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Robust Legs: 10 Yoga Poses to Construct Up These Muscle groups

Many yoga poses require sturdy legs. Standing postures and balancing postures, the place you may really feel probably the most sensation in your legs, additionally assist construct stronger bones whereas growing power and suppleness.

The bodily yoga observe harnesses the physique’s means to deal with exterior stress and suppleness to construct extra resilience within the physique.

This resilience exhibits itself in many various methods together with: sturdy and versatile muscle groups, unshakable stability, and cell joints, to not point out the emotional resilience that comes with effort.

That is particularly the case for the a part of the physique with the longest bones and largest muscle groups: the legs.

You don’t have to deadlift or squat as a way to have succesful, sturdy legs. Many yoga practices, even mild ones, assist to construct leg power.

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Construct Steady, Robust Legs With These 10 Yoga Poses:

Listed here are some acquainted postures that enable you to construct sturdy legs.

1. Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

chairChair Pose is similar to the widespread squat on the gymnasium. It really works the identical muscle groups: quadriceps and glutes.

Let’s attempt it:

  • From standing, elevate your arms and bend your knees
  • Think about your tailbone drawing towards your heels to elongate your low again
  • Look down and be sure to can see your massive toes, and shift your weight into your heels
  • Roll your shoulders again whereas reaching your arms up, together with your biceps by your ears
  • As you breathe, contemplate the facility of your legs to propel you thru life



2. Consuming Fowl (Utkatasana Variation)

drinking birdThis variation of Chair Pose provides a singular alternative to interact your calf muscle groups.

Let’s attempt it:

  • From Chair Pose, rock onto your toes as you decrease your arms to your facet
  • Discover a stable drishti (stare upon one level)
  • Hold energetic via your palms and arms and maintain your knees in step with your ankles
  • Breathe right here and really feel how even your little toe can assist strengthen the most important muscle groups of your physique

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3. Excessive Lunge (Alanasana)

high lungeThis posture is nice for constructing sturdy legs as a result of within the entrance leg, this pose creates a whole lot of power within the glutes and quads. In the meantime, within the again leg, size is inspired all through the leg and within the entrance of the hip.

Let’s attempt it:

  • From Downward Dealing with Canine, step your proper foot between your palms (you should utilize your hand to assist convey your foot ahead)
  • Come excessive in your again toes, together with your heel simply above the ball of your foot
  • As soon as you’re feeling sturdy in your ft, inhale and stand together with your arms reaching overhead
  • Press via your again heel to interact your again leg and bend deeply into your entrance knee to really feel your entrance leg hearth up
  • Maintain for just a few deep breaths earlier than repeating on the opposite facet


4. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

bridgeYour glutes and quads will love this pose with the added bonus of sunshine tricep strengthening, too!

Let’s attempt it:

  • From laying in your again, bend your knees to convey your ft to the ground, near your seat
  • As you press into your ft, raise your hips and press into your palms
  • Roll your shoulders again to maintain strain away out of your head and neck
  • Squeeze your core and picture squeezing a block between your knees
  • Bridges kind connections so discover all the connections you may really feel on this pose

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5. Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

wheelThere may be usually a false impression that Wheel Pose is all about flexibility. However truly, Wheel Pose requires power all through the entire physique – sturdy arms, a robust core, and particularly sturdy legs!

Let’s attempt it:

  • From laying in your again, convey your palms subsequent to your ears, together with your fingertips pointing towards your shoulders
  • Bend your knees and press your ft firmly into the bottom, roughly hip-width distance aside
  • On an exhale, really feel your complete physique work as you press into your palms and ft to raise your hips
  • Roll your shoulders away out of your ears and actively resist the bottom together with your palms and ft. As an alternative of gravity pushing you down, really feel your self holding up the world


6. Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana III)

warrior 3Not solely is the standing leg working via the wobbles of Warrior III, however the lifted leg is engaged via the hamstrings and glutes, creating extremely sturdy legs.

Let’s attempt it:

  • From standing, inhale and raise your arms overhead
  • Discover a secure level to lock your gaze
  • Root down via your proper foot
  • As you exhale, maintain a straight line out of your fingers to your left heel and start to tilt your physique ahead as you lengthen your left foot again
  • Kick via your left heel and attain together with your fingers
  • Really feel the assist in your standing leg out of your massive toe and the size in your complete physique from fingers to toes
  • Maintain for just a few deep breaths earlier than repeating on the opposite facet


7. Facet Lunge (Skandasana)

side lungeWhereas lengthening the straight leg, this pose is actually a one-legged squat with all the advantages of a squat and the depth of any single-leg work. In different phrases, it undoubtedly helps to construct sturdy legs.

Let’s attempt it:

  • From Warrior II, convey your palms to your coronary heart heart
  • As you exhale, bend into your again knee and straighten your entrance leg
  • Squat down as deeply as potential whereas retaining your again foot grounded via your heel
  • Choice to raise your entrance toes or floor them
  • Press your elbow into your again leg to open your coronary heart and stand taller via your backbone
  • Breathe right here and see the place you’re supported
  • Maintain for just a few deep breaths earlier than repeating on the opposite facet

      8. Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

      eagleA part of what retains Eagle Pose so sturdy is the squeezing towards the midline all through the entire physique.

      Your legs home the most important muscle teams in your physique and, normally, massive muscle groups are made for brief bursts of huge power.

      While you squeeze your legs towards heart in a static, or long-held, posture, you make these massive muscle groups work further onerous and, subsequently, creating secure, sturdy legs.

      Let’s attempt it:

      • From standing, convey your proper leg over your left and bend your standing knee
      • Cross your proper arm beneath your left arm till your palms contact (or seize reverse shoulders)
      • Inhale and raise your elbows off of your chest
      • Exhale and press into your standing leg
      • As your legs squeeze collectively to construct your basis, focus in your gaze
      • Maintain for just a few deep breaths earlier than repeating on the opposite facet



      9. Prolonged Hand-to-Large Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana)

      Big toe poseThe main focus for sturdy legs on this pose is the standing leg. Each muscle – from the ankle to the hips and core – is working to maintain you in a sturdy, upright place.

      Let’s attempt it:

      • From standing, convey your proper knee in towards your chest
      • Discover a focus to stare upon
      • Seize both beneath your proper knee together with your proper hand or discover a toe-lock round your proper massive toe
      • Inhale and stack your shoulders over your hips and press into your standing foot
      • Open your left arm towards the left, together with your fingers large
      • Start to increase your proper leg as a lot as potential (it by no means has to turn into fully straight – a bend in your knee is okay!)
      • Open your proper leg to the appropriate whereas retaining your torso dealing with ahead
      • Should you can, shift your gaze to your left fingertips
      • Think about a string pulling you up towards the ceiling via the highest of your head as you press into the bottom
      • Maintain for just a few deep breaths earlier than repeating on the opposite facet


      10. Dancer’s Pose (Natarajasana)

      dancerThere’s effort to stability in your standing leg and kicking out of your lifted leg, so almost each muscle in your sturdy legs are at work on this posture.

      Let’s attempt it:

      • From standing, convey your proper heel to your seat
      • Attain up together with your left hand and discover your interior proper foot together with your proper hand (together with your thumb dealing with up)
      • Kick into your proper hand together with your proper foot, drawing your interior legs collectively
      • Let your kick propel your torso ahead together with your left hand nonetheless reaching up
      • Gaze in entrance of your left hand and really feel each legs resisting both the bottom or your hand
      • Grace comes from power, can you’re feeling each on this pose?
      • Maintain for just a few deep breaths earlier than repeating on the opposite facet


      Yoga Is a Highly effective Instrument to Construct Robust Legs

      As we movement via our Vinyasa observe, we transfer from pose to pose by following the breath. By focusing our consideration on the breath, we not solely stay within the current second, but additionally present our our bodies with the instruments it must construct muscle groups and restore injury to our bodily physique.

      It won’t appear to be we’re doing a lot “physique constructing” whereas we movement, however asana offers the proper atmosphere to construct sturdy muscle groups (and, significantly, sturdy legs!) with very minimal long-term stress to the physique.

      From stress reduction to inner-connection, therapeutic bodily or therapeutic energetically, yoga asana has so many advantages.

      Should you’re seeking to make your legs stronger, including a yoga observe to your leg-day routine might assist your legs develop in addition to convey you lots of the advantages of conscious motion. Right here’s to sturdy legs, sturdy our bodies, and robust minds!


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