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Exploring The Idea of Prakriti and Vikriti (Your Ayurvedic Physique Structure)

Prakriti and Vikriti are among the many core ideas of Ayurveda to grasp a person’s inherent constitutional physique kind and present state of well being, with the intention to promote steadiness and wellness by means of personalised approaches to food plan, life-style, and therapy.

In layman’s phrases, Prakruti is the character that we possess by delivery and Vikriti is our present well being situation.

Each Prakriti and Vikriti are depending on the idea of three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – that make up the structure of the physique. Every particular person is made up of a mixture of 1, two, or extra doshas.

On this article, we now have defined the ideas of Prakriti and Vikriti intimately.

Understanding Prakriti

The phrase Prakruti is made up of the prefix ‘Pra’ which suggests “origin”; ‘Kri’ means “to do” and ‘Ti’ means “to accentuate”. Thus, Prakriti is outlined because the entity, which manifests on the time of origin. 

Prakruti stands for the unique physique structure or the inherent mixture of doshas an individual develops on the time of conception.

Prakruti is the character that you’re born with and is exclusive to you. Each individual’s structure is predetermined at delivery and is influenced by quite a lot of traits, together with look, persona, habits, and dietary preferences. It determines an individual’s bodily and psychological options and doesn’t alter all through their whole life. 

In response to Ayurveda, this happens as a result of each individual’s delivery determines their Prakriti by means of the panch mahabhutas (air, hearth, water, ether, and earth), doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), and trigunas (sattva, rajas, and tamas).

Doshaja Prakriti

On the time of conception, the predominance of anyone or two or all three doshas determines a person’s Prakriti. That is known as Doshaja Prakruti

The doshaja prakriti is additional divided into eka doshaja prakruti, dwandvaja doshaja prakruti and sama doshaja Prakriti.

Eka Doshaja Prakruti – Because the identify signifies, individuals who have one (eka) dosha physique structure are mentioned to have eka doshaja prakruti. These sorts are fairly uncommon. The Vata physique kind is taken into account dangerous or heena, pitta is reasonable or madhyama and kapha is the most effective or uttama

Dwandvaja Doshaja Prakruti – That is the most typical kind of prakruti the place a person possesses a mixture of two doshas. Three variations of Dwandvaja Doshaja Prakruti are; 

  • Vata/Pitta (or pitta/vata) – Vata main and Pitta secondary (or Pitta main and Vata secondary).
  • Pitta/Kapha (or kapha/pitta) – Pitta main and Kapha secondary (or Kapha main and Pitta secondary).
  • Kapha/Vata (or vata/kapha) – Kapha main and Vata secondary (or Vata main and Kapha secondary).

Sama Doshaja Prakruti – Counted amongst the rarest prakruti sorts, an individual with sama doshaja prakruti is alleged to have a balanced mixture of all 3 doshas. It’s the highest (sreshta) physique structure kind and is troublesome to attain attributable to an unhealthy life-style and food plan.

Manasika Prakriti

Manasika Prakriti refers back to the psychological or psychological structure of a person and is taken into account to be a mixture of the three Gunas (Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas). Thus Manasika Prakruti of a person could possibly be satvik, rajasik, or tamasik.

Understanding Manasika Prakriti may help in selecting the best strategy to selling psychological and emotional well being, akin to by means of yoga, meditation, or particular dietary and life-style practices.

Realizing the doshaja prakriti may help an Ayurvedic practitioner diagnose an individual’s persona, temperament, traits, and well being and accordingly begin therapy. 

Allow us to now have a look at the components that have an effect on the Prakriti.

What components decide the Prakriti of a person?

The formation of Prakriti is linked to totally different components, akin to earlier karmas, the bodily and psychological well being of the mom and father on the time of conception, the mom’s food plan and train routine, social milieu, the follow of wholesomeness by the mom (throughout being pregnant) and little one within the postnatal interval, and a number of other others.

Owing to the above, the next are the first components that decide the Prakriti of a person:

  • Sukra-Shonit Prakruti (situations of sperm and ovum)
  • Kala-garbhasaya Prakruti (time of the season of conception and situations of the uterus)
  • Matu-ahar Prakruti (food plan and life-style habits of mom)
  • Pancha Mahabhuta Vikara Prakriti (affiliation of the 5 fundamental components)

Different components that additionally affect the Prakriti are:

  • Jatiprasakta (Race/caste/ Occupation)
  • Kulaprasakta (household/ancestry)
  • Desha-anupatini (geo-climatic components)
  • Kala-anupatini (time scale)
  • Vaya-anupatini (age) – determines the dominance of dosha
  • Pratyatmaniyata (individuality)

The right way to determine a person’s Prakriti?

A questionnaire is used for Prakriti evaluation, and it asks you many questions on your habits, look, and physiological processes like digestion and excretion in addition to your moods and nature.

It’s a medical examination that mixes the three examination methods of scrutiny (darshan), palpation (sparshan), and questioning (prashna). There are three totally different sides to it: construction of the physique (rachanaanusari), physiological (kriyaanusari), and psychological (manoanusari).

And variations of all these traits collectively make up the Prakriti.

To determine your prakruti, it’s best to all the time search out an skilled Ayurvedic practitioner. Your physique kind could be appropriately decided by an skilled Ayurvedic doctor utilizing the responses to the questions requested through the Prakriti evaluation check.

Furthermore, there are a number of questionnaires, quizzes, or exams which are obtainable on-line which you should use however with warning. 

Significance of Prakruti in Ayurvedic therapy

The bodily structure, or Deha Prakriti, is mentioned in in the present day’s utilization of the phrase Prakriti. Deha Prakriti is the result of the assorted dosha ratios that every individual is born with.

In relation to sustaining well being, comprehending illness, and treating it, the Ayurvedic notion of Prakriti is essential. Ayurveda believes that by understanding your Prakriti, you might pinpoint the components that management your well being and happiness and, consequently, lead a life that’s wholesome, glad, and fulfilling.

Understanding your Prakriti would possibly show you how to keep your well being by adhering to the best meals and routine.

However, you start to understand what can drive your each day life out of equilibrium and lead to illness or sickness.

You may not be conscious of tips on how to keep steadiness to thrust back sickness or tips on how to understand and finally right your imbalance with the intention to regain well being and wholeness in the event you don’t acknowledge who you essentially are.

Moreover, the data of your Prakriti may also show you how to within the following methods:

  • Adjusting your life-style to forestall or overcome imbalances of your doshas
  • Making use of preventive well being measures to keep up equilibrium
  • Getting ready your food plan as per your dosha to assist enhance nutrient consumption, digestion, absorption, and elimination
  • Be sure you are consuming the best meal in the best amount and on the proper time
  • Personalizing your sleep patterns
  • Choose the best train routine to remain match and wholesome

Understanding Vikriti

A person’s stage of comparable well being or imbalance is known as vikriti in Ayurveda. The Sanskrit phrase vikriti, which interprets as “after creation” is an individual’s organic make-up that may be affected by their setting ranging from the time of conception.

In Ayurveda, the vikriti evaluation is carried out to determine how components of the surface world have affected an individual’s bodily, psychological, or emotional well being. One of the best ways to consider vikriti is as if any doshic inclinations are manifesting proper now.

Human embryos are uncovered to and impacted by their setting after fertilization. The embryo develops most successfully in a secure setting. If the environment is stored ideally suited after delivery, the kid grows wholesome.

The three doshas can, nevertheless, develop out of tune and trigger a deviation from Prakriti in an setting and life-style which are lower than ideally suited.

This unbalanced situation would possibly fluctuate from each day, season to season, and even throughout a number of phases of life. It’s not a relentless. And thus Prakriti results in vikriti.

What components decide the Vikriti of a person?

To make choices to revive our equilibrium, it’s useful to grasp the traits of every of the doshas. This permits us to acknowledge what has gotten out of steadiness or what has gathered.

Vikriti or doshic imbalances can happen attributable to a number of components akin to weather conditions, dietary habits, life-style, sleep patterns, frequency of train, stress, and plenty of exterior components.

The aggregation of a specific dosha could be felt throughout quite a few seasonal modifications. We steadily purchase traits of the prevailing dosha all year long due to how carefully tied our physiology is to the world round us. Because the seasons change, this accumulation is most noticeable.

For instance, your prakriti is Pitta which comes with good digestion and a secure thoughts. Nevertheless attributable to a seasonal change, your digestive system might flare and you might expertise psychological fog, an indication of Vata vitiation. In such circumstances, although your Prakriti has not modified, the dominance of the vata dosha is figuring out the imbalances triggered in your physique.

Significance of Vikriti in Ayurvedic therapy

Understanding an individual’s Vikriti after which determining what elements of that individual’s setting have led to the disruptions is without doubt one of the key goals of Ayurvedic therapy. The time period “setting” right here refers to each the individual’s life-style and the inputs they get by means of their 5 senses.

To determine the basis signs of a illness, vikriti evaluation is step one in all Ayurvedic remedies.

One solution to determine the underlying causes for sickness or illness is to correlate the ratio of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in an individual at any given second with their physiological composition. One can examine it to the individual’s inherent prakriti and have a look at operational indications like digestion, elimination, or sleeping patterns.

As soon as understood, the aim is to remodel the setting. 

Figuring out an individual’s Prakriti is essential for understanding their basic tendencies, however understanding their Vikriti is essential for making a therapy technique.

Distinction between Prakriti and Vikriti

Now that we now have understood some fundamental ideas of Prakriti and Vikriti, we are able to summarize the distinction between the 2 under:

  • Our intrinsic structure is named Prakriti, and the imbalance that develops after we don’t stay in accordance with that construction is named Vikriti.
  • Prakriti refers back to the mind-body form or structure. Vikriti interprets to the current scenario.
  • Within the Ayurvedic perspective, one’s Prakriti is usually considered from the angle of dosha predominance within the physique structure. However, the vikriti is seemed into the imbalances or vitiations occurring within the doshas structure inside the Prakriti.
  • Understanding our Prakriti helps us grasp what our basic nature is. Studying our Vikriti gives us with the power to take cost of our well being path. 
  • To find out prakriti, components akin to situations of sperm and ovum, time of the season of conception and situations of the uterus, food plan, and life-style habits of the mom, and affiliation of the 5 fundamental components are seen. Whereas, the components seemed into when figuring out vikriti are – the basis reason behind the dysfunction, vitiating variables, vitiated components, structure, location, time, power, and signs.

How do imbalances in Prakriti and Vikriti manifest?

Doshas play an essential position in the case of imbalances within the physique and thoughts. Regardless that most of us are a twin doshas structure (bi-doshic physique kind), the Prakriti depends upon the dominant dosha.

So, when your dominant doshas are vitiated it could actually result in a ton of bodily and psychological sicknesses, ailments, or illnesses. Furthermore, the imbalance can be triggered when the second dosha overpowers your dominant dosha. 

For instance, you have got been recognized as having a Vata-Pitta physique kind with vata because the dominant dosha. Because of this you have got a Vata Prakriti. When your Vata is imbalanced, you’ll expertise restlessness, fatigue, poor circulation, bloating, joint ache, and so on. There might also be an opportunity that the pitta dosha has develop into imbalanced and also you would possibly expertise signs like indigestion, acidity, pimples, pores and skin rashes, anger, irregular sleep, and so on.

Nevertheless, you also needs to perceive that we might or might not be capable of hyperlink our imbalances to our organic construction. There are additionally probabilities that you just may need a vata-pitta prakriti with each doshas dominant when in comparison with the kapha prakriti.

In such circumstances, if an individual exhibits indicators of sudden weight acquire, it could recommend that they could be experiencing kapha vitiation.

The manifestation of imbalances in Prakriti and Vikriti additionally depends upon the present life-style, seasonal modifications, and the setting you’re residing in.

Merely put, the imbalances within the prakrit and vikruti are manifested within the type of bodily and psychological issues because of vitiated doshas.

  • In case your vata is imbalanced, it could result in extreme issues with circulation, broken tissues, crackling joints, improper digestion, constipation, extreme weight reduction, psychological chaos, or insomnia.
  • In case of pitta imbalance, ulcers, extreme sweating, sunburn, acidity, hair fall, vertigo, egoism, a rise of adverse feelings, and so on could also be skilled.
  • Individuals with a kapha imbalance will discover lethargy, weight acquire, lack of urge for food, oily pores and skin and hair, melancholy, lack of motivation, stubbornness, and so on as signs.

One other level to recollect is that in case your vata will get vitiated, there’s a excessive chance that the opposite doshas would possibly get affected as nicely. It is because Vata is chargeable for circulation inside the physique and between the organs. So if the circulation is blocked, the organs won’t be able to work on the optimum stage.


To sum up, Prakriti is the mixture of doshas that you’re born with and is affected by a number of components together with the situations of sperm and ovum through the time of conception, the well being of the mom’s uterus, and the time and season of conception.

Vikriti however is your present state of being, which is dynamic. It modifications in keeping with the setting of the person and is mostly known as the imbalanced state of the doshas.

An ayurvedic practitioner diagnoses your well being situation primarily based in your Prakriti and vikriti by means of a listing of questions. It will decide the doshas that should be labored upon to revive the steadiness.

Studying the above traits of Prakriti and vikriti, it may be understood that the aim of Ayurveda is to accumulate the data crucial to note when a Vikriti imbalance is available in to forestall sickness or illness. Additionally it is useful in creating practices and rituals that can maintain our Prakriti balanced.


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