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How one can Use a Yoga Strap: 7 Yoga Strap Stretches and Advantages

When you possibly can’t fairly attain your toes in a Ahead Fold or clasp your palms behind your again in Cow Face Pose, a yoga strap helps you continue to get an excellent stretch with out sacrificing alignment.

These under-utilized yoga props are just like the unashamed “coaching wheels” of a yoga apply. A yoga strap may help much less versatile newbie yogis take pleasure in the advantages of poses they might be intimidated by. On the identical time, yoga straps can deepen the depth and problem of intermediate and superior asanas.

A yoga strap has profoundly improved my private apply by serving to me work towards Dancer Pose and King Pigeon Pose with out overextending my again or hip flexibility. As soon as I launched straps into my yoga lessons, I began to see college students make enormous strides towards their targets as nicely.

When you’ve been wanting a deeper stretch, higher alignment, to start out exploring extra superior poses, maybe it’s time you gave this straightforward, inexpensive device a strive.

What’s a Yoga Strap?

Consider a yoga strap because the hyperlink between the place you’re and the place you need to be in your yoga apply. In its most simple type, a yoga strap provides size. It helps elongate your muscle mass and tendons by bridging the hole in your flexibility.

This multi-stitch strengthened piece of cloth might embrace loops or rings to make it simpler to carry onto. Most straps have an adjustable size and/or a fast launch buckle.

Advantages of a Yoga Strap

Crucial good thing about a yoga strap is reducing your danger of damage on the mat. On the identical time, yoga straps may assist:

  • Preserve alignment
  • Enhance flexibility with out danger
  • Improve your vary of movement
  • Strengthen and lengthen muscle mass
  • Advance into difficult poses
  • Stop overextension

With a yoga strap, you possibly can pull your self just a little nearer towards touching your toes in a Ahead Fold with out crunching your again downward. It could possibly additionally assist prolong your arm towards your leg in Standing Hand to Massive Toe pose with out destabilizing your stability and alignment.

You possibly can modify the strap to a shorter size that will help you apply difficult hand binds with out over-twisting your again. Furthermore, you need to use a yoga strap to strengthen your shoulders, arms, glutes, and core.

With light pressure, the strap can nonetheless facilitate deep relieving stretches. It ensures you keep in alignment whereas making an attempt new poses, but nonetheless helps you take pleasure in that feeling of accomplishment from advancing in your apply.

High 7 Greatest Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are easy instruments, however they aren’t all created equal. No one needs to run the chance of shedding their grip on a strap throughout an assisted Dancer’s Pose.

On the identical time, you don’t desire a yoga strap that provides you callouses from holding so tight to a rugged texture (belief me, it’s not enjoyable).

Relying in your targets and your dimensions, sure straps could also be extra helpful for you than others. Yoga straps can have a wide range of hand loops, rings, fast launch mechanisms, and cloth blends made for various makes use of.

We did a brilliant in-depth overview of the High 7 Greatest Yoga Straps in a earlier article, however listed here are the highlights for anybody out there to check out this prop:

How one can Use a Yoga Strap: 7 Strap-Assisted Yoga Poses

There are in all probability one million methods you can use a yoga strap, however these are our prime 10 favourite strap-assisted asanas. You should use any sort of yoga strap for these postures, however our favourite is the Lululemon No Limits Stretching Strap as a result of it’s straightforward to regulate, aesthetically-pleasing, comfortable to grip, and tremendous sturdy. 

Seated Ahead Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Touching your toes will be actually troublesome when you’ve got tight hamstrings. This pose usually results in slumping the backbone over in an uncomfortable arch that may result in damage. By including a yoga strap, you possibly can preserve your backbone impartial and powerful whereas nonetheless getting a deep hamstring stretch. 

How one can Do Seated Ahead Bend with a Yoga Strap

Start in a seated place together with your legs straight out in entrance of you and ankles touching. As an alternative of rounding your again downward to the touch your toes, begin with the legs bent. Loop your yoga strap across the backside of your ft and seize the strap securely in every hand.

Maintain your chest listed and press the tops of your thighs into your abdomen. With an exhale, gently pull on the strap as you slide your ft out towards a straight place. The strap will make it easier to preserve your backbone lengthy and impartial.

Head to Knee Pose (Janu Sirsasana)

This intermediate degree pose additionally requires some main hamstring flexibility. When you aren’t fairly there but, you need to use a yoga strap to elongate your backbone and leg concurrently.

How one can Do Head to Knee Pose with a Yoga Strap

Start in a seated place with one leg prolonged out and the opposite leg bent out to the aspect. Loop the strap across the ball of the prolonged left foot and frivolously bend the knee. Maintain the strap in each palms together with your higher physique and gaze dealing with ahead over the prolonged leg.

With an inhale, lengthen your backbone and have interaction your core. Slowly straighten your left leg, utilizing the strap to softly add pressure and flex the foot for a hamstring launch. Cautious to not curve or bend the backbone over the leg. Preserve a flat again. Repeat on the opposite aspect. 

Boat Pose (Paripurna Navasana)

If you wish to construct core energy, however don’t fairly have the stability for a full Boat Pose, a strap makes issues much more accessible. Plus, this assisted pose drastically cuts down on decrease again ache whereas making an attempt the complete boat place. The strap will scale back pressure within the backbone and assist preserve your legs absolutely straightened.

How one can Do Boat Pose with a Yoga Strap

Start in a seated place together with your legs outstretched in entrance of you. Loop the yoga strap round your higher again under your armpits. Bend your knees in order that the opposite finish can loop across the backside of your ft. Inhale and straighten your backbone whereas lifting the chest.

Start barely leaning again onto your tail bone together with your abs absolutely engaged. Carry your legs up in order that your physique makes a “V” form whereas balancing in your tailbone. Use the stress of the strap to stability and brace your self. Prolong the arms on either side of your legs with palms dealing with inward. Squeeze your core and breathe.

Lengthy versus Brief Strap Variation

Understand that an extended strap with a fastener is critical for this model of the pose. You may also use a shorter yoga strap in the identical method as you probably did in Seated Ahead Bend.

Hand to Massive Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana)

Balancing postures are onerous on their very own, however they will show difficult with tight hips or much less leg flexibility. This pose turns into remarkably accessible when you add a strap in. You possibly can deliver the leg straighter and the foot nearer each time you apply, finally reaching the ultimate pose together with your hand touching your huge toe (because the identify implies).

How one can Do Hand to Massive Toe Pose with a Yoga Strap

Start in a standing place with ft hip-width aside. Bend your proper leg and loop the strap flat below your proper foot. Have interaction your core, arise straight, and flex the glute of the standing leg. Start kicking your proper leg out in entrance of you, utilizing the strap to stability and gently pull pressure backward. 

Maintain the strap taught as you’re employed your hand towards your foot. Preserve a impartial backbone together with your chest lifted, a powerful core, and gaze ahead.

Alternatively, you apply this asana whereas laying down in a reclined place together with your leg and strap prolonged overhead.

Crow Pose (Bakasana)

Imagine it or not, a yoga strap could make arm balances like Crow Pose lots simpler for newcomers. The reason being that the strap helps you keep the right distance between your arms by putting pressure on the elbows. 

How one can Do Crow Pose with a Yoga Strap

Start in a tabletop place with arms shoulder-width aside. Buckle and loop your strap securely round your arms slightly below the elbows. Whether or not you favor to enter Crow Pose from Ahead Fold, Downward Canine or from a crouching place, start urgent your knees into the again of your arms and firmly partaking your core as you lean ahead into the complete balancing place.

When you’re nonetheless engaged on the complete expression, simply apply urgent the knees into the armpits whereas slowly lifting one toe at a time from the bottom. Maintain pressure on the arms and the strap to take care of stability.

Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

Tight shoulders have an effect on your life greater than you suppose. A scarcity of flexibility between the shoulder blades can result in higher again ache and diminished capability to apply many yoga poses.

The arm portion of Cow Face Pose is fairly intimidating for anybody with diminished joint mobility or a earlier shoulder damage. A yoga strap helps reduce the pressure whereas preserving the backbone lengthy.

How one can Do Cow Face Pose with a Yoga Strap

You possibly can apply the shoulder stretch of Cow Face Pose from a easy seated place or with the usual stacked knees. Start with the strap in a single hand. Attain that hand up towards the sky after which bend on the elbow to let your strap drop down alongside the again of your backbone.

Gently rotate your different arm downward and round to achieve for the underside of the strap behind your again. Seize the strap and slowly work your hand upward as you open your chest and sit up as straight as potential. The palms shall be reaching towards one another because the shoulders externally rotate.

Dancer’s Pose

Just about each yogi desires of reaching a good looking full Dancer’s Pose. Nevertheless it requires some main back-arching flexibility that the majority of us don’t fairly have in our apply. As soon as once more, you need to use a yoga strap as a secret cheat code. You will get all of the heart-opening advantages of a backbend with out risking hurting your self.

How one can Do Dancer’s Pose with a Yoga Strap

Start in a standing place together with your ft about shoulder-width aside. Shift your weight into one leg and absolutely interact the glute. Bend the again leg on the knee and loop your strap across the backside of your foot. Convey your arms up overhead, gripping the strap with each palms.

Slowly relax and upwards as you open your chest and stretch your again. Embrace your internal dancer as you breathe and maintain the place, envisioning your self sooner or later grabbing your foot together with your palms!

Closing Ideas

At first look, yoga straps might look like a foolish piece of cloth. However that is actually an awesome device for newbie and superior yogis alike.

When you’re making an attempt to enhance your alignment and suppleness whereas decreasing your danger of damage, take into account studying to make use of this straightforward prop.

On the finish of the day, yoga is about easing into issues relatively than forcing them. Add some further size to your backbone and limbs whereas having fun with deeper stretches and dealing towards the complete expression of your favourite asanas.



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