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The Final Information To Tantric Meditation + The ten Greatest Tantra Books

Within the western world, there’s a lot misunderstanding about what Tantra is. Many imagine it’s only a fancy or non secular identify for intercourse or that it entails wild, promiscuous sexual encounters.

Nevertheless, conventional Tantra is a kind of yoga and meditation that weaves collectively numerous strategies, comparable to mantras, visualization, mudras, and respiration strategies. This lets you join deeper to your self and obtain liberation by your bodily physique.

In the event you’re concerned about yoga, meditation, or spirituality, it’s nicely price studying about Tantra. When you perceive the true function of this historical observe, you’ll rapidly see how Tantric meditation will help your progress in your personal non secular observe.

So let’s discover what tantric meditation entails, the right way to do it, and the most effective books to study extra about it.

What’s Tantra meditation?

Tantric meditation is an historical meditation method derived from each Hinduism and Buddhism and dates again to the seventh century or earlier. Tantric meditation combines motion, breath, stillness, sound, and initiation to open the chakras.

The Sanskrit phrase Tantra interprets to loom, warp, or weave, referring to a selected educational textual content, usually offered as a dialogue between a god and goddess. These tantric texts clarify the rituals and practices used to invoke the power of the Tantric deities.

Tantra can be translated as “internet of sunshine,” referring to the power created from uniting female and male energies. The aim of tantric meditation is to extend consciousness of the non secular or refined nature of the bodily physique, which is your internet of sunshine.

Tantric Buddhism

Tantric Buddhism, additionally referred to as Vajrayana Buddhism, emerged in numerous components of India and Sri Lanka a while between the 2nd and 4th century CE. This custom focuses on mystical practices and ideas that result in enlightenment and can also be related to Tibetan Buddhism.

In keeping with the Kalachakra-tantra textual content, the Buddha taught you could solely obtain enlightenment by the physique, which comprises the entire cosmos. In Tantric Buddhism, reaching enlightenment entails figuring out with deities representing numerous cosmic forces. Buddhist monks use mudras, mantras, and mandalas to visualise and invoke these divinities.

Tantric meditation in Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga originates from Shaktism and Tantra faculties of Hinduism. The aim is to attain non secular progress and awaken the kundalini power that lies dormant on the base of the backbone within the root chakra. That is completed by respiration strategies referred to as kriya yoga, usually mixed with bodily postures, mantras, and mudras.

In kundalini tantra meditation, you’re employed with sounds, colours, mantras, yantras, vibrations, and visualizations. Every tantric software possesses distinct power that uniquely impacts us. Nevertheless, all of them have the identical destined outcome: to awaken the serpent power on the root chakra.

As soon as woke up, this divine power that could be a supply of the female goddess Shakti travels up the backbone to the crown of the pinnacle, opening all of the chakras. As soon as it reaches the crown chakra, it is named a kundalini awakening or enlightenment.

Tantra yoga

Kundalini yoga and Tantra yoga are very related yogic types. Nevertheless, the primary distinction is Kundalini yoga is bodily and vigorous, whereas Tantra yoga is extra non secular and refined. Tantra yoga combines mantra meditation, mild yoga poses, visualization, mudras, and respiration, specializing in creating the qualities of affection and devotion.

The widespread false impression is that Tantra is about uninhibited intercourse. Nevertheless, the time period tantra is about the right way to use all of your energies to make issues occur, together with sexual power. One key distinction between Tantra and different kinds of yoga is that Tantra teaches you to attain liberation by way of the bodily physique reasonably than transcending it. Thus one of these yoga is about connecting deeply to your self.

Tantric practices like tantra meditation assist direct divine powers, together with sexual power, into your self. That is stated that will help you break away from ignorance and struggling, permitting you to attain enlightenment, together with having different advantages like elevated self-love and capability for intimacy.

Prime 10 books on Tantra and Kundalini

  1. Greatest total Tantra E book – Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  2. Greatest sensible information to Tantra Yoga – A Systematic Course within the Historical Tantric Strategies of Yoga and Kriya
  3. Greatest guide on the historical past of Tantra – Tantra Illuminated by Christopher D Wallis
  4. Greatest for guided meditations – The Energy of Tantra Meditation by Artemis Emily Doyle
  5. Greatest for superior practitioners – Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Osho
  6. Greatest guide on Kundalini power – The Serpent Energy: The Secrets and techniques of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga by Arthur Avalon
  7. Greatest quick guide on Kundalini Yoga – The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga by C.G. Jung
  8. Greatest guide on Hindu Tantrism – Tantra: Path of Ecstasy by Georg Feuerstein
  9. Greatest guide on the chakras – The Chakras: Kundalini Yoga As Taught By Yogi Bhajan
  10. Greatest guide on Tantric Yantras – Instruments for Tantra by Harish Johari

Greatest books on Tantric and Kundalini

As a mystical observe, particularly the Buddhist tantra type of Vajrayana, the precise strategies of tantra meditation aren’t extensively identified. Subsequently, it’s greatest to hunt out a guru or information when studying Tantra.

Nevertheless, for those who can’t journey to a tantra faculty, there are on-line teams you may be a part of, comparable to Tantra Limitless. You may also deepen your data of Tantra by impartial examine. Listed below are 10 glorious books for studying extra about genuine Tantra and Kundalini.

Kundalini Tantra by Indian guru Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati is likely one of the most well-known and famend books about Tantra. Initially written in 1969, Kundalini Tantra has been reprinted seventeen occasions and translated into many languages.

This 2012 reprint presents a scientific and pragmatic method to awakening kundalini power in a really in-depth and detailed approach. Together with tantra meditation, Satyananda Saraswati particulars different tantra practices.

Satyananda Saraswati breaks down a variety of misconceptions that a few of the newer gurus are answerable for creating. He reveals the true sexual facet of Tantra, how sexual power can be utilized for kundalini awakening, and the risks of utilizing it within the unsuitable approach.

A Systematic Course within the Historical Tantric Strategies of Yoga and Kriya

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A Systematic Course within the Historical Tantric Strategies of Yoga and Kriya is considered one of Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s different 80 books about yoga. This one is probably much more complete than Kundalini Tantra. It’s also extra of a sensible information, whereas Kundalini Tantra is extra theoretical.

The guide contains 36 structured classes on the practices of integral yoga. Satyananda Saraswati does a wonderful job of breaking down a sophisticated subject into one that’s simple to know. Thus, it’s appropriate for all ranges of yogis, together with these with little to no prior data.

What’s extra, the data partially 1 and half 2 are designed like a lesson plan that will help you construct a day by day observe. The third half focuses on Kriya yoga and the way these cleaning practices can result in a Kundalini awakening. This part additionally comprises an in-depth clarification of the Chakra system.

In the event you’re a newbie searching for the final word sensible information to creating a yoga observe, that is it!

Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, Historical past, and Follow of a Timeless Custom

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Tantra Illuminated by Christopher D Wallis takes you on a captivating journey by the historical past, philosophy, and observe of the timeless teachings of Tantra. It reveals the wealthy historical past of this 1,500-year-old observe with translations and explanations of the first Sanskrit Tantra scriptures.

Whereas it’s fairly a dense guide, Tantra Illuminated flows nicely and engages the reader, making it extra accessible than different academic-style books. It additionally solely focuses on the Classical Saiva Tantra lineage, not the misinterpreted Neo-Tantra type that emphasizes sexuality.

As a result of this guide goes very deep into historical past and philosophy, it’s the most effective books for anybody looking for to know the roots of the Tantra and its true function. The final part is fascinating, too, because it discusses human psychology, the right way to management the thoughts, and the way the three conventional “Means” to awakening can relate to modern-day life.

The Energy of Tantra Meditation: 50 Meditations for Power, Consciousness, and Connection

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Suppose you’re prepared to leap straight into working towards Tantric meditation. In that case, that is the most effective hands-on guide because it is stuffed with sensible steerage and guided meditations. Many meditations require no earlier expertise, so it’s an accessible strategy to start your meditation journey. As well as, some are aimed toward these with expertise, serving to them progress alongside the Tantric path.

Apart from the highly effective guided meditations, Artemis particulars the historical past of the custom and the primary ideas of tantric observe. Total, the guide is well-organized, simple to learn, and non-dogmatic. What’s extra, due to the type of the guide, it’s one you’ll come again to time and time once more.

Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by the well-known Indian guru and meditation trainer Osho is likely one of the best-selling books on Tantra. On this guide, Osho provides insights into the traditional Tantric track/poem by Tilopa.

Osho provides an excellent clarification of how Tantric meditation strategies are nonetheless related to modern-day yogis. Apart from meditation, Osho supplies steerage on utilizing Tantra in some ways, comparable to by breath work, devotional observe, and purifying your karma in day by day residing.

Nevertheless, it’s maybe one of many extra dogmatic books on the topic, and a few of his views are fairly radical. Furthermore, as his messages are very thought-provoking, they will get misplaced on practitioners with out prior data of yoga and meditation. Thus, this is likely one of the greatest books for superior practitioners trying to achieve a deep understanding of tantric meditation.

For these concerned about understanding the which means of Kundalini and the right way to work with this cosmic power, The Serpent Energy by Arthur Avalon is for you. First, the guide covers the mythology round Shakti and the artistic, female power she possesses. It then discusses Kundalini’s affiliation with the chakras and the way this historical observe opens them.

The 600-page guide, first printed in 1919, additionally comprises English translations of two of essentially the most important Tantric paperwork, The Description of the Six Chakras and the briefer 5-fold Footstool. Understanding these teachings will enable you comprehend Kundalini yoga additional.

Not solely is that this guide lengthy, however there’s a lot to unpack, so that you’ll probably have to reread it a number of occasions as you progress in your non secular observe. Furthermore, due to its depth, newcomers could wrestle to completely perceive components. Nonetheless, it should undoubtedly evoke many revelations for severe yoga practitioners.

The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga by C.G. Jung is one other must-read for Kundalini practitioners. Nevertheless, in contrast to The Serpent Energy, this guide is a brief learn, at simply 176 pages. Subsequently, it’s not so in-depth and heavy. As a substitute, it serves as a wonderful introduction to the observe of Kundalini and the right way to entry greater realms of consciousness.

The guide is break up into 4 sections, the place Swiss psychiatrist, Jung, interprets complicated Indian ideas into Western psychological understanding. He explains the thought of the power facilities and Hindu spirituality very nicely for the western world. Nevertheless, it nonetheless requires some earlier data to know the terminology. Subsequently, it’s very best for superior yogis.

Georg Feuerstein was a German Indologist who wrote over 30 books on Yoga, Tantra, and Hinduism and translated a few of the most vital Hindu texts. In Tantra: Path of Ecstasy, he discusses how Shakti is divine power that may lead you to infinite bliss.

Regardless of what the identify suggests, the guide just isn’t about reaching ecstasy by intercourse however how one can obtain it in life by enlightenment. Feuerstein dispels many widespread misconceptions about Tantra and introduces the true philosophy of this non secular observe.

Whereas Feuerstein acknowledges that Tantric teachings are present in Jainism and Vajrayana Buddhism, this guide focuses on how the philosophy matches in with Hindu beliefs. Furthermore, he does so in an accessible and easy-to-understand approach. It’s purely theoretical, although, because it doesn’t educate the Tantric practices. Nonetheless, it makes a fab addition to a extra sensible, hands-on Tantra information.

What’s extra, regardless of being an academic-style guide, as it’s nicely written and readable, it might be appropriate for newcomers.

Within the guide The Chakras, Yogi Bhajan, who’s also known as the Grasp of Kundalini Yoga, totally explains what the chakras are and the right way to steadiness them. He not solely particulars the right way to strengthen every power middle however explains the connection they’ve with one another.

Because the chakra system is a vital a part of Kundalini yoga observe, this guide is an excellent addition, together with others, for Kundalini fanatics.

This quick guide isn’t a complete Tantra information, however it focuses on a specific Tantric observe; the usage of Tantric yantras. Yantras are exact geometric diagrams with particular varieties and colours. They’re historical instruments for self-realization, believed that will help you acquire mystical energy. Nonetheless, they’re one of the vital forgotten Tantric practices within the trendy world.

Instruments for Tantra teaches you about this distinctive and lesser-known a part of Tantric meditation, which will help you progress alongside your non secular path. You’ll uncover the ability yantras have when mixed with rituals and can learn to create your personal, with step-by-step directions on building, coloring, and utilization.

This intriguing guide provides you with a better appreciation of the symbolism, a extra highly effective meditation observe, and new data of the Tantric gods and goddesses.

do Classical Tantric meditation

Tantric meditations differ between philosophies and faculties; thus, so do the meditation strategies. This tantric meditation relies on the classical Tantric ritual referred to as Nyasa, which entails touching completely different physique components whereas chanting particular components of a mantra.

Whereas touching, it is best to visualize the power of the mantra or deity getting into your physique. It’s just like the physique scan a part of Yoga Nidra, the place you progress your consciousness between physique components.

  1. Discover a comfy seated place, sitting with a straight backbone. Take a number of deep breaths and permit your consciousness to decide on the current second.
  2. Grow to be conscious of any bodily sensations you might really feel in your physique, together with the motion of the breath.
  3. Calmly place your hand in your proper foot as you shift your focus there. Really feel the sensations of the foot as you visualize it filled with golden gentle. As you exhale, think about the golden power increasing to the corners of all 5 toes.
  4. Transfer your palms and focus in your left foot, visualizing the complete foot filled with golden gentle. Take a number of breaths right here.
  5. Now transfer as much as your proper ankle, utilizing the identical method right here.
  6. Subsequent, transfer to the left ankle, the suitable calf, the left calf, the suitable thigh, and the left thigh.
  7. Shift your focus to your pelvis and hips. Place your palms in your hips as you visualize this whole area filling with golden power. See the ability broaden to your buttocks, sexual organs, and anus, transferring your palms round this space as you do.
  8. Transfer your consciousness and palms to your decrease stomach, respiration golden gentle into the stomach organs.
  9. Let the sunshine transfer up your backbone to your higher stomach earlier than filling your rib cage, chest, and mid-back. Transfer your palms to every space as you visualize golden gentle spreading there.
  10. Envision the sunshine transferring up your backbone additional, filling your higher again, chest, and coronary heart middle earlier than increasing to your shoulders. Permit your palms to naturally observe the visualization.
  11. Subsequent, slowly transfer down the suitable arm to the tip of the fingertips. Do the identical with the left arm.
  12. Come again to your neck, visualizing the power really feel your throat chakra. See the sunshine transfer as much as your head as you progress your palms to your cheeks, lips, nostril, eyes, eyebrows, ears, and brow. Envision gentle filling the complete head and penetrating the third eye chakra.
  13. Really feel the divine gentle enter each cell of your physique, purifying all of the organs and supplying you with divine power.
  14. In your inhale, breathe within the gentle. In your exhale, let it movement out into the world. Do that a number of occasions.
  15. Let your breath settle and take a couple of minutes to relaxation on this sensation earlier than opening your eyes and ending the meditation.

You may also do this 15-minute guided Nyasa meditation by Tioka Yoga, which follows an identical however extra in-depth methodology to the one above.

Tantra colours: pink Tantra vs. white Tantra

Within the twenty first century, there’s a variety of confusion across the affiliation between Tantra and intercourse. Furthermore, as the traditional Tantric scriptures could be arduous to interpret, there are completely different approaches to this non secular observe.

Subsequently, the type of observe could be described by a tantra coloration; the 2 most typical colours are white and pink.

White Tantra (Tantric yoga) is a solo observe the place you utilize conventional Tantric practices like yoga and meditation to attain enlightenment. Pink Tantra (Tantric intercourse) entails sexual rituals that goal to create a deeper bond with a associate reasonably than with your self. Observe that each kinds of Tantra use sexual power, however the aim and the vary of strategies differ.

There’s additionally Darkish Tantra and Black Tantra. These are Neo-Tantric types as they’re purely sex-based and don’t relate to classical Tantra nor use practices like tantric meditation.

Closing Ideas on Tantra practices

Tantric yoga is likely one of the oldest however misunderstood paths to non secular liberation. Nevertheless, even if you’re not trying to develop into enlightened, you may nonetheless get pleasure from many advantages from working towards Tantric meditation.

For instance, you’ll achieve a greater understanding of your self, elevated self-love, and enhanced capability for intimacy. This could then cross over into your relationships, permitting you to type deeper connections with others.


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