this factor.

Practices to undertake in case of extra fireplace factor

  • Eat gentle, energizing meals, particularly recent, seasonal vegatables and fruits
  • Pungent and bitter meals akin to black pepper, mustard, ginger, onion, garlic, turmeric, clove, leafy greens, eggplants ought to be included in your meals preparation.
  • Keep away from overeating as it could result in weight acquire.
  • Drink room-temperature or heat water nevertheless, don’t overdo it as it could diminish the digestive fireplace.
  • Follow fresher cardiovascular train or yoga routine, to enhance your blood circulation.
  • Twisting yoga poses will assist enhance your digestion. Padma Sadhana is a good observe for energized grounding.
  • Strive one thing new and thrilling
  • Faucet into your inventive aspect and take a look at actions like journaling, portray, or dancing.
  • Follow Surya Mudra as it’ll enhance the hearth factor within the physique which is able to assist in digestion and counter the chilly and heavy emotions. It may be carried out by inserting the tip of your ring finger on the base of the thumb and gently urgent the again of the finger with the thumb.

Practices to undertake in case of poor fireplace factor

  • Eat earthy meals, akin to grains, nuts, and root greens, and embrace candy and bitter tastes in your meals to make you’re feeling grounded.
  • Naturally candy meals embrace rice, basil, cashews, dates, milk, bananas, melon, beetroot, candy potato, cardamom, and cinnamon
  • Bitter meals embrace grapefruit, lemon, lime, pickles, tomatoes, bread, vinegar, and garlic will even profit in growing the earth factor.
  • Stabilizing yoga poses like Paschimottanasana, or pranayam like Kapalabhati will stimulate digestion, elimination, and detoxing
  • Follow mindfulness in your each day duties
  • Should you really feel scattered, begin making a guidelines of the issues you could do. This may get your mind organized and make you’re feeling accountable.
  • Spend some quiet time in nature. Strolling barefoot in your backyard is without doubt one of the greatest methods to get in contact with the earth. 
  • Carry out meditation or yoga asanas whereas staying near the earth as it is possible for you to to launch your unfavorable power to the earth.
  • The Prithvi Mudra (be a part of the ideas of thumb and ring finger) is useful in growing the earth factor. The mudras ought to be practiced for quarter-hour 3 instances a day for 10 days.
  • Whereas doing pranayama or meditation, the Bhu mudra might be practiced, which is without doubt one of the most useful and closest methods to connect with the earth factor. Be a part of the ideas of the ring and little finger to the tip of the thumb. The index and center finger are straight and relaxed. Place the tip of those fingers on the bottom.


You can’t think about a world with out bushes, soil, mountains, flowers, and grass. Nor are you able to think about your self in some other kind. The earth factor is essential for the formation of the fetus and until the time of dying, it performs an essential function.

You want the earth factor to maintain your physique in addition to your psychological well-being. So the following time you’re feeling heavy, insecure, scattered, chilly, which factor must be labored on.



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