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Dermatology Suggestions for Girls of Coloration

We should always all love the pores and skin we’re in. Whereas many ladies have the identical targets relating to their skincare — from discovering the suitable moisturizer to managing widespread pores and skin situations — girls of coloration can have distinct issues that aren’t at all times recognized or handled appropriately by healthcare suppliers.

We requested Lakshi Aldredge, MSN, ANP-BC, FAANP, a dermatology nurse practitioner for the VA Portland Well being Care System and member of the HealthyWomen Girls’s Well being Advisory Council, to share a few of her prime dermatology suggestions for girls of coloration to care for his or her our bodies from head to toe.

1. Ensure that to moisturize

Whereas anybody can expertise dry pores and skin, a scarcity of moisture might be extra noticeable on darker pores and skin. Some research counsel darker pores and skin can be extra susceptible to dryness as a result of it loses moisture quicker than lighter pores and skin. “I inform all sufferers it’s good to moisturize their pores and skin, however in darker-skinned people, it makes such a distinction of their pores and skin’s look,” Aldredge mentioned. “Additionally, the drier the pores and skin, the itchier it will get.” Perfume-free lotions and ointments, and even petroleum jelly (besides on the face) can assist keep away from dryness and associated pores and skin situations.

2. Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis look totally different on pores and skin of coloration

In lighter pores and skin tones, inflammatory pores and skin situations comparable to psoriasis and atopic dermatitis seem like pink or pink patches, additionally known as plaques. In darker pores and skin tones, these patches might look brown, grey, darkish grey, purple and even black. These patches can also seem like older pores and skin lesions, which can imply the situation is therapeutic, however the illness remains to be lively.

In individuals with darker pores and skin, persistent, inflammatory pores and skin situations may additionally be misdiagnosed as scars, dry pores and skin and even fungal infections. In the event you assume you will have a pores and skin situation, take into account preserving a photograph journal of the patches and lesions so your healthcare supplier (HCP) can see how your pores and skin is altering.

It’s additionally vital to maintain monitor of the timing of your pores and skin points. For instance, did it happen out of the blue or did it occur over months and years? It’s additionally a good suggestion to ask if different members of the family have comparable pores and skin situations and, in that case, what therapies labored for them.

3. Deal with inflammatory pores and skin situations like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis as quickly as doable

The earlier you get recognized, the simpler it’s to deal with inflammatory pores and skin situations. At-home therapies embrace taking lukewarm baths utilizing gentle soaps after which instantly moisturizing with plain petroleum jelly or different non-perfumed moisturizers. For extra extreme circumstances, individuals can look into extra superior non-steroidal therapies from a dermatologist.

4. Launch the stress

Cornrows, braids, beads and different cultural hair care practices amongst individuals of African descent ought to be celebrated, however pulling hair too tightly can result in hair loss. Traction alopecia, for instance, is a kind of hair loss typically seen in Black girls. In the event you select to put on braids or comparable types, attempt to reduce the stress and the tightness, Aldredge mentioned. Different practices, comparable to bleaching and chemical straightening, can result in hair harm, hair thinning and even contact dermatitis within the scalp because of reactions to the chemical substances.

5. Look ahead to pores and skin adjustments

In the event you see new markings in your pores and skin or present ones begin to change measurement, form or coloration, contact your HCP to verify they’re not an early signal of one thing extra severe. “In the event you do have a brand new rash, take into consideration when it began or what you have been doing which will have been related to it,” Aldredge mentioned. “Had been you touring? Did you begin any new drugs? Any new pets? Bug bites? Is there anybody else within the family or shut contacts who’ve the same rash or lesion? Getting a very good historical past of the pores and skin concern will probably be very useful in your dermatology supplier or your major care supplier to assist slim down a analysis.”

6. Perceive that pores and skin situations can current in several areas in darker-skinned people

Pores and skin most cancers is a big instance of how situations can seem totally different by race — melanoma charges are decrease in individuals with darker pores and skin due to their increased melanin content material, which protects in opposition to solar harm. When it does happen, it tends to seem on the palms, soles and nails versus the scalp, face, again or trunk in fairer-skinned individuals. “Bob Marley died of melanoma and it began in his toenail,” Aldredge mentioned. “That’s the traditional instance.”

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