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The Exceptional Antioxidant Advantages of Liposomal Vitamin C


Most individuals know that vitamin C is important for correct immune perform. It might defend towards immune system deficiencies, heart problems, being pregnant well being problems, eye illness, pores and skin wrinkling…the record goes on. However do you know that the physique can’t produce this important vitamin by itself? It additionally doesn’t retailer vitamin C, making it crucial to think about supplementation. Since you may’t depend on your physique to provide, retailer or synthesize this vitamin, you need to get it out of your meals or from dietary dietary supplements. One nice supply is a not too long ago developed, exceptional possibility: liposomal vitamin C.

Regardless of some great benefits of taking a multivitamin or getting your vitamin C by varied nutritious meals, liposomal vitamin C affords one other method to soak up this immune-boosting vitamin, and it could be essentially the most helpful. It’s a lipid-encapsulated type of vitamin C that’s shuttled with out digestion into the bloodstream, proper into the cells of the physique. This makes it essentially the most absorbable type of the vitamin out there.

“Fall is on it’s approach and flu season is close to. Vitamin C is important.”

Summer time’s coming to an finish and fall is on its approach, which suggests flu season is close to. Now’s the proper time to teach your self about vitamin C and find out about one of the simplest ways to spice up your immunity and help wholesome growing older. On this article, we’ll take a deep dive into liposomal dietary supplements, the advantages of liposomal vitamin C and a few of the methods to include extra vitamin C-rich meals into your consuming routine by following the Hallelujah Eating regimen.

What’s a liposomal complement?
So what precisely are liposomes? Based on Information Medical Life Sciences, a liposome is a tiny vesicle made up of cell membrane materials. The membrane is a cultivation of phospholipids, which have heads which might be drawn to water and tail ends that repels water. Beneath the best circumstances these phospholipid bilayers may be made into small round vesicles—liposomes. These liposomes are mostly crammed with nutritional vitamins or drugs to assist the therapy of sure cancers, illnesses and sicknesses. When the liposome enters the physique, the complement doesn’t launch till it reaches the suitable tissue. However when it does, it occurs virtually instantaneously.

Liposomal Vitamin C makes use of liposomal encapsulation expertise to disperse vitamin C into small vesicles of phospholipids. The phospholipid’s polar head dissolves in water and its two lengthy hydrocarbon tails dissolve in fats. Giant multi-layered vesicles type spontaneously when an answer of phosphatidylcholine is dissolved in water. No matter is dissolved within the water is what finally ends up on the within of the vesicles. Basically, the method of utilizing the phospholipids permits the vitamin C to be shuttled into the bloodstream with out digestion, making its approach into the cells of the physique instantly. This makes liposomal supply essentially the most environment friendly method to soak up and acquire vitamin C in your system.

Liposomal vitamin C vs. conventional oral vitamin and IV remedy
Whereas many typically resort to utilizing a water soluble vitamin in conventional pill or capsule type for a dose of vitamin C, these choices are the least helpful. That’s as a result of they’re absorbed by the digestive system. This feature doesn’t solely take essentially the most time to soak up, however it may possibly additionally result in digestive discomfort.

Another choice is intravenous infusion,  which distributes vitamin C in a liquid type immediately into the bloodstream by a vein. IV remedy affords greater doses of vitamin C than a conventional pill complement, which permits greater ranges of the vitamin to achieve the blood in a shorter time frame.  Somebody contemplating IV remedy vitamin C is most certainly residing with an sickness or situation. This feature could also be efficient for a fast immunity increase – nevertheless, it could be unappealing to somebody who doesn’t need an injection.

Much like IV distribution, liposomal vitamin C supply a quick distribution and absorption of the vitamin, however doesn’t require injection.

PillsNutritional vitamins in capsule type undergo the digestive system, which can trigger points afterward.

What are the advantages of liposomal vitamin C?
Liposomal vitamin C is advantageous in some ways. As famous by the Pure Medication Journal, with the liposomal possibility, customers will seen elevated bioavailability, elevated mobile supply, in addition to improved oral uptake and lymphatic absorption to make sure the very best consumption of the important vitamin. In our previous analysis, mentioned in “Liposomal Vitamin C Advantages: Why It’s Extra Efficient Than Different Varieties Of Vitamin C“, we mentioned a few of the different well being advantages of liposomal vitamin C. These embody:

  • Bypassing the digestive course of for elevated bioavailability. In contrast to vitamin C capsule, liposomal vitamin C goes straight into the bloodstream for quick absorption.
  • Using lipids which might be simply absorbed into the physique’s cells. The phospholipids used within the liposomal supply soak up the quickest.
  • Stopping the upset abdomen that’s widespread with drugs, powders and tablets. Widespread consumption choices of vitamin C are linked to digestive points, particularly when doses are too excessive.
  • Delivering vitamins on to cells. Permitting you to obtain a right away immunity increase.
  • Defending towards free radicals. Analysis exhibits that vitamin C is a constructive element of the antioxidant safety present in cells and tissues.
  • Offering the final word immune system help. Your protection methods will obtain a right away increase after a dose of liposomal vitamin C, making it a perfect possibility for customers who’re unwell or coping with a illness or persistent situation.
  • Making certain a handy strategy for client. You don’t have to attend for vitamin C capsules to digest, and there’s no have to resort to IV remedy on a number of events to obtain a correct dose of vitamin C. The liposomal possibility reaches the bloodstream instantly, providing essentially the most handy possibility in a time of want.

With so many advantages, there’s no telling why anybody would select vitamin C capsules or intravenous remedy to gas their methods. Liposomal vitamin C introduces a exceptional approach to make sure your physique receives the important nutrient and antioxidant to thrive.

The proof is within the commentary
Originally of the yr, Kelly Goyen, the co-founder and CEO of Empirical Labs took a deep dive into explaining what liposomes are and the way advantageous liposomal expertise may be throughout our webinar entitled “How Liposomal Expertise Can Optimize Diet.” He shared the current analysis by the staff at Empirical Labs and Professor Christopher Bell, Ph.D., at Colorado State College.

The members have been made up of seven females and three males, all of whom took the liposomal vitamin C product adopted by a placebo. When the members ingested the liposomes, the researchers discovered that the vitamin maintained a helpful stage for an extended time frame. The researchers additionally discovered that blood ranges have been greater than predicted, proving that liposomal expertise was much more helpful than anticipated.

However this wasn’t the one constructive discovering within the examine. The researchers carried out an experimen to mock what happens within the physique when somebody experiences a coronary heart assault. With out liposomal vitamin C, there’s no safety towards oxidative injury that happens attributable to blocked blood vessels. This was confirmed with the placebo. When the researchers examined the liposomal vitamin C, oxidative stress on the blood vessels was diminished. This ensures additional injury after a coronary heart assault can probably be averted with supplementation.

Vitamin C from meals sources
Whereas extremely advantageous, liposomal vitamin C shouldn’t be the one factor you prioritize when taking good care of your physique – particularly when experiencing an ailing illness or situation. Your weight-reduction plan has a big affect in your immune system. Particularly, refined sugars can destroy the robust protection mechanism your physique has constructed. Dr. Agatha Thrash of the Uchee Pines Institute in Alabama defined how dangerous a easy sweet bar may be:

“Six teaspoons of sugar (the quantity of sugar in a single sweet bar) reduces the flexibility of those white blood cells to destroy unfriendly micro organism by 25 %; twelve teaspoons (the quantity of sugar in a single can of soda pop) reduces the flexibility of those white blood cells to destroy unfriendly micro organism by 60 %, and twenty-four teaspoons (simply half the typical day by day consumption of refined sugar), reduces the flexibility of those white blood cells to destroy unfriendly micro organism by 92 %,” she wrote.

OrangesOranges will not be the most effective meals supply of vitamin C.

That’s what makes eradicating refined sugars and reestablishing your immune system so necessary. With the best combination of fruit and veggies, you will get your defenses again to their strongest state. Oranges are mostly thought of the best choice for reinforcing your immune system – nevertheless, there are numerous different choices which have much more vitamin C than the citrus fruit – broccoli being certainly one of them! Think about including the next meals to your weight-reduction plan for vitamin C:

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Inexperienced and pink peppers
  • Spinach and different darkish, leafy greens
  • Winter squash

Attempt the Hallelujah Eating regimen and complement with Liposomal Vitamin C
By following the Hallelujah Eating regimen, you may gas your physique with an abundance of vitamin C-rich meals like those said above. Nonetheless, vitamin C with liposomal encapsulation ensures a quicker, higher supply of the vitamin. To strengthen your immunity, help cardiovascular well being, stop free-radical injury and guarantee wholesome growing older, we strongly recommend supplementing your plant-based consuming routine with Hallelujah Eating regimen Liposomal Vitamin C.

Instructed utilization of Hallelujah Eating regimen Liposomal Vitamin C: Due to the prevalence of the liposomes, one serving a day – 1,000 mg of vitamin C – is the best upkeep dose.  If you happen to’re experiencing a excessive vitamin C depletion, comparable to once you’re unwell or growing a viral an infection, 4 to 6 servings a day is a superb method to hold your immune system conditioned.  In conditions of vitamin C depletion attributable to persistent illnesses, two to a few servings a day can optimize vitamin C ranges.

To take Hallelujah Eating regimen Liposomal Vitamin C, combine one serving in a single ounce of water or juice.


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