As I’ve talked about, my elder son has been using a Woom NOW cargo bike city way of life bike, and my newest Outdoors column is about that bike particularly and children and bikes normally:

Truly, he largely rides his fixie now, however he nonetheless makes use of the Woom when he has stuff to hold. In actual fact I’m most likely going to place an extended stem on it one among lately and see if I can use it myself as soon as in awhile. This can be a little like ordering off the children’ menu, although often the servings on there are loads for a normal-sized grownup, and I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s additionally the case with the Now 6.

Oh, and sure, this column is behind a paywall. Listed here are your choices:

  1. Pay so I can eat
  2. Discover a manner across the paywall
  3. Wait and see in the event that they take it out from behind the paywall finally
  4. Ship me sufficient cash and I’ll by no means write something anyone has to pay for ever once more

Simply keep in mind, regardless of which one you select, cease complaining. Hey, cheeseburgers are crap too, however no one goes to Burger King and whines about how they’re behind a paywall. You possibly can not less than prolong me the identical courtesy.