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Readability Is A Approach To Dwell A Comfy Life

Ravi Dixit is a UK-based yoga information on Wanderlust TV. Take a look at his new Pranayama for Boosting Immunity course launched this December right here.

A query that’s within the minds of many – what’s the distinction between “fashionable” breathwork and pranayama? Let’s set this straight.

Ravi: Pranayama is Yogic Science based mostly on the growth of Prana Shakti, our life pressure power. Breath is a instrument to enhance the standard and amount of Prana within the physique, however Pranayama is extra refined than simply breath. After we’re working with Pranayama we’re working with power channels, known as the Nadis. These Nadis are the channels the place our power flows, they exist in our physique, though they aren’t bodily, you can not see them.

Fashionable Breathwork is mostly extra targeted on the bodily physique and coaching the lungs, bodily stamina and calming the thoughts. Pranayama is about engaged on the inside physique, it has a stronger give attention to the refined dimensions that we are able to’t see, and it has a deeper reference to our bodily, psychological and non secular existence.

Pranayama can be identified Antar Yoga, which means ‘inside Yoga’  Asana characterize the ‘outer Yoga’, Pranayama is the inside Yoga.

Breath helps the physique to take care of this life pressure energy, it stimulates every organ to work in the suitable method and heightens our stage of consciousness. Stress, poor upkeep of our well being or sure ideas can create blockages in our system. Working with the ideas of Pranayama may help clear our Nadis to make sure power can flow into in our system the best way it’s meant to be.

The result’s to really feel lighter, match, and wholesome, each bodily and mentally.

Your new Pranayama course focuses on immunity. What are the core ideas of Pranayama that assist with boosting immune system power and resilience?

Ravi: Breath is the most important instrument in our physique for our well being. It’s the important instrument for all times; when our breath is gone, life is gone. Pranayama calms and heals the nervous system, gives extra oxygen within the blood, which in flip strengthens the immune system. Working with our breath to enhance the circulation of our Prana Shakti may help resolve every kind of issues within the physique, bettering immunity, not solely bodily however psychological as nicely.

For these residing in colder climates versus those that spend winter in heat locations, do pranayama strategies differ or does it have a extra common method?

Ravi: There are a few Pranayama which work higher in particular climate, for example Sheetali and Sheetkari Pranayama are supposed to calm down the physique in addition to Chandra Bhedi Pranayama. I might suggest not training these in colder climate. Usually, while you get pleasure from training Pranayama outdoor, if it’s very chilly or windy, or the other with it being very popular, it’s higher to go indoors to your follow.

Ought to we follow pranayama extra within the winter?

Ravi: Simply as we eat meals on daily basis and sleep each night time, we must always actually follow Pranayama on daily basis. Then it goes from being only a follow, to turning into a life-style. An everyday follow of Pranayama is unimaginable for sustaining well being.

Nevertheless, including Pranayama into your life at any level will definitely assist give your physique and thoughts a lift once we really feel extra drained and torpid and to assist us keep wholesome within the season the place we’re extra susceptible to viruses.

Are you able to title one state of affairs or an occasion the place you utilized pranayama approach to beat that have?

Ravi: I went by means of a time when Pranayama helped me to heal myself. I used to be in a extreme highway accident in late 2020, that nearly took my life and I spent over a month on a ventilator in intensive care. Pranayama performed a giant half in my restoration coming again to life and well being.

However to be sincere, a daily Pranayama follow has impacted my life to the fullest every day lengthy earlier than that. Since I turned conscious and Pranayama turned a part of my every day life, it has helped me to know who I’m, what I’m doing, why I’m doing it – these all issues it made very clear. Readability is a strategy to stay a cushty life.

WL: Do you might have a favorite approach that’s an absolute should in your pranayama follow?

Ravi: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama – alternate nostril respiration.

This is without doubt one of the Pranayama that may assist to clear many points, each psychological and bodily. When you apply this Pranayama appropriately in a every day method, there are such a lot of advantages, too many to checklist right here. It’ll deliver speedy psychological readability, it heals the nervous system, boosts power and strengthens the immune system. You’ll really feel extra mild and related in a short time. Training this Pranayama frequently, you don’t even really want to do many different Pranayama.

I personally follow Nadi Shodhana each morning in the beginning of my day.


Ravi ‘the smiling Yogi’ was born in India right into a household of non secular academics and from a younger age he grew up with a yoga follow as a part of his every day life. In his early twenties he lived on the Mahatma Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh the place he studied Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga with well-respected Yoga grasp Yogi Ji. Over the past ten years, Ravi has been educating all throughout India and the UK to 1000’s of scholars from everywhere in the world and just lately opened his personal Yoga Resort in Goa. In his work as a yoga trainer, Ravi is captivated with making the unique ideas of conventional Indian Yoga comprehensible for everybody and combines motion, breath and sacred mantras in an accessible and playful approach.

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