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Newest Defiant Well being podcast: The Magic of Oxytocin

Whereas many name the hormone oxytocin “the love hormone” attributable to its results on enhancing emotions of affection and closeness to different individuals, we may additionally name it “the hormone of youthfulness.” Boosting oxytocin blood ranges yield results comparable to smoother pores and skin with decreased wrinkles, accelerated therapeutic, restoration of youthful muscle and energy, deeper sleep with vivid desires, and preservation of bone density—all markers of youthfulness.

Growing oxytocin has, till just lately, been problematic, as injectable varieties final solely 3 minutes, whereas intranasal supply lasts solely round 90 minutes.

We now know that restoration of the microbe, L. reuteri, sends a sign through the vagus nerve (the so-called “gut-brain axis”) to the hypothalamus to launch oxytocin. The outcome: around-the-clock improve in oxytocin. We have now solely begun to chart all of the magnificent results of boosting/restoring this hormone.

Take heed to my newest Defiant Well being podcast episode for additional dialogue.

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