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The best way to Do Tree Pose in Yoga (Vrikshasana) – Correct Kind, Variations, and Frequent Errors

In case you are want in of grounding or steadiness, Tree Pose encourages you to root into the Earth and harness your inside energy. Relying in your flexibility, this beginner-friendly pose could be practiced together with your foot in your calf, knee, or hip.

Because it challenges your steadiness, Tree Pose additionally strengthens your legs and toes, opens your hips, and aligns your backbone. Right here is the whole lot you could find out about mastering this pose and having fun with all the advantages of Tree Pose.

Choose video? Right here’s our full tutorial on learn how to carry out Tree pose:

Pose Advantages

Psychological and bodily steadiness are two sides of the identical coin. If you end up combating work-life steadiness or discovering peaceable concord in each day life, chances are you’ll must domesticate extra steadiness in your yoga apply. Impressed by noble, strong-standing tress, Vrksasana (Tree Pose) challenges your focus whereas strengthening the decrease physique. The advantages of Tree Pose embrace:

  • Boosts vitality and confidence: As you stabilize and channel your inside tree, this strengthening posture can ship a sparkle of renewed vitality and shallowness by way of your physique.
  • Improves steadiness: Standing on one leg in Tree Pose is undoubtedly a take a look at of your steadiness. It prompts all of the smaller muscle teams that construct your coordination and stability.
  • Strengthens your core muscle mass: Any yoga pose that requires stabilizing and alignment will strengthen your core. A robust Tree Pose consists of an energetic, engaged core to maintain your physique regular.
  • Stretches your toes: As you root into your mat with one foot, this asana strengthens and elongates the tendons and ligaments in your toes.
  • Hip opening: The lifted leg in Tree Pose actively stretches open your groin and externally rotates your hip flexors for a pleasant aid from any hip stress.

Step-by-Step Directions

Vrksasana is likely one of the most beginner-friendly balancing asanas with loads of alternative for development. Right here’s learn how to do it:

  1. Stand robust in Mountain Pose together with your toes hip width aside. Unfold your toes and press into the mat. Really feel the balls of your toes and your heels root into the mat whereas partaking your foot arches upward.
  2. Inhale deeply, raise your chest, then exhale and roll your shoulder blades down your again. Discover a drishti (focus) instantly in entrance of you to concentrate on.
  3. Interact your legs and barely bend your proper knee, then shift your weight into the proper foot. Optionally, put your palms in your hips or unfold out to the perimeters to assist steadiness.
  4. Elevate the left leg up and place the only real of your foot on the within of your calf muscle. In case you are extra versatile, transfer the foot as much as your knee joint or thigh.
  5. It’s pure to your pelvis to tilt as you raise one leg. Tune into your alignment and tighten your core to shift your hips so they’re sq. towards the entrance of the room.
  6. Deliver your palms collectively at coronary heart middle or lengthen your branches up above your head and out to the perimeters. Maintain your gaze instantly ahead together with your backbone straight.
  7. For the deepest hip opener modification, deliver the lifted leg up increased and rotate the only real of your foot outward, putting the highest of your foot excessive onto your reverse hip bone. Interact the glutes to realign the hips ahead.
  8. Maintain for a number of breaths as you create resistance between the downward rooting and upward reaching.
  9. Gently decrease the lifted leg and repeat on the opposite facet.

Suggestions for Mastering the Pose

Each tree wants a robust trunk to assist its flowering branches. The quickest technique to grasp Tree Pose is to construct a stable basis earlier than shifting into tougher variations.

Tip #1: Discover a focus

The place your eyes go, your focus flows. The yogic apply of drishti is all about concentrating in your gaze on a focus so you’ll be able to heighten your consciousness within the current second. In a balancing pose like Vrksasana, your drishti helps you keep as secure as doable.

Maintain your gaze instantly ahead and barely up. Discover a place on the wall, window, or a selected merchandise to stare at. This tip alone will drastically enhance your steadiness. Don’t have a look at the bottom or dart your eyes round to completely different locations.

Tip #2: Maintain your hips sq.

Pelvic alignment is totally key for a secure Tree Pose. While you raise one leg, it’s pure to your physique to sway barely to the facet. It’s possible you’ll discover one hip is increased than an different. Training in entrance of a mirror will make this tilt extra evident.

To sq. your hips again to a secure, aligned place, have interaction your decrease stomach by imagining your stomach button pulling again towards your backbone. Place your palms in your hips and interact your glutes to actively decrease the lifted hip again down. This can return your pelvis to the identical place as it could be in case you have been standing evenly on each legs.

Tip #3: Don’t drive your knee

The commonest purpose folks fall out of Tree Pose is as a result of they’re forcing their knee into a clumsy angle earlier than they’re prepared. In case your hip-opening capability is restricted, that’s OK!

Merely hold your foot at a decrease level in order that the knee can bend comfortably and your hips can keep dealing with ahead. In the event you drive your foot up the leg and splay the knee joint, it will probably twist your pelvis and mess up your alignment.

Tip #4: Discover a middle of gravity earlier than progressing

Think about a middle line by way of your physique working from the highest of your head right down to the center of your toes. Your middle of gravity is regulated by your core engagement. Earlier than you dive right into a full Tree Pose, apply centering your “trunk” and grounding the standing leg. You are able to do this whereas hovering the lifted leg above the bottom and focusing solely in your steadiness.

Tip #5: Chortle once you fall and check out once more

This tip applies to each balancing pose. Laughter is important to your yoga apply! In the event you wobble and fall out of Tree Pose, simply giggle and hold attempting. Asanas should not alleged to be overly severe or aggressive.

If you wish to strive “flowing together with your fall” merely attain your arms out and get just a little “wavy” as you attempt to rebalance your self. Keep in mind, a versatile flexible trunk is extra resilient than a inflexible one. It’s good to be just a little playful once you wobble and attempt to discover methods to stabilize with out letting your foot hit the bottom. Consider it like a sport!

This can be a nice metaphor to use to life as effectively. When issues get laborious, attempt to stream with it relatively than combat the problem. The extra psychological steadiness and emotional flexibility now we have, the simpler it’s to confront life’s inevitable assessments and obstacles.

Frequent Errors

At first look, Tree Pose seems quite simple. Nevertheless, holding this posture can grow to be overly sophisticated in case you don’t deal with your alignment and basis.

Frequent Mistake #1: Wobbly standing leg

Newbie Tree Pose is usually met with a wobbly, swaying movement like a younger tree within the wind. Many individuals neglect to anchor their base leg earlier than trying to steadiness. The result’s an unstable balancing posture. That is completely regular, however it may be mounted to make your Tree Pose stronger and extra gratifying.

An enormous redwood tree can not develop to its fullest glory with no robust trunk. The trunk of a tree is constructed slowly over time and we have to harness that very same endurance to determine a sturdy standing leg earlier than lifting into full Vrksasana.

The best way to Repair It: Activate earlier than you raise! Barely bend that standing leg and barely hover the opposite leg off the bottom. Tighten the calf, squeeze the quad, and interact the glute. Really feel the energy of all these muscle mass engaged across the knee and ankle joints.

Root by way of your standing foot by gripping the mat with the ball of your foot and your heel. The arch of your foot might raise and interact. The toes must be unfold vast. Shift all the load of your physique into this robust basis.

Earlier than lifting your different leg, it is best to really feel regular and 100% grounded.

Frequent Mistake #2: Shrugged shoulders

In most balancing poses, we get so centered on not falling that we neglect to handle the higher physique. As soon as you are feeling rooted down, it’s time to shift your consideration to the arms and shoulders. Whether or not your palms are in prayer place otherwise you raise your arms overhead like unfold branches (both approach is nice)… ensure that your shoulders aren’t shrugged up towards your ears. Tense, heightened shoulders may end up in neck ache and improper alignment.

The best way to Repair It: Think about your shoulders rolling again and down. Tree Pose requires a wonderfully straight backbone to enhance your posture and hold the physique straight. On an exhale, really feel your shoulder blades ought to roll down your again so that they contact in the course of your again. This can develop your chest and barely open your coronary heart to make your Tree extra highly effective!

Our joints are the crux of each yoga pose. We wish our yoga apply to stretch and strengthen them, not harm them! Many novices place their raised foot on the knee and press into it to assist steadiness. Not solely can this trigger ache, however it will probably push your knee joint into a really awkward place.

For instance, if you’re standing in your proper foot, you need to place your left foot both above or under the proper knee. If the foot is pushing instantly into the knee, your kind could also be compromised.

The best way to Repair It: Tree Pose has quite a lot of anchor factors to your lifted leg, however your knee ought to at all times be prevented. As a substitute, be certain that the only real of your lifted foot is positioned on certainly one of these safer places:

  • Newbie: The decrease calf
  • Intermediate: The inside thigh
  • Superior Tree: The highest of the foot presses into the hip because the ankle rotates and the foot sole faces outward

Your knees ought to by no means be locked out or really feel any stress. Maintain a barely bent leg always.

Frequent Mistake #4: Darting eyes inflicting imbalance

In case you are wanting across the room as you attempt to steadiness, you in all probability gained’t final lengthy in Tree Pose. A darting gaze diverts your middle of gravity. This is identical purpose why you don’t look down if you end up climbing upward. The place our consideration goes, our focus flows. As we talked about above, drishti (your focus) is vital for robust balancing asanas.

The best way to Repair It: Discover a spot in to concentrate on and fixate your eyes in that place. Select a focus that’s not shifting or altering. In a yoga room, it’s normally finest to select a spot on the wall a couple of toes to some yards in entrance of you. When working towards outside, the horizon or part of the panorama are dependable visible anchors.

As you breathe a raise, hold your eyes mounted on this level and don’t waiver. Let any motion round the focus blur and drift into the space. Discover how you are feeling regular and grounded.

Frequent Mistake #5: Arched again

Sticking your butt out in Tree Pose will solely harm your decrease again. Equally, an excessive amount of arch within the higher physique can really feel unnatural and unsteady. Your backbone ought to really feel elongated and straight as you stand tall in Vrksasana.

The best way to Repair It: Think about your butt tucking barely ahead and down. Because the glutes activate and squeeze collectively, the decrease again will straighten. This can rotate your pelvis barely ahead as effectively, which can assist with hip positioning.

Interact your stomach muscle mass and picture your stomach button reaching again towards your backbone. This can make it easier to acquire steadiness and additional straighten your again.


Relying in your hip mobility and steadiness, you’ll be able to modify Tree Pose to satisfy you proper the place you might be.

Low Block Newbie Tree Pose

For many who aren’t able to utterly steadiness on one leg, a yoga block is one of the best ways to begin working towards! In the event you can’t fairly raise your foot excessive in your leg, you’ll be able to nonetheless get pleasure from the advantages of Tree Pose with this low-key assisted variation:

  1. Stand tall in Mountain Pose with toes hip width aside.
  2. Place a block instantly between your toes.
  3. Barely bend your proper knee and interact all of the muscle mass in your proper leg. Really feel your proper foot anchor into the mat.
  4. Elevate your left leg and place the ball of your left foot on the yoga block.
  5. Enable the arch of your left leg to mould to your proper ankle bone.
  6. Shift your hips to make sure they’re sq. and even. Observe incrementally lifting the foot from the block to really feel your weight shift into the proper leg.
  7. Maintain for 5-10 breaths and repeat on the opposite facet.

Calf Tree Pose

For intermediate-level Tree Pose, you’ll be able to transfer the foot up in order that your arch molds to the pure curve of your calf.

  1. Stand tall in Mountain Pose together with your ankles, knees, and hips aligned and stacked on high of one another.
  2. Shift your weight into your left foot and create a robust basis within the leg.
  3. Place the underside of your proper foot in your calf just under the left knee. Keep away from urgent the foot too near the knee. Discover the place your physique’s curves naturally match collectively.
  4. Interact and the core and elongate by way of the backbone as you stand tall.
  5. Proceed urgent the foot into your calf and press your palms collectively in prayer place.
  6. Maintain for 5-10 breaths and repeat on the alternative facet.

Inside Thigh Tree Pose

An inside thigh placement marks the ultimate variation earlier than progressing right into a full hip-opening Tree Pose.

  1. From Mountain Pose, shift your physique weight into the left foot and leg.
  2. On an inhale, stand tall and raise your proper leg.
  3. Use your palms to regulate your proper leg into a cushty place. Keep away from bending over if doable. A mirror helps!
  4. Press the only real of your proper foot into the left inside thigh.
  5. Optionally, grasp your foot together with your hand and raise increased onto your left hip.
  6. Maintain for 5-10 breaths. Repeat on the opposite facet.

Security and Precautions

All balancing poses include the danger of falling. In the event you really feel unstable or dangerous trying to steadiness by yourself, at all times apply subsequent to a wall so to catch your self. As soon as you are feeling regular, transfer slowly away from the wall so simply your fingertips can attain it.

Keep away from working towards Tree Pose in case you really feel lightheaded or dizzy, have low blood stress, or have a hip harm.

You also needs to keep away from Vrksasana in case you wrestle with insomnia or any extreme leg or thigh accidents.

Educating the Pose

When instructing Tree Pose, yoga instructors ought to use the majority of their instruction time by patiently guiding college students into the robust basis of the pose. Emphasize grounding, partaking, and stabilizing earlier than lifting. At all times present an illustration from a number of angles in order that college students can perceive the significance of micro-bending their standing leg and sustaining correct hip alignment.

As soon as within the pose, remind college students to breathe deeply and preserve concentrate on their drishti. Keep away from shifting across the room throughout the full expression in order that college students can concentrate on their steadiness. In the event you discover somebody struggling, you’ll be able to stand subsequent to them and supply your shoulder as a way of balancing assist.

Preparatory Poses

Heat up your physique for Vrksasana with these straightforward preparatory poses:

Counter Poses

These are some nice observe up asanas for a robust, grounded Tree Pose:

  • Uttanasana (Standing Ahead Bend)
  • Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Standing Hand to Huge Toe)
  • Parivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana (Revolved Hand to Huge Toe)


In the end, Tree Pose (Vrksasana) is a take a look at of steadiness in each the physique and thoughts. As we construct robust trunks and stabilize our core, we are able to develop our confidence and develop into the best model of ourselves.



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