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Is Dal Good for Weight Loss? Let’s Discover Out

Dal, a sort of dried break up pea or lentil, is a staple dish in India that folks generally eat with scorching cooked rice or roti. Various kinds of dal are fashionable in numerous areas of India, relying on what’s regionally accessible. For instance, pigeon peas (Toor dal) and mung beans (Moong dal) are extensively used within the south, whereas yellow break up peas or chana dal are fashionable within the north. 

Whereas each kind of dal has its distinct color and measurement, all of them share one widespread trait – their excessive protein and fibre content material make them a superb alternative for weight reduction. Consuming dal may also help to manage your calorie consumption and promote weight reduction because of its excessive satiety worth

Varieties of Dal

In Indian tradition, dal refers to any break up or entire pulse. It’s also often called Indian lentils. Dal is each a dish and an ingredient, relying in your use. Dal is the best-known vegan and vegetarian protein naturally accessible at the moment. Analysis reveals that 30% of dal’s energy are from protein, making dal one of many 5 healthiest meals teams.

There are over 50 completely different dal teams in India. Listed here are 5 primary dals to get you began:

Chana Dal 

Chana dal, or chickpea, is primarily identified for its protein content material and nutty flavour. It’s an integral a part of the DASH weight loss plan, almost certainly because of its magnesium and potassium content material. Chana dal, together with canned varieties, has a glycemic index worth between 28 and 40. Due to this fact, it is usually appropriate for folks with diabetes. 

Masoor Dal 

Masoor dal is likely one of the most typical varieties of lentils. These entire or break up crimson lentils take the least time to cook dinner. Masoor dal is superior in offering B nutritional vitamins, significantly vitamin B9 or folate. 

Moong (Mung) Dal

Moong dal is accessible in inexperienced and yellow varieties. Sprouted moong dal is a dietary powerhouse. It’s the most typical mid-meal snack in virtually all weight reduction diets. Consuming sprouted moong dal or inexperienced gram is a good way to stop undesirable starvation pangs.

Toor Dal (Break up Pigeon Peas) 

Toor dal or Arhar dal comprises three important amino acids. They’re methionine, lysine and tryptophan. You can too use toor dal as an alternative of soya bean to make tempeh or tofu. They’re good additions to a vegan weight reduction weight loss plan. In distinction to the mature toor dal, immature ones have a barely larger fats content material.

Urad Dal

Urad dal is especially fashionable within the South Indian area. This lentil is appropriate for making fermented meals like dosa, idli, or vada. For weight reduction, urad dal khichdi is one of the best dinner choice. The dish has a excessive satiety worth that forestalls late-night snacking. 

Dal for Weight Loss: An Overview

Dal, often known as dahl or dhal, is a well-liked dish in lots of elements of India and South Asia. It’s made utilizing lentils and a mix of spices, typically with extra substances reminiscent of greens or meat. As a supply of protein and fibre, dal is usually a useful meals for weight reduction as it will probably allow you to really feel full and happy, lowering the necessity for overeating and snacking on high-calorie meals. Moreover, lentils are low in energy and fats, making them very best for weight reduction. 

The calorie content material of dal can rely on its preparation. For instance, including fat like ghee or oil or high-calorie substances reminiscent of coconut milk or cream can enhance the calorie content material. To maintain the calorie content material low, use minimal oil and keep away from including high-calorie substances. It’s vital to keep in mind that weight reduction is a fancy course of that depends upon numerous elements, together with weight loss plan, train, and genetics. Due to this fact, whereas dal will be a part of a weight reduction plan, one ought to mix it with different wholesome habits to attain optimum outcomes.

Is Dal Good for Weight Loss?

No meals, together with dal, can burn fats and make you reduce weight. However, dal is a nutritious meals you’ll be able to add to any weight reduction consuming plan. Weight reduction occurs by making a calorie deficit. It means you burn extra energy than you absorb daily. You may create a calorie deficit by changing high-calorie meals with low-calorie choices. For instance, dal is a filling substitute for high-calorie, high-fat meals.

A research reveals that ladies who ate chana dal as an alternative of white bread consumed fewer energy at their subsequent meal. The findings conclude that chana dal helps in physique weight administration by suppressing urge for food. So that you change into much less hungry at your subsequent meal. Consequently, you eat fewer energy.

Different Advantages of Dal for Weight Loss

Low in Web Carbs

Many individuals making an attempt to reduce weight keep away from legumes like lentils pondering they’re excessive in carbohydrates. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to nonetheless take pleasure in dal on a low-carbohydrate weight loss plan. A lot of the carbohydrates in dal come from fibre, which your physique doesn’t take up. Moreover, solely 10% of the energy come from easy sugars.

Based on USDA, 1 cup of dal comprises 46 grams of carbohydrates and 18 grams of fibre. Nevertheless, 18 of the 46 g of carbohydrates are fibre and don’t get digested. Due to this fact, the online carbs are solely round 28 g. It’s even much less when the serving measurement is half a cup. 

Wealthy in Fibre 

Glucose ranges that fluctuate extensively can result in larger insulin ranges. Over time, this may end up in insulin resistance. Research present that insulin resistance could cause your physique to retailer extra fats. Nevertheless, high-fibre meals like dal assist hold blood sugar ranges extra steady.

One other research notes that the flavonoids and fibre in dal improve satiety and decrease the quantity of meals consumption. It results in sustaining physique weight in overweight topics. In addition to that, polyphenol-rich lentils management postprandial glucose in overweight diabetic sufferers. 

Wealthy in Protein

Based on USDA, 1 cup of dal comprises almost 20 g of protein. In consequence, it helps keep lean mass whilst you reduce weight. 

Protein additionally has a a lot larger thermic impact than carbs and fats. It signifies that your physique burns extra energy digesting and metabolising protein. Based on one research, the thermic impact of protein is round 20-30%, in comparison with carbs (5-10%) and fats (0-3%). 

Which Dal is Good for Weight Loss?

There’s a lot debate surrounding which dal is sweet for weight reduction. So, is moong dal good for weight reduction? Or is chana dal good for weight reduction? All that you must do is to decide on a dal excessive in protein and fibre. On the similar time, you need to monitor the serving measurement, too. 

Right here is the protein and fibre in 100 grams of various dal varieties:

  • Uncooked moong dal (break up mung beans): 23.9 g protein and 16.3 g fibre (As per USDA)
  • Uncooked chana dal (chickpeas): 20.5 g protein and 12.2 g fibre (As per USDA)
  • Urad dal (Vigna mungo): 25.2 g protein and 18.3 g fibre (As per USDA)
  • Toor dal: 21.7 g protein and 15 g fibre (As per USDA)
  • Masoor dal: 24.4 g protein and 11.1 g fibre (As per USDA)

The HealthifyMe Be aware

Varied styles of dal may also help with weight reduction because of their excessive protein and fibre content material. Nevertheless, it’s important to watch portion measurement. Some good choices embrace chana dal, moong dal, urad dal, and toor dal.

Issues to be Conscious About When Consuming  Dal

Dal, in reasonable quantities, is protected and doesn’t trigger any regarding negative effects. Nevertheless, you additionally want to arrange them in the appropriate approach. Uncooked or undercooked dal could cause meals poisoning, diarrhoea, and vomiting. Additionally, since dal belongs to the identical household as beans, you have to be cautious if you’re allergic to legumes. 

Though you want fibre in your weight loss plan, overeating could cause digestive discomfort. Therefore, overeating dal results in fuel, bloating, flatulence, and indigestion. 

Dal additionally modifications its calorie density relying on the way you cook dinner it. For instance, boiling dal could have decrease calorie density due to water absorption. Nevertheless, reheating dal in cooking oil or including a number of ghee can change the online energy. So, when on a weight reduction weight loss plan, examine the recipes. 

Earlier than making any important dietary modifications, it’s at all times a good suggestion to examine together with your physician first. This fashion, you’ll be able to keep away from any potential opposed negative effects. HealthifyMe nutritionists can advise the best way to greatest incorporate dal into your weight loss plan for optimum profit, together with weight reduction. You can too obtain strategies on more healthy dal recipe choices.


Although the substances and preparation strategies differ, dal is usually thought-about a wholesome meals because of its excessive protein and fibre content material. As well as, because of its high-satiating nature, dal is a weight-loss-friendly meals that may assist curb calorie consumption.

Dal recipes differ from family to family. Whereas some folks may cook dinner their dal with a number of oil and butter, others may use minimal quantities or none in any respect. It’s important to think about the way you cook dinner your dal, as this could alter the caloric content material. Whether or not you might be watching your energy for weight reduction or wish to make a more healthy model of dal, HealthifyMe nutritionists may also help you discover the appropriate method. 

Ceaselessly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are you able to reduce weight consuming dal?

A. No single meals in isolation will make you lose or achieve weight. Nevertheless, dal is a low-calorie meals with excessive fibre and protein. Due to this fact, it will probably hold you satiated for an prolonged interval and assist create a calorie deficit. This calorie deficit in the end helps with weight reduction. 

Q. Does dal scale back stomach fats?

A. The thermic impact of protein in dal makes it a superfood for lowering stomach fats. As well as, Moong dal is wealthy in fibre and plant-based protein, which will be very helpful for weight reduction. In addition to moong dal, consuming masoor dal improves digestion. A well-functioning digestive system utilises energy and aids in stomach fats or general weight reduction. 

Q. Can dal enhance weight?

A. Consuming the really useful quantities of dal doesn’t trigger weight achieve. As an alternative, their fibre and protein content material are perfect for dropping pounds. Dal offers you the correct amount of diet with out piling on the energy. Nevertheless, overconsumption can have negative effects. 

Q. Can I eat moong dal every day for weight reduction?

A. You may embrace moong dal in your every day weight loss plan for weight reduction. It encourages weight reduction by making you are feeling full after a meal and stopping overeating. Nevertheless, folks with digestive points shouldn’t eat fibre-rich dal every day. Heavy dal, like chana and urad dal, is gas-forming. There are mild, easy-to-digest styles of dal, like moong dal. 

Q. Which dal is excessive in protein?

A. Moong dal is likely one of the greatest plant-based sources of protein. It’s low in fats content material and really excessive in protein. 100 grams of moong dal comprises almost 23 g of protein. Yellow break up moong dal gives 25.5 g of protein per 100 g serving. Urad dal additionally gives the same quantity of protein as yellow moong dal. Different varieties of dal additionally provide a good quantity of protein. For instance, 100 g of chana dal has 20.5 g of protein.

Q. Which dal is excessive in energy?

A. Chana dal and masoor dal are the best in energy. 100 grams of chana dal has 378 energy. The precise quantity of masoor dal comprises round 356 energy. Remember the fact that the energy can differ considerably primarily based on preparation. As an example, half a cup of moong dal comprises 120 energy. This calorie depend is certain to rise for those who put together dal with a beneficiant quantity of ghee, oil and different substances. 

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