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Rain, lastly! + Watch out for extra-slick roads

Rain is lastly right here. Time to joyfully dig out your rain gear and go for an exquisite moist bike trip. Seattle involves life in a very completely different manner when it rains. So in case you are new to city, don’t cover inside or put your bike away for the winter. With fenders and rain gear, you possibly can bike year-round.

However be additional cautious of slick surfaces as a result of oils have constructed up throughout all this dry climate. The primary rains after an extended dry interval create oil slicks, that are particularly problematic on steel surfaces like grates or utility covers. Even some sorts of roadway paint can change into slick.

The trick is to keep away from turning or braking when your wheels are in touch with something probably slippery. Hold your stability centered, let go of the brakes and glide over the slick spot. If you need to flip or brake on one thing slippery, then gradual manner down earlier than you get there. After just a few days of rain, most the oils will wash into our sewers and waterways, which can be unhealthy however another way.

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