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Meadows Row Train: How To, Advantages, Variations

The only-arm row is commonly regarded as the poor cousin of bilateral rows. Then the Meadows row got here alongside. This row variation means that you can go exhausting and heavy with out being inhibited by massive and hulking dumbbells. The late John Meadows, a former IFBB bodybuilder and head coach of Mountain Canine, got here up with this nice variation, therefore the title. The Meadows row makes use of a landmine arrange that hammers the higher again, your grip, and the hard-to-reach decrease lats.


The Meadows row is a unilateral row carried out with a landmine setup, overhand grip, and staggered stance. The angle of the landmine and gripping the fats finish of the barbell reduces shoulder joint stress whereas maximizing shoulder, higher again, and lat rigidity. Staggering your stance with a slight incline (as a result of your again hip is up) trains the higher again exhausting and heavy in addition to the decrease lats.

One of these landmine row, together with different variations, makes you’re employed more durable by forcing you to grip the fats finish of the barbell. This improves your shoulder stability as a result of your rotator cuff is engaged. It is a nice variation in case your shoulders are bothering you.


  • Stand in a staggered stance with the entrance foot horizontal to the landmine set-up
  • Lean your torso ahead and grip the barbell.
  • Relaxation the opposite forearm on the ahead leg.
  • Hike up the closest hip to the bar up greater than the opposite hip as this stretches the decrease lats.
  • Begin this motion by driving the elbow behind you whereas retracting the shoulder-blade. Maintain the working shoulder down.
  • Pull towards your again hip till the elbow is degree along with your torso.
  • Slowly decrease down till your elbow is straight and reset and repeat.


The Meadows row is a unilateral train carried out in a modified hinge place. Due to this, each the decrease and the higher physique is educated. The Meadows row works these muscle tissues:

Higher Physique:

    • Forearms
    • Biceps
    • Posterior deltoids
    • Rhomboids
    • Center traps
    • Rotator cuff
    • Lats

Decrease Physique:

    • Erector Spinae (decrease again)
    • Rectus abdominals
    • Obliques
    • Hamstrings


In addition to the vainness advantages of a V-taper and big forearms and biceps, there are a number of different efficiency advantages of the Meadows row.

  • Will increase grip power: The obvious one is since you’re gripping the fats finish of the barbell, your fingers’ wrists, and forearms are working more durable whereas rowing. This has direct carryover to different lifts that want excessive ranges of grip power.
  • Corrects power imbalances: Lifting unilaterally corrects power imbalances between sides and results in higher muscle growth and a better-balanced physique.
  • Higher-back and lower-lat hypertrophy: Having the ability to practice the higher again and lats exhausting and heavy unilaterally will assist add measurement and power. Plus, a robust higher again is important for preserving a impartial backbone when squatting and deadlifting
  • Will increase core power: Lifting unilaterally throws your physique off steadiness and forces your core space to work more durable to remain steady.


Per Bernal / M+F Journal

Meadows rows are very particular in the best way you arrange as to focus on the higher again and decrease lats. Right here are some things to be careful for to get the most effective out of this carry.

Utilizing an incorrect stance: In the event you arrange with a large, staggered stance, it’s simply one other single-arm row and never the Meadows row. Arrange with a small step again and ensure to raise the hip closest to the bar to stretch the decrease lats.

Utilizing massive plates: loading with greater plates, though macho, will scale back the vary of movement. As a substitute, use 10- and 25-pound plates because the decreased diameter of those plates enable for an ideal ROM.

Lifting with the flawed muscle tissues: When the load is just too heavy otherwise you’re getting fatigued there’s a tendency to shrug your higher traps and never use the higher again and lats. Stop this by preserving your chest up and shoulders down and lightening the load if want be.


This train is NOT a take a look at of power, however geared for strengthening imbalances between sides and including slabs of muscle tissues in your higher again and lats. Listed below are a few programming issues for the Meadows row.

  • Frequency – The landmine setup means that you can go exhausting and heavy with out placing an excessive amount of stress in your higher physique joints. However you’re within the hinge place that stresses your decrease again and hamstrings. Each components have to be thought-about when deciding how usually to do the Meadows row. A candy spot is between two to 3 occasions per week along with different bilateral row variations.
  • Quantity – Quantity and frequency go collectively however there are a couple of components when deciding how usually to carry out the Meadows row. First is how a lot you deadlift since you’re in hinge place and decrease again endurance comes into play. Second, in case your decrease again is drained or you could have any decrease again ache, it’s higher to chop down on Meadows row quantity.

In terms of programming set and reps for pulling workouts just like the Meadows row it’s endorsed to row greater than you press to for shoulder well being and damage prevention functions, In the event you’re doing 10 to fifteen units of urgent workouts per week it pays to double the quantity of rowing train you do. Then doing 20 to 30 units of pulling workouts per week of which 10 to fifteen units may be the Meadows row works effectively.

  • Depth – The candy spot right here is between eight to fifteen reps for hypertrophy as a result of this train is just not a take a look at of power. Let grip power be your information right here and fluctuate the units and reps based on grip power and upper- and lower-back fatigue.

Female fitness model doing an upper body workout routine with a land mine press exercise


The main benefit of the landmine is the flexibility to work round mobility restrictions and to arrange in a wide range of positions to coach the higher again and lats from varied angles for higher muscle growth. Listed below are a couple of single-arm rows and landmine variations if the Meadows row is just not best for you.



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