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What Is Fungal Pimples? The Misunderstood Sort of “Pimples”

“‘Fungal zits’ is definitely not zits in any respect however fairly a sort of folliculitis (irritation of the hair follicle) that outcomes when yeast turns into trapped inside hair follicles, resulting in acneiform pustules and nodules,” board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Marcus, M.D., FAAD tells mbg. 

Right here’s learn how to spot the distinction: “Pityrosporum folliculitis manifest as small pink bumps centered round hair follicles,” Marcus explains. “In contrast to typical zits, fungal folliculitis can itch.”

The world may also allow you to decipher if it is zits or folliculitis: “The breakouts are mostly seen on the chest, again, posterior arms and face,” board-certified dermatologist Lian Mack, M.D., FAAD notes.

When you can’t inform (it isn’t at all times straightforward), go to your dermatologist. “Within the setting of an workplace go to, a board-certified dermatology may also carry out a scraping of the pores and skin and look underneath the microscope which reveals the organism,” Mack says.



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