Too Lost! 4 of this kind of families m sure u know

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Too Lost! Families Are Families Everywhere
Families We Born And Thatś All There Is No Argument And Do No Try To Understand Or Will Be Really Too Lost!!
Well, my title is kind of crazy because I sometimes try to put myself in others people’s shoes to understand certain things…and look, there are many throughout my almost 57 years and I swear that as much as I have tried I don’t understand.
Sorry about the psychos, but I think that, in some situations, even they have to do a retraining so they don’t get stuck.
But the fact is that lately I’ve been hearing a lot of talk, especially from those who have money like hell saying that money isn’t important, that we have to value the Family and so on…but, it’s precisely these people who don’t NEED it that come with this small talk.
Before when they were at Fight to have a beller life, I guarantee that the conversation was the opposite saying… all I do is “in favor of giving a better and more dignified life to my Family…”
Heck, so those who are smooth have to give up their dreams, of earning sometimes even considerable money because suddenly you have to leave the Family for many reasons, but you shouldn’t because the most important thing is to stay together, smooth and in the M ( (in shit) without perspective because the most important thing is to value the Family.
Valuing the Family for me is no matter where you are, you are there TRYING to do for them what they couldn’t do for you…and one day when you can come back, to see the satisfaction that you could provide something for them that they couldn’t give you, but that you went after them and managed to do something for them, make their lives better…
Not to mention folks, that Family is a kind of complicated case, there are Family that are really bad weed!!! and there are strangers who are more Family than blood brothers!! and even though the Family is all together and mixed, they are what they are and that’s it.
This conversation that is near, far, if you have a Family that doesn’t care for nothing about you, the place where you are will not make ani kind of difference.
Ahh, it will only make a difference if you “GET RICH”, “they will find you , itś the dream coming true!!! that you GOT RICH!!! LOL
But to short, we have Family in every way and Family we don’t choose we BORN and that’s it.
But regardless of whether you are close, considered or not by them, if them called,rememer you, Help!! help in what you can, and the way you can…
Just don’t let yourself be abused, because sometimes help becomes something normal for, both of them, and because you help, they start raving( to think itś ok) that their hard-earned money comes easy and they lose the limit.
An example is the person not asking if you have money to lend, but yes (do you have money there??-Put “somethig – $$” in my account!!), and sometimes you put everything you had to not deny it, not to disappoint, to help…
But, many times it is necessary to deny, say no, yes!!! stop, especially in Families who never remember you for anything!!!
They only remember you for gossipping, for confusion, for burial….of course not ALL Families folks.
There are Families that fight, fight among themselves, break the stick, talk nonsense, but in their way they are united. But even their fights and problems are their business. If someone strange or not gets into a fight with one of them; they forget they were fighting, mad and remember very fast they are a Family and will defend their Familiar from everybody.LOL
There are the right ones Families, who pretend they don’t have problems, they live by appearances and prefer to ignore and not say certain things because they get angry, “sorry”… prefer to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist and pretend that everything is fine!! pretend they are UNITED.
But there are also Family that are nice to see in every way, they are not 100% , but you see that there is Union in every way, there is affection, respect, real concern for others and also many do not let do not want them go because they feel they will miss and really love each other…
No, we don’t have the power to change people, but we do have the power to change ourselves. sometimes even moving away from Family who does a damn good thing for us.
Wow, I’m not a psycho, but I was Prof. and I’m going to die Prof, and in my Profession and in the Family I’ve lived situations where you can write a collection. Most of sadness.
The world has changed a lot, there are principles that no longer exist either.
There are too many false people and too much self-interested in all branches and everywhere, there is always one or a few ready to pull your rug, be your executioner.
And this type we see in our day-by-day, just take a look at the TV, in the world and see the game of interests and greed overcome any friendship, of any principle.
Magic words like excuse me, please and thank you are fine to say extinct, in some places when we say these words the person looks at our face as if we were Aliens.
If they are in the middle of a sidewalk, for example, as if they were in the backyard of the house, and (we ask for permission), they pretend they don’t listen and we have to pass by them!!!! being like them forgetting our education or going to walk on the street!!sad!
But I don’t want and I won’t try to understand the Human being anymore, I’ll reveal it, taking it… I’ll deal with it, but understanding the Human being is something for those who have Super Powers and I don’t!!
Today the conclusion is clear, I have no control over people’s feelings, over people’s actions, but I do over MINE, and that’s what matters.
If you have control over yourself, preferably self-control, go on living and trusting that “Tomorrow will always be a better day”.
Well folks, this is a thought and not a judgment, the only one who has the right and can judge us is God and I don’t have this pretension.
This is part of thoughts and questions that I sometimes see me asking asking to myself.
I’m sure that many times you also see facts and live situations that make you think, look for answers… and that’s it. there are not explanations!!
But “Mimizentos’ leaves out because there is nothing controversial here, the talk here is for people who identify themselves but at the same time decided to let it go….life is too short to heat our brain and melt with people and things that really does nor deserve.
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