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Vit Shula (Shoola) Which means, Causes, Signs, Remedy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Vit shula is a kind of colic / belly ache defined by Grasp Sushruta amongst varied sorts of shula. Because the identify suggests the ache is induced attributable to impaction of feces within the colon.
Vit = feces, Shoola = ache within the stomach
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Extreme consumption of dry meals and getting uncovered to actions which result in dryness within the physique are an important causes of vit shoola.


  • Resulting from extreme consumption of dry meals vata will get severely aggravated within the stomach
  • This aggravated vata causes obstruction of feces (Vata will increase dryness within the colon, this elevated dryness brings about dryness within the feces and this dried feces doesn’t get excreted simply and will get obstructed within the colon)
  • After obstructing the feces. the aggravated vata causes diminution of digestive hearth
  • The identical vata additionally envelopes and obstructs all of the channels within the stomach
  • After having obstructed the feces, diminishing the digestive hearth and obstructing the channels, the aggravated vata causes extreme ache both within the left or proper aspect of the stomach
  • This vata will increase in extreme proportions, strikes round all by way of the stomach and rapidly spreads making sounds and occupies all corners of the stomach
  • This consequently causes extreme thirst, giddiness and unconsciousness within the affected person
  • The affected person feels no reduction even after defecation and urination
  • This severely troublesome and painful situation of the stomach induced attributable to stagnation of feces is named as vit shoola
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Mala Avarodha – constipation
Mandikritya cha pavakam – diminished digestion
Tivra Shoola – extreme ache within the stomach both within the left half or proper a part of the stomach
Srotorodha – obstruction of passages and channels within the stomach
Sarvatra vardhate kshipram bhramannatha saghoshavan – the vata strikes all over the place within the stomach in a short time making gurgling sounds within the stomach
Tivra Pipasa – extreme thirst
Bhrama – giddiness
Murcha – fainting
Uncharito mutrito na shantim adhigachchati – no reduction in ache even after expulsion of feces and urine


If not handled at correct time this situation will get sophisticated and change into tough to deal with.

Sanskrit Verses

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Kshipra Doshahara Karya – the doctor who’s professional in understanding the pathological variations and vitiation of doshas, pathogenesis and varied aspects of the identical and varied types of interventions to be applied ought to first plan the therapies and strategies to expel the doshas. This must be of prime precedence for the doctor.

The next therapies must be thought of on this route and must be skillfully chosen as per severity of dosha and situation of the affected person –

Swedanam – sweating remedy
Vamanam – therapeutic emesis
Niruha – enema with medicated decoction
Sneha vasti – enema with medicated oils / ghee or each
Koshta shodhana yogas – formulations like powders, decoction and many others ready with herbs having intestine cleaning properties / motion
Udavartahara Kriya – all remedies and medicines used to deal with udavarta
Sarvah sukhavah kriya – all therapies, meals and life actions which may present reduction from ache shall be used

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