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Potential Facet Results of Extra Inexperienced Tea

It’s a frequent perception that inexperienced tea is among the healthiest drinks. A number of research and analysis speak about its well being advantages. Thus, folks eat it with none regulation to reap a number of advantages. Nevertheless, can we ever cease to consider whether or not an extra of inexperienced tea consumption might need it’s unfavorable results too? Like some other meals and beverage, extra inexperienced tea consumption has potential unintended effects. This text highlights a number of of those unintended effects.

Inexperienced tea comes from the leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant. Totally different sorts of tea belong to the identical plant. Nevertheless, the processing stage differentiates them. Since inexperienced tea is among the least processed sorts of tea than its different variants, it imparts all of the goodness. The preparation of inexperienced tea entails unoxidised leaves. Due to this fact, they comprise a number of vitamins which impart well being advantages. As well as, inexperienced tea accommodates antioxidants that profit our well being. Anti-oxidants are compounds that forestall oxidative stress to the cells. It, in flip, restricts the novel cell damage. 

Inexperienced tea additionally accommodates a potent antioxidant known as EpiGalloCatechin Gallate (EGCG). It helps fight illnesses like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, coronary heart illness, most cancers, and weight problems. However, an age-old confirmed principle is that consumption of something in extra takes away all the advantages and results in a number of unintended effects. The newest analysis exhibits that extra consumption of inexperienced tea might trigger opposed or unintended effects. It leads to a number of well being issues and issues. For instance, extra inexperienced tea consumption might result in unintended effects like anaemia, IBD, liver toxicity, and thyroid points.

Potential Facet Results of Extra Inexperienced Tea Consumption

Though inexperienced tea imparts varied well being advantages, extra inexperienced tea consumption results in issues and opposed results. Due to this fact, it’s important to eat it carefully. As well as, some folks ought to keep away from inexperienced tea consumption. For instance, pregnant and lactating moms ought to chorus from consuming inexperienced tea and merchandise made out of its extracts. Moreover, docs might advise folks with hypertension to keep away from inexperienced tea below sure medicines.

1. Anaemia

Analysis proves that anaemia outcomes from iron deficiency. Low iron ranges in your blood might trigger iron deficiency, decreasing haemoglobin. Iron is critical to synthesise haemoglobin as a result of it’s the oxygen-carrying pigment in crimson blood cells. These cells carry oxygen to different physique cells.

Inexperienced tea accommodates a pigment named epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which binds iron within the blood, decreasing iron content material. Consequently, it prevents iron absorption, resulting in iron deficiency and decreasing your haemoglobin depend. Low haemoglobin ranges might lead to breathlessness, fatigue, and weak point.

2. Drug Interactions

Caffeine in inexperienced tea stimulates your nervous system. The stimulation makes you rejuvenated and contemporary. Nevertheless, caffeine interacts with sure medicines. Consequently, it results in opposed results or issues.

Often, caffeine breaks down and will get eradicated out of your physique. Nevertheless, research reveal that some medicines forestall their breakdown. As a substitute, they trigger the buildup of caffeine in your physique. It elevates the adrenalin ranges in your physique, which might probably shoot your blood strain and coronary heart price. Such medicines embody antibiotics, contraception medicine, and anaesthetic medicine.

Caffeine additionally prevents the motion of sure antipsychotic medicine like Clozapine, Metazolam, and Lithium content material medicine. Consequently, it prevents absorption, leading to drug accumulation within the blood. As per analysis, such drug accumulation leads to clozapine toxicity and can even trigger lithium toxicity.

Vitamin Ok in inexperienced tea additionally interferes with the results of Warfarin, an anticoagulant or anti-blood-clotting drug. Consequently, it could actually provoke bleeding in sufferers with bleeding issues.

3. Triggers Inflammatory Bowel Ailments (IBD)

You must keep away from consuming inexperienced tea in case you have IBD. That’s as a result of the EGCG binds with iron in your physique and restricts the inhibition of an enzyme named myeloperoxidase. The enzyme triggers irritation in inflammatory bowel illnesses. Consequently, it causes irritation and different signs, together with abdomen ache and vomiting.

4. Dangerous Throughout Being pregnant

Throughout being pregnant, extreme inexperienced tea consumption might influence each the mom and the foetus. It causes hypertension in moms and will increase the center price. Each the circumstances are dangerous. Caffeine additionally will increase urination, leading to lack of your physique fluid. It causes dehydration. Blood strain might exert power in your coronary heart and kidney, leading to issues. Blood strain may additionally trigger contractions within the uterus, leading to preterm supply.

Caffeine and tannins in inexperienced tea can even decrease the folic acid content material in your physique. Folic acid is significant throughout being pregnant as a result of it prevents anaemia. Low folic acid results in low haemoglobin ranges. Moreover, it causes dizziness and breathlessness. As well as, folic acid additionally prevents any modifications in DNA. It protects you from varied issues. For instance, it prevents new child abnormalities like spina bifida, a mind illness. As per research, spina bifida is a congenital deformity, a situation by beginning. Folic acid additionally prevents the fusion of a new child’s spinal wire with the spine.

5. Low Potassium Ranges

Potassium is a necessary ingredient for a number of capabilities in your physique. For instance, potassium impacts nerve perform, coronary heart rhythm, and muscle contraction. Sadly, extreme caffeine by means of inexperienced tea lowers potassium ranges as a result of caffeine has diuretic properties, flushing salt content material out of your physique. Consequently, it causes a potassium deficiency, which might show deadly in some ways. For instance, it causes muscle mass weak point, cramps, altered heartbeat, and even paralysis.

6. Liver Toxicity

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a pigment in inexperienced tea, imparts varied well being advantages. Nevertheless, extra focus makes the liver launch enzymes to interrupt down or metabolise caffeine. It exerts a load on the liver and disturbs its easy functioning. The caffeine content material harms the liver cells and leads to liver toxicity, which might trigger jaundice and urine discolouration. Signs of liver toxicity embody headache, dizziness, and palpitations.

7. Impacts Thyroid Perform

The next focus of caffeine and catechins impairs thyroid perform. It blocks the absorption of thyroid hormones. An imbalance in thyroid hormones might lead to nervousness, confusion, and irritability. It additionally impacts the absorption of nutritional vitamins, inflicting many issues like irregular weight achieve, weight reduction, and temperature sensitivity. As well as, extra caffeine and catechins additionally have an effect on the absorption of important minerals. Moreover, an imbalance in thyroid hormones throughout being pregnant might influence the expansion of the foetus.

8. Impacts Bone Energy

Flavonoids are important for bone development. Nevertheless, increased doses influence bone development and density. As well as, the caffeine in inexperienced tea would possibly prohibit calcium absorption, which leads to low calcium ranges within the bone. Calcium is the central ingredient for bone well being. Calcium deficiency impacts bone development and energy, growing the chance of fractures and decreasing bone density. Due to this fact, it is best to take any tea extract dietary supplements below the supervision of docs. It’s going to show you how to keep away from the unintended effects.

Furthermore, the surplus flavonoids set off mutations. Mutations are everlasting modifications within the DNA or RNA, leading to illnesses or issues. Flavonoids in inexperienced tea additionally launch free radicals that induce cell damage. They kind the premise of inflammatory and degenerative illnesses like arthritis and osteoporosis.

9. Nervousness and Insomnia

Caffeine in inexperienced tea is a nervous system stimulant. Optimum doses decrease stress ranges and induce sleep. Nevertheless, extra quantities might set off sleeplessness and nervousness, leading to restlessness and irritability.

10. Induces Bleeding

Once more, caffeine in inexperienced tea has anti-clotting properties. Thus, it prevents clotting and initiates profuse bleeding. You’ll prominently observe this throughout damage or in surgical procedure. Warfarin is an anticoagulant drug that stops stroke and cardiac arrest. Caffeine interferes with its impact. As well as, vitamin Ok in inexperienced tea can also be an anticoagulant.

11. Causes Heartburn

Heartburn is a typical symptom of a gastroesophageal illness (GERD), generally often called acidity. Inexperienced tea accommodates theophylline that enhances the acidic setting in your abdomen. An irregular acidic setting triggers the meals contents to return to the meals pipe, leading to acid reflux disorder or heartburn. As per analysis, extreme inexperienced tea consumption, smoking, and weight problems set off heartburn.

Extra inexperienced tea consumption additionally induces Asymptomatic Erosive Oesophagitis. It’s a worsened stage of heartburn. The frequency of this dysfunction is increased in individuals who drink inexperienced tea incessantly.

12. Abdomen Issues

Caffeine additionally has laxative properties. It’s a gastrointestinal stimulant that enhances the meals pipe muscle contractions. Which means it facilitates bowel actions. Nevertheless, extra consumption might induce diarrhoea and belly ache.

13. Low Blood Strain

Caffeine has diuretic properties, which makes your physique get rid of salt, sodium and water. As well as, caffeine triggers the urinary bladder to induce the frequency of urination. It additionally drains water out of your blood and reduces the fluid degree. Consequently, it lowers your blood strain. Due to this fact, folks on diuretic medicine ought to be cautious whereas taking inexperienced tea. It might additional decrease your blood strain and lead to dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, vomiting, and weak point.

14. Might Trigger Infertility in Males

In a 2018 examine on the College of California-Irvine, researchers warn that extreme consumption of Inexperienced Tea might adversely have an effect on fertility. That’s because of the flavonoids in inexperienced tea. Nevertheless, these flavonoids are helpful to well being. However, an extra causes impaired sperm synthesis and sperm motility and reduces testosterone ranges. Testosterone is the male reproductive hormone. As well as, caffeine impacts the DNA in sperm, affecting sperm viability and impacting copy.

15. Impacts Your Tooth

Common consumption of inexperienced tea would possibly trigger stains in your enamel. It’s as a result of the tannins in inexperienced tea might seep into your enamel cells and impart discolouration or stains. Furthermore, the acidic content material in espresso may additionally dissolve the enamel. Due to this fact, it aggravates tooth discolouration. Staining additionally causes discolouration of the pores and skin in your mouth.

16. Might Trigger Complications

Some people would possibly undergo from complications after consuming inexperienced tea. That’s as a result of it accommodates caffeine. An extra of caffeine might set off complications. Thus, folks with migraine ought to solely have it sometimes. Keep away from consuming it day by day, particularly for those who undergo from complications extra incessantly. Likewise, you shouldn’t eat it in case you have a caffeine sensitivity.

17. Vomiting

Extreme inexperienced tea consumption may result in nausea and vomiting. It’s because of the presence of tannins and the way in which protein binds in your intestines. Thus, the quantity of inexperienced tea you’ll be able to drink in a day ought to be average.

What’s the Optimum Amount of Inexperienced Tea You Ought to Have Per Day?

Each meals or drink has some or different unintended effects. Inexperienced tea is nothing completely different. Sadly, together with the helpful facet of inexperienced tea, unintended effects additionally persist. Nevertheless, it occurs while you over eat it. So it is best to eat it carefully. Something below two cups per day is protected. Nevertheless, consuming greater than 3-4 cups of inexperienced tea per day might have opposed well being results. 

One other reality is that the unintended effects usually are not confined solely to the dose. They’re additionally associated to allergy or sensitivity. The most effective resolution is to test along with your docs earlier than together with it in your common eating regimen. The portions might differ in line with your physique weight, underlying medicines, and allergy symptoms.


Inexperienced tea has a number of well being advantages. Nevertheless, extreme consumption would possibly hurt you. Though these unintended effects may end up from some allergy symptoms, they’re virtually sure to happen with extra consumption. Due to this fact, it’s important to restrict your inexperienced tea consumption to average. As well as, a lot of the unintended effects of extra inexperienced tea consumption are as a result of caffeine. Therefore, it is usually important to manage your caffeine consumption by means of different drinks and meals.

Lime juice, tulsi tea, ginger tea, and cinnamon tea are wonderful substitutes for inexperienced tea. Their dietary composition imparts medicinal properties. Consequently, they profit your well being. Nevertheless, average consumption of inexperienced tea is protected, and in your physician’s recommendation, you’ll be able to add it to your common eating regimen and benefit from the well being advantages.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. What occurs for those who drink an excessive amount of inexperienced tea?

A. Whereas inexperienced tea is often good for well being, it could actually result in the next unintended effects if taken in extra:

  • Anaemia
  • Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome
  • Low Potassium Ranges
  • Liver Toxicity
  • Have an effect on Thyroid Perform
  • Impacts bone energy
  • Nervousness and Insomnia
  • Induces bleeding
  • Abdomen issues

Q. What occurs if I drink 10 cups of inexperienced tea a day?

A.10 cups of inexperienced tea will be thought of extra. Due to this fact it would result in all such illnesses as enlisted above. Additional, it might additionally induce:

  • Low Blood Strain
  • Heartburn
  • Infertility in Males
  • Complications
  • Vomiting

Due to this fact, you should take care to eat inexperienced tea in restricted quantities. One mustn’t exceed greater than 3 cups a day. It’s wholesome to drink one or two cups of inexperienced tea day by day.

Q. Does inexperienced tea have an effect on durations?

A. No, inexperienced tea doesn’t have an effect on your durations. Whereas it is a superb method to calm raging hormonal modifications, it can’t induce or delay durations. Nevertheless, it helps in boosting blood circulation throughout menstruation and soothes interval cramps. 

Q. Who mustn’t drink inexperienced tea?

A. Inexperienced Tea is often thought of good for well being. Nevertheless, folks with a medical historical past of bleeding ought to keep away from inexperienced tea. That’s as a result of inexperienced tea has a blood-thinning impact. As well as, it accommodates small quantities of caffeine, which might induce bleeding within the first place. Moreover, pregnant girls must also keep away from consuming inexperienced tea.

Q. Is consuming an excessive amount of tea dangerous on your kidneys?

A. Tea usually accommodates oxalic acid, which causes a end result of waste within the kidneys. These might, in flip, result in kidney failure and different kidney-related illnesses. As well as, consuming greater than 5 cups a day can result in particular opposed results on the physique and even kidney stones.

Q. Does inexperienced tea make you bleed?

A. Sure, the caffeine current in inexperienced tea could make you bleed. It prevents clotting and initiates profuse bleeding. You’ll prominently observe this throughout damage or in surgical procedure. Warfarin is an anticoagulant drug that stops stroke and cardiac arrest. Caffeine interferes with its impact.

Q. Is inexperienced tea good for pores and skin?

A. Sure, often inexperienced tea is taken into account appropriate for the pores and skin as a result of it accommodates anti-inflammatory properties that assist preserve the sheen of the pores and skin. Furthermore, inexperienced tea can also be the answer to a number of dermatological circumstances. As well as, inexperienced tea is wealthy in vital antioxidants and vitamin C, which offer anti-ageing properties to the pores and skin.

Q. Does inexperienced tea have an effect on fertility?

A. Sure, inexperienced tea would possibly induce infertility in males. An extra of flavonoids in inexperienced tea causes impaired sperm synthesis, sperm motility and will lower testosterone ranges. Then again, in some research, it’s discovered to have an effect on sperm high quality positively. As well as, caffeine might have an effect on the DNA in sperm. The caffeine content material in inexperienced tea lays out the issue in conceiving for girls. 

Q. Can inexperienced tea cut back stomach fats?

A. Some research have proven that inexperienced tea often reduces physique fats, together with stomach fats. Due to this fact, consuming inexperienced tea in restricted quantities will be helpful throughout weight reduction. As well as, inexperienced tea helps enhance metabolism within the physique, which leads to extra burning of energy and hinders fats accumulation.

Q. Is inexperienced tea good for PCOS?

A. Analysis exhibits that inexperienced tea reduces testosterone ranges and insulin resistance in girls. It may successfully handle PCO cycles. Inexperienced tea additionally has antioxidants which additional assist with PCOS by decreasing the oxidative stress within the physique. Oxidative stress is the principle cause behind PCOS. 

Q. Is inexperienced tea good for females?

A. Sure, for girls, inexperienced tea has been discovered exceptionally helpful. Research affirm that ladies who eat inexperienced tea cut back their possibilities of breast most cancers by 20-30%. As well as, it has helped in treating arteries and stopping ovarian most cancers. However one ought to test the consumption of inexperienced tea whereas planning to conceive as it might trigger fertility points. 

Q. Is inexperienced tea dangerous for ovarian cysts?

A. No, it’s fairly the other. Inexperienced tea reduces the variety of follicles and the variety of cysts within the ovary. Consequently, it helps enhance the general genital well being of females and is useful for these with ovarian cysts. 

Q. Is inexperienced tea good for the thyroid?

A. Whereas inexperienced tea doesn’t have many helpful properties as far as thyroid issues are involved, neither does it have any opposed results. Because it reduces the general toxicity within the physique and maintains a greater well being situation, it’s protected for folks with thyroid to eat. 

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